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Carrageenan Industry @ a Glance

Carrageenan has been used to gel, thicken and stabilize food systems.
  • Carrageenan is a naturally-occurring family of carbohydrates extracted from red seaweed(Rhodophycae)
  • The Three Basic Types of Carrageenan
    Kappa carrageenan
    Iota carrageenan
    Lambda carrageenan
  • Cultivation, Harvesting, Extracting
    Extraction Process consists of hot extraction, Clarification, Concentration by evaporation & blending to the requirements of
    finished Products.
  • Carrageenan has a broad range of applications. Its properties are easily adjusted by blending with milk proteins, sugars and/or other hydrocolloids.
  • Examples of products with carrageenan are certain toothpaste brands, Beer brewing,Meat Processing, ice cream, yogurt, processed meats , general food additive and surimi
  • Carraguard Gel for HIV Prevention
  • Canada, estonia, Peru, Norway, Chile, Philippines, Indonesia,  Malaysia
    Tanzania, Fiji & Madagascar are major cultivation zones.
  • High World Market Prices are Scaring Foreign Buyers. The existence of two major raw materials which, together with carrageenan, comprise the world’s "gum" market. Carbon methyl cellulose (CMC) and santhan are raw materials which could very well replace carrageenan if the price thereof would be so high.
  • According to reports, the future growth of the Seaweed industry is expected to reach $700 million (U.S. dollars). Barring unforseen problems, of that expected amount, an estimated growth of $350 million (U.S. dollars) comes from the European market
  • Seaweeds grow abundantly along the Tamil Nadu and Gujarat coasts and around Lakshadweep and Andaman and Nicobar islands. There are also rich seaweed beds around Mumbai,Ratnagiri, Goa, Karwar, Varkala, Vizhinjam and Pulicat in Tamil Nadu and Chilka in Orissa. Out of approximately 700 species of marine algae found in both inter-tidal and deep water regions of the Indian coast, nearly 60 species are commercially important.

Contents of CD ROM

About Carrageenan & applications

  • Carrageenans
  • The safety of carrageenan
  • The Product & Uses
  • Applications
  • Safe Food Additive
  • Product Evaluation
  • Safety in Foods
  • Gelling Mechanism
  • Plant-beneficial microorganisms
  • Scientific Article
  • Acadian Sea Plants
  • More on ASL

Manufacturing Carrageenan

  • Carrageenan Manufacturing Process
  • Production methods and industrial application of seaweed products.
  • Seaweed Mariculture: Scope And Potential
    In India
  • Technology Source

Companies & Products

  • Acroyali Holdings
  • Kappa carrageenan
  • NJ Company
  • Leading Ingredients Firm
  • Spanish Company
  • Malaysian Company
  • Company in Chile
  • Philippines Company
  • Another Company in Philippines
  • Rico Carrageenan


  • The Philippine Seaweed/Carrageenan Industry
  • More on Philippine Industry
  • Major Companies & Seaweed Industry in Philippines
  • Industry Potentials in Indonesia
  • Industry News in India
  • Agarophytes & Carrageenophytes
  • Carrageenan seaweed resources in Galicia and Ireland
  • Carrageenan market adapts to meat processors
  • Carraguard
  • Microbicide
  • Carrageenan price rises may encourage cheaper alternatives
  • Pepsi forays into seaweed farming
  • Meat Processing
  • FAO Report

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