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  • Chlorosilanes are a group of reactive, chlorine-containing chemical compounds, related to silane and used in many chemical processes. Each such chemical has at least one silicon-chlorine bond.
  • Chlorosilanes are intermediates used to manufacture siloxanes and silanes the building blocks for many silicone products. Chlorosilanes are therefore not found in final applications.
  • Chlorosilanes are compounds in which silicon is bonded to from one to four chlorine  atoms with other bonds to hydrogen and/or alkyl groups. Chlorosilanes react with water, moist air, or steam to produce heat and toxic, corrosive fumes of hydrogen  chloride. They may also produce flammable gaseous H2. They can serve as chlorination agents. Chlorosilanes react vigorously both organic and inorganic acids and with bases to generate toxic or flammable gases.
  • There are eight main chlorosilanes: dimethyldichlorosilane, methyltrichlorosilane,
    trimethylchlorosilane, methyldichlorosilane, vinyltrichlorosilane, phenyltrichlorosilane, trichlorosilane and silicon tetrachