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  • Cement is a mixture of lime and silica which forms the binding component of concrete.
  • There are several different types of cement, but the most common variety is Portland.
  • Cement is manufactured according to standardized specifications and is sold primarily in bulk.
  • About 75% of all the cement produced is used to make ready-mix concrete, which is used to make buildings, bridges, sidewalks, walls, and all sorts of constructed structures.
  • The rest is used to make building materials such as concrete blocks, pipes, and pre-cast slabs; in road building and repairs, and other assorted uses.
  • The cement industry is said to be an energy-intensive industry together with steel, paper and petrochemical industries.
  • The cement industry comprises of 125 large cement plants with an installed capacity of 148.28 million tonnes and more than 300 mini cement plants with an estimated capacity of 11.10 million tonnes per annum.  
  • The Cement Corporation of India, which is a Central Public Sector Undertaking, has 10 units. 
  • There are 10 large cement plants owned by various State Governments.  
  • The total installed capacity in the country as a whole is 159.38  million tonnes.
  • The percentage of energy cost in portland cement production cost is 20 to 30%. If the energy cost is reduced, the manufacturing cost is lowered, resulting in increasing the company’s profits.
  • Texas, California, Pennsylvania, Michigan, Missouri, and Alabama, in descending order, were the six largest producing States and accounted for about one-half of U.S. production.
  • About 74% of cement sales went to ready-mixed concrete producers, 13% to concrete product manufacturers, 7% to contractors (mainly for road paving), 4% to building materials dealers, and 2% to other users.
  • The cement industry is one of the largest sources of carbon dioxide emissions, and U.S. cement producers were voluntarily seeking to reduce emissions.
  • Carbon dioxide reduction strategies by the cement industry were aimed at lower emissions per ton of cement, rather than total emissions.
  • Demand for blended cements will also climb at an above-average pace, driven by their superior performance in selected applications.
  • Production of blended cements is the best low cost, in most cases zero cost way to increase capacity.
  • Global demand for cement is forecast to grow 4.7 percent annually to 2.8 billion metric tons in 2010.
  • Cement shortage conditions currently remain a regional problem, not a national phenomenon.
  •  Where cement is in short supply, the reasons are typically twofold: strong cement demand has materialized due to strong residential construction activity, and not enough ships are available to bring in imported cement.
  • Mexico is the second largest national market for cement in North America.
  • China, which is already by far the largest market for cement in the world, will register the biggest gains in terms of the total amount of cement sold.
  • Other developing parts of the Asia/Pacific region and Eastern Europe, as well as a number of nations in the Africa/Mideast and Latin America regions, will also record above-average cement market gains, fueled by a robust construction outlook.
  • Vietnam, Thailand, the Ukraine, Turkey and Indonesia will record some of the strongest increases in percentage terms.
  •  Market advances will be less robust in the developed areas of the US, Japan and Western Europe, with maintenance and repair construction accounting for much of the growth in cement demand through 2010.
  • However, a pickup a construction spending in Germany and Japan following an extended period of decline will help bolster overall developed world market growth.
  • Exports of cement seldom exceed 1% of total U.S. production. Like imports, exports are cyclical reaching marginally higher levels during economic recessions when domestic markets are slack.
  • Major players in Indian Industry are Ambuja cement, Aditya Cement,  J K Cement and L & T cement.
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