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  Natural Dyes

  •  Natural dyes are a class of colorants extracted from vegetative matter and animal residues.
  • There are many plant materials that
    can be used for dyeing yarns and materials: roots, bark, leaves, berries, seeds, twigs, branches, tubers, and nut hulls, each capable of producing a range of colors with various mordants and yarns. In addition, when
    properly applied, natural dyes are fast, resisting fading due to exposure to sunlight.
  • Natural dyes were used to color clothing or other textiles
  • Use of natural dyes cuts down significantly on the amount of toxic effluent resulting from the synthetic dye process.
  • Natural dyes generally require a mordant, which are metallic salts of aluminum, iron, chromium,
    copper and others, for ensuring the reasonable fastness of the color to sunlight and washing.
  • Most of the natural dyes produce comparatively dull shades
  • Larger growth is expected in the natural colorants market for food, drugs and cosmetics (FD&C) where certain dyes, such as carmine and
    annatto, are used regularly. Smaller amounts of natural dyes are also used in coloring paper, leather, shoe polish, plastics and paints.
  • The US and Europe import market supply of natural dyes is dominated by Mexico.
  • Commercial indigo is sourced from both Mexico and India.
  • Lac, cutch, barberry, kamala, tesu and dolu are all primarily sourced from India, and cochineal and annatto seeds come mainly from Peru.
  • Quality standards for natural dyes vary widely, so it is necessary to first contact an importer to find out what they are looking for.
  • Mordants are chemical additives that sometimes help a fiber accept a dye that it might otherwise reject.


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About  Natural Dyes
  • Chemistry of Natural Dyes - Sources of Natural Dyes, Classification of Dyes, Limitations of Natural Dyes, Improving the Quality of Natural Dyes
  • Creation - Red Dye from Keshu & Harsringar Flowers, Black Dye from Iron fillings, Horse hoes & Jaggery, Yellow from Black Dye & Harada, Maroon Dye, Green, Ochre & Pink.
  • Fading - Light-Fastness of the Natural dyes, Fading in Natural Light, Fading under Philips K34 Fluorescent Lamps, Fading under Atlas Northlight Fluorescent Tubes, Effect Light Wavelength on Fading, Rate of Fading, Way to Reduce Fading.
Projects, Processing & Technology
  • Production in Europe - Potential and Limits for Natural Dyes Production in Europe.
  • Fun with Dyes - Experimenting with Natural Dyeing, Dyeing with Heat, Dyeing with Heat and a Mordant.
  • Textile Production
  • Black Walnut - Procedure for making Natural Dye from Black Walnuts.
  • Dye for DVD - Novell way to manufacture Organic Dye for DVD-R Optical Recording, Leading Advanced Technologies.
  • Experiments in Tea Dyeing
  • Adsorption of Natural Dye on Natural Materials
  • Market Trend
  • Dye Report - Market and Technical Survey, Categories of Natural Dye, Import Markets, Supply, Price, Quality Standards, List of Importers
  • UK Import - Volume
  • Dye Import - Belgium, Luxembourg imports of Natural dyes, Vegetable Dyes and Animal Dyes.
  • Market Survey - Categories, Import Markets, Quality Standards and List of Importers
  • French Import - Value - Imports of Natural Dyes and Preparation, Black Cutch, Vegetable Dyes & Animal Dyes in Value (1000ECU).
  • French Import - Volume - Imports of Natural Dyes and Preparation, Black Cutch, Vegetable Dyes & Animal Dyes in Volume (MTs).
  • German Import - Value - Imports of Natural Dyes and Preparation, Black Cutch, Vegetable Dyes & Animal Dyes in Value (1000ECU).
  • German Import - Volume - Imports of Natural Dyes and Preparation, Black Cutch, Vegetable Dyes & Animal Dyes in Volume (MTs).
  • Italian Import - Value
  • Italian Import - Volume
  • Dutch Import - Value
  • Dutch Import - Volume
  • Indian Suppliers List
 Regulatory Issues
  • Plant dyes - Common Mordants, Safety Precautions, Disposal, Procedure for Preparation of Dye bath &  Cloth for Dyeing
  • Color Standards - Standards for Seed Treatment Products and Labeling of Treated Seed.
  • Decoloration - Influence of Chemical Structure of dyes on decoloration effects. Degree of Decoloration after Fenton Treatment.
  • Dye Manufacturing - Waste Characteristics, Pollution Prevention and Control, Treatment Technologies & Emissions Guidelines.
  • National Standards - Different Grades, Procedures, Black Walnut for Dyeing, Goldenrod for Dyeing, Onion Skins, Blackberries, Zinnia, Marigold & Queen Anne's Lace.
Products & Company Profiles
  • Company Brochure - Natural Fabric Dye for Silk and Artist's Paints, Easter Egg dyes.
  • Heidelberger Naturfarben - Plants used as Dyes, Innovative Techniques
  • Abbey Color - Dye Manufacturer & Supplier, Company Details, Different Dyes, Products.
  • Aquatic Dyes - Aquatic Dyes help prevent unwanted plant growth, Used in Decorative Fountain, Industrial Cooling Towers & Industrial ponds.
  • Dye Based Ink - Dye based Ink for Desktop Printing, In-house Testing with Dye-based Ink.
  • Dyeing Materials - Forest Products Commonly used in Weaving & Dyeing Materials, Rural Development Strategies.
  • Indian Exporter
Articles of  Interest
  • Electrochemical Analysis
  • Getting the Color
  • Uses - Preparation of Natural Dyes, Laboratory Activities
  • Dye Sublimation - Ink Jet with Dye-sub in Personal Photo Printing, Strength and Weakness, Dye sub Technology, Dye Sub Market.
  • Dyes and Textiles - The Wonder of Color from Land to Laboratory.
  • Dyes for Cotton - Super-efficient Dyes for the Coloration of Cotton, Technical and Historical Background & Benefits.
  • Fabric Dyes - Immersion Dyeing Instructions for Dunk Dyeing, Direct Dyeing Instructions for Tie-Dyeing and Gradation Dyeing.
  • Synthetic Dye Industry
  • Tie Dye Techniques
  • History - Dye History from 2600 BC to 20th Century.

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