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Information @ a Glance:
  • Agrichemical (or agrochemical) a contraction of agricultural chemical, is a generic term for the various chemical products used in agriculture.
  • The number of steps and types of intermediates used in the synthesis of active agrochemical substances varies widely.
  • India is the second largest producer of agrochemicals in Asia and is one of the most dynamic generic pesticide manufacturers in the world. Out of 145 pesticides registered in India, 85 of a technical grade are locally produced. India is a global sourcing base for generic agrochemicals.
  • India's agricultural chemicals market is estimated at USD 650 million and is expected to grow 10 to 12 percent per year.
  • The south Indian State of Andhra Pradesh accounts for approximately 35 to 40 percent of the total agrochemicals consumed in the country.
  • There are an estimated 30 major agricultural chemical manufacturers, and more than 600 smaller manufacturers in India.
  • India is the third largest producer and consumer of fertilizers in the world.
  • Agrochemical manufacturing is highly dependent upon both oil and gas.
  • The production of agro chemically active substances, let alone formulations and packaged products, in this multi-step process involves several different companies with varying chemical technologies spread out across the world.
  • In India and Pakistan, 53% and 70% of total pesticides are consumed by cotton respectively.
  • In recent years, the Indian agricultural chemicals market has experienced a shift from high volume low priced agricultural chemicals to low volume high priced chemicals.
  • Though in recent years, biological insecticide has developed fast, with the growth rate of 20~40%, biological insecticide will not play a significant role in the next 5~10 years, because of its high price of biological insecticide.
The Products: chemicals used in agricultural production mostly used as sprays to control insects or other pests, weeds or plant diseases ;Following are  the Agro-chemicals registered for use in India under the Central Insecticides Act, 1968.

Acephate, Acetamapride, Alachlor, Aldicarb, Allethrin, Alphacypermethrin, Alphanaphthyl  Acetic  Acid , Aluminium Phosphide, Anilofos, Atrazine, Aureofungin,

Bacillus thuringiensis , Barium Carbonate, Benomyl, Bentazon . Benthiocarb (Thiobencarb), Bitertanol, Bromadiolone, Butachlor,

Captafol, Captan, Carbaryl, Carbendazim, Carbofuran, Carbosulfan, Carboxin, Cartap Hydrochloride, Chlorfenvinphos, Chlorimuron ethyl, Chlormequat Chloride (CCC), Chlorobenzilate, Chlorothalonil, Chlorpyriphos, Copper Hydroxidde
Copper Oxychloride, Copper Sulphate, Coumachlor, Coumatetralyl, Cuprous Oxide, Cyfluthrin , Cypermethrin, Cyphenothrin,

D-trans allethrin, Dalapon , Decamethrin (Deltamethrin), Diazinon,Dichloro Diphenyl Trichloroethane (DDT), Dichloropropene and Dichloropropanes mixture (DD Mixture) , Dichlorvos (DDVP), Diclofop-methyl, Dicofol, Dieldrin, Diflubenzuron, Dimethoate, Dinocap, Dithianon , Diuron, Dodine,

Ethaboxam , Edifenphos, Endosulfan, Ethephon, Ethion, Ethofenprox (Etofenprox), Ethylene Dibromide (EDB), Ethylene Dibromide
Carbon Tetrachloride mixture (EDCT Mixture 3:1), Eddha Fe (ethylene-diamine di-(o-hydroxyphenylacetic acid),

Fenarimol , Fenitrothion, Fenobucarb (BPMC), Fenpropathrin, Fenthion, Fenvalerate, Ferbam, Fipronil, Fluchloralin, Fluvalinate, Formothion, Fosetyl – Al,
Flubendiamide ,

Gibberellic Acid, Glufosinate Ammonium, Glyphosate,
Imidacloprid , Iprodione, Iprovalicarb, Isoprothiolane, Isoproturon,
Kasugamycin, Kitazin,
Lamdacyhalothrin, Lime Sulphur, Lindane, Linuron,
Malathion, Maleic Hydrazide (MH), Mancozeb , Metalaxyl, MetaldehydeMetasulfuron Methyl, Methabenzthiazuron, Methomyl, Methoxy Ethyl Mercury Chloride (MEMC), Methyl Bromide, Methyl Chlorophenoxy Acetic Acid (MCPA), Methyl Parathion, Metolachlor, Metoxuron , Metribuzin, Monocrotophos, Myclobutanil,
Neem Products, Nickel Chloride,
Oxadiargyl, Oxadiazon , Oxycarboxin, Oxydemeton-methyl, Oxyfluorfen,
Paclobutrazol, Paradichlorobenzene, Paraquat dichloridePenconazole, Pendimethalin, Permethrin, Phenthoate, Phorate, Phosalone, Phosphamidon, Pirimiphos-methyl, Prallethrin, Pretilachlor, Profenophos, Propanil, Propetamphos, Propiconazole,
Propineb, Propoxur, Pyrethrins (Pyrethrum), Piperonyl butoxide (PBO),
Simazine, Sirmate, Sodium Cyanide, Streptomycin , Sulphur , Spinosad ,
Tebuconazole , TetracyclineTemephos, Thiazole . Thiodicarb, Thiometon, Thiophanate-Methyl, Thiram, Triadimefon,
Triallate, Triazophos, Trichlorfon, Trichloro Acetic Acid (TCA), Tricyclazole, Tridemorph, Trifluralin ,
1,2,4-Triazole ,
Zinc Phosphide , Zineb, Ziram 

