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  • Incense - a substance that produces a fragrant odor when burned.
  • Incense is a preparation of aromatic plant matter, often with the addition of essential oils extracted from plant or animal sources, intended to release fragrant smoke for religious, therapeutic, or aesthetic purposes as it smolders.
  • These incense sticks vary in fragrances like different flowers, sandalwood, and other pleasing fragrances that fill the air with a wonderful aroma. popularly known as ' aggarbatti ' or ' dhoop' in india, incense sticks have the ability to exude a heavenly bliss through its soothing fragrance and spiritual effect
  • From times unknown agarbattis, also called incense sticks / prayer sticks are known to elevate moods.
  • These sticks are reputed to aid meditation.
    However agarbattis are mainly associated with providing peace tranquility and of course freshness as it imbibes the essence of many traditional ingredients known to provide a soul soothing effect.
  • Incense manufacturing applies mainly to direct burning incense since it must be carefully blended and manufactured such that it has ability to slowly and evenly burn itself in entirety.
  • The fragrant materials provides the aroma and the fragrant smoke when the incense is burned.
    Many types of fragrant woods, resins, herbs and essential oils are used as incense or to make incense.
  • In the manufacturing process, the natural gums and resins from precious woods, such as powdered sandalwood, are loaded into vats where they are mixed with other organic raw materials.
  • The incense sticks, cones and coils are then cut evenly and laid out neatly and meticulously in wooded forms where they are left to dry.
  • From here they are taken to a large room where the moisture, temperature, and light are carefully controlled.
  • To keep the incense burning slowly and longer, a special non-fragrant powder derived from the fubush plant which grows wild in areas of Asia, or similar natural ingredients are added.
    All this makes Scents Appeal Incense among the finest in the world.

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