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  • Seafood is a versatile and tasty food choice.
  • Seafood is easily substituted in popular recipes calling for other meat products.
  •  Fish and shellfish can be baked, broiled, steamed, fried, poached, grilled, microwaved and smoked.
  • Fish and shellfish are fine main ingredients in soups, salads, sandwiches and casseroles, and are excellent in stir-fry dishes with vegetables and in pasta offerings.
  • Packaging is used to protect the fishery products against mechanical damage and to create a more favourable microclimate. It is an essential aspect of product quality.
  • Proper labeling is one of our most important tools. It not only helps us know exactly what’s inside each package, it gives us any special instructions for precious cargo's handling and safe, secure arrival.
  • Home freezing is not only an excellent method for preserving seafood, but it's also an added economy whether you catch seafood yourself or buy in season.
  • Canning is a popular method for preserving seafood. It's important to pack and process seafood as directed to guarantee safety.
  • For exporters of fishery products in consumer or catering packs the most suitable business partners are importers, although these might trade in products for industrial use.
  • Pink shrimp that's available on the market is already cooked and peeled and ready to eat or freeze.
  • As a result of increasing international trade in fish products and the high risk of contamination,
    the fisheries sector has been one of the priority industries for the introduction of HACCP systems
  • The use of Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point (HACCP) systems as a mean of assuring proper food handling, processing and retail sale to consumers.
  • The Fish Inspection and Quality Control Division plays a very important role in post-harvest handling, processing development and quality control of fish and fishery products.
  • The quality certification of the production guarantees that the products respect all the sanitary and hygienic prescriptions enforced by law and by each firm's self control regulations.
  •  Fish and Seafood
  •  Safe to Eat
  •  Status in Different Countries
  •  FAQ
  •  Fisheries Act
  •  Handling and Freezing Seafood at home
  •  Home Freezing
  •  Seafood Directions


  •  Fish and Fishery Products
  •  Fishery Products Inspection
  •  Processed Fishery Products
  •  Production of Processed
  •  Methyl Mercury


  •  Canning Seafood
  •  Fishery Products Processing
  •  Fresh and Frozen Seafood
  •  Quality Certification
  •  Management of Wastes


  •  Packing and Processing Regulations
  •  Seafood Packaging
  •  Packaging, Marketing,   Labelling
  •  Science and Technology


  • HACCP for Export and
    Local Markets
  • Mandatory HACCP Inspection   
  • HACCP Encore Course
  • HACCP Regulation


  • Production and Processing Standard
  • Standard Export Procedure
  • Quality and Grading Standards
  • Plan of Action


  • Trade Fair Organizers
  • Trade Structure
  • Contracts for Trade
  • Industry and Trade
  • Safety and Trade

Impact of Seafood

  • Economic Impact Assessment
  • Impact of Sanitary Measures
  • Scombrotoxin

Cost Analysis

  • Quality Management
  •  Marketing Seafood
  •  Market System - Japan
  •  Seafood Market-Hawaii
  •  Market Report- Japanese
  •  E-marketplaces
  •  EU Market Survey
  •  Seafood Market Survey
  •  Market Analysis
  •  Market Outlook
  •  Fishery Products Market
  •  Seafood Demand
  •  Market Development
  •  Sustainable Development and Subsidies
  •  Future Market-EU


  • A Guide for Inspection
  • Landing and Sale of Fishery Products
  • Keeping Seafood Safe to Eat
  • Inspection and Quality Control
  • Fresh fish and Seafood Guidelines
  • Packaging Guidelines
  • Shrimp and Crabs
  • Tuna
  • Sustainable Seafood
  • Gain Report

Import and Export

  •  Exporters and Importers
  •  EU Import Conditions
  •  Seafood Exports-NewZealand
  •  Seafood Export-Korea
  •  Export Outlook
  •  Import Outlook
  •  Export Seafood to EU
  •  Marine Seafood Export-India
  •  Safety and Quality Assurance-Uganda
  •  U.S. Exporters
  •  Export Fishery products from EU
  •  Import/Export Statistics
  •  Import Fishery Products in EU


  • Industry Briefing Seafood Processing
  •  Fish Product and Seafood Industry-British Columbia
  •  Seafood Industry-Mississippi

Video Files

  • Alligator Leather Industry
  • Bounty-Florida
  • Wild Caught Shrimp-Florida
  • Oyster Safety
  • Preparing Florida Clams
  • Seafood Quality Industry Training

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