 Contents on the CD Rom

General and Process
  • Agrichemical
  • Agricultural Pesticides
  • Agrochemicals - Insecticides
  • A software component to stimulate Agrochemicals fate
  • Why effective Insecticide Resistance Management is Important
  • Chiral Capillary Electrophoresis of Agrochemicals in Real Samples
  • The Unique role of Halogen Substituents in the design of Modern Agrochemicals
  • Advanced oxidation processes applied to effluent streams from an agrochemical industry

Company Profiles

  • Company in Mumbai
  • Company in Gujarat
  • Company in Ahmedabad
  • Another Company in Gujarat
  • Company in Maharashtra
  • Company in Bangalore
  • Company in Haryana
  • Company in New Delhi
  • Company in Udaipur
  • Another Company in Mumbai
  • Company profile
  • Company in Worli, Mumbai
  • Company in Mumbai
  • Company in Andheri (West), Mumbai


  • Consultant in USA
  • Consultant in California
  • Expert in Agrichemicals, Formulations, Polymers, Controlled Release, Chemical Hazards
  • Consultant in Indiana
  • Chemical Association in Mumbai
  • Research Organisation in Australia
  • Agrochemical Institute in Hyderabad
  • Information Database
  • Research Group in Massachusetts


  • Packaging for agrichemicals
  • Spray booth for reproducible application of agrichemicals
  • Agrochemical composition, use and application method of an agrochemical composition
  • Water-base agrochemical composition containing polyether-modified silicone


  • Afghanistan: Emergency Horticulture and Livestock Productivity Project
  • Durofume Insecticide
  • Insecticidal paint
  • Manufacture of Lindane
  • Application of  Agrichemicals
  • Agrochemicals use in food crops
  • Evidence of Anopheline Mosquito resistance to Agrochemicals in Northern Thailand
  • Agrichemicals as antagonist of lectin-mediated Rhizobium–legume symbiosis
  • Agrochemical residues in waterways: A review of new tools and their use in water quality

  • Etofenprox
  • Agrochemical products
  • Pesticides and Formulations Registered for use
  • Prallethrin
  • Chelated Micronutrients: Dealing with Iron deficiencies in turf

Safety and Guides
  • Pesticides - Useful Links
  • Safety and Health in the Use of Agrochemicals
  • Protecting test data for Pharmaceutical and Agrochemical Products under free trade Agreements
  • Safe Use of Agrochemicals
  • Chirality in synthetic Agrochemicals: Bioactivity and Safety Considerations

Material Safety Data Sheet
  • Apollo SC Ovicide/Miticide
  • Falgro 20SP
  • Fenpropathrin (Fenithrin) 30%EC
  • Prallethrin
  • Pirouette
  • Rotam Rodazim

  • Agrichemicals Market Overview
  • Developing a Marketing Strategy for a Leading Agrochemical Company
  • Present and Future Prospects of Biological Insecticides
  • Agrochemical Pricing Outlook
  • Production Situation of Agrochemical Industry in China
  • Agrochemicals Intellectual Capital is the Key
  • Agri Environmental Statistics
  • Agro chemicals - Supply & Demand Challenges 2008 and beyond
  • Chemicals Market Survey
  • Trends in Agrochemicals Used To Grow Cotton
  • Pesticides Summary
  • Sustainable food production, income generation and consumer
    protection in India

  • The impact of agrochemicals in production and protection
  • Spurious Pesticides
  • Agrochemicals registered for use in Australian viticulture 2008/2009
  • Agrochemicals in China
  • Agrochemicals – How Dangerous are They for Lakes and Rivers?
  • Data protection for agro-chemicals
  • Executive Summary of the Synthesis Report of the International Assessment of Agricultural Knowledge, Science and Technology for Development
  • Company Report
  • Impact of Agrochemicals on Soil and Water Quality
  • Country Report - India
  • International Pesticide Directory
  • Agro Chemicals Report 2001
  • Agro chemicals Report 2003
  • Japan Country Report
  • Functional Chemicals and Engineered Materials
  • Agrochemicals
  • Pesticides Report
  • Agrochemical Industry & Sustainable Development
  • Agrichemicals of Concern in
    Northern Thailand
  • Analysis of UK Pesticides Safety Directorate report on the proposed cut off criteria and substitution provisions
  • Agrochemical Strategies
  • ChemSpec Europe 2005: Europe’s largest fine and specialty chemicals event
  • Plant Protection and Eco-Labelling of Primary Products

Rules and Regulations
  • US Environmental Protection Agency
  • Public policies influencing innovation in the agrochemical, biotechnology and seed industries
  • Regulatory science, Europeanisation and the control of agrochemicals
  • Discharge of agrichemicals to land or air – standards, terms and conditions

  • Agrichemicals Suppliers
  • List of Manufacturer Registered for Production and Sale of Bio-Pesticides
  • Chemicals Agrochemicals Companies in India
  • Suppliers of Agrochemicals
  • Agrochemicals Directory Of Companies world wide
  • Directory of Manufacturers - Agrochemicals
  • Exporters of agrochemicals
  • Agro-Chemicals Maharashtra Suppliers
  • Herbicides Suppliers Directory
  • Major Pesticides  Manufacturers
  • New Zealand Agrichemicals Suppliers
  • Herbicides Exporters
  • Prallethrin Suppliers
  • Herbicides Manufacturers

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