Basic Chrome Sulphate (BCS)
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  • Chromium(III) sulfate usually refers to the inorganic compound with the formula Cr2(SO4)3 12(H2O).
  • Chrome Sulphate is the basic tanning chemical.
  • Apart from being expensive, Chrome Sulphate is also a serious pollutant.
  • Finishing chemicals are used to impart certain properties to
    the leather like softness, color, appearance etc.
  • Like tanning chemicals finishing chemical also get discharged into wastewater.
  • Only those chemicals are fully retained which are applied as surface coating.
  • Basic chromium sulfate is produced from chromate salts by reduction with sulfur dioxide.
  • The collected data shows 50-150 liter water is used for conversion of one kg of raw skin into leather.
  • The removal of Cr(III) from wastewater using CHT is a good alternative because the oxidation of Cr(III) to Cr(VI) it is not necessary due to the characteristics of the processes.
  • In tanning process water is used as carrier to facilitate different chemical reactions and after completion of process the water leaves the system as wastewater in the same quantity as added to the system.
  • The main application is making chrome tanned leather, insolubilizing protiens and other organic substances.
  • Chrome recovery and reuse process, besides the elimination of environmental concerns related to chrome, has also economic benefits to the tanners as the chromium discharged as effluent component as claimed Tanners Association, can be 100 % recovered . The recovery cost has been reported to be about 30% of the fresh chromium cost


  • Chromium(III) sulfate
  • Basic Chrome Sulphate(BCS)
  • Basic Chromium Sulphate
  • Inorganic Chromium(III) compounds
  • Leather Industry
Project Information
  • Techno-Economic Evaluation of Chromium Recovery Pilot Plant Installed at Kasur Tanneries Complex, Pakistan
Technology Information
  • Japanese Technology
  • Technology Source - India
  • Alternate process
  • Technology - Mexico
  •  A Pilot Plant for Removing Chromium from Residual Water of Tanneries
  • Technology Package
  • Technology - Poland
  • Chrome Management in Tannery yard
  • Patent
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  • Company from Chennai
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  • Consultancy from Chennai
  • Consultancy from Colorado


  • Basic chromium sulphate
  • Basic chrom sulphate
  • Basic Chrome Sulphate 2Cr(OH)S04+Na2S04
  • Tankrom SB


  • Basic Chromium Sulphate
  • Basic chromium sulphate MSDS
  • Chromium (III) Sulphate


  • Age resistant chrome tanning agents
  • Tanning composition and its use in the tanning and post-tanning of animal hides
  • Process for preparing chromium sulphate from residual solutions containing hexavalent chromium compounds
  • Chrome-tanning

Synthesis & Raw materialshydochloric-acid-2

  • Synthesis of BCS
  • Chromium Oxide
  • Soda Ash
  • Sulphur Dioxide


  • Adsorption of Basic Chromium Sulfate Used in the Tannery Industries by Calcined Hydrotalcite
  • Locating and estimating air Emissions from sources of Chromium
  • Chrome balance in leather processing
  • A system for recovery and reuse of chromium from spent tanning liquor using magnesium oxide and sulphuric acid
  • Possibilities of Hexavalent Chromium Generation and Plausible Preventive and Corrective Measures

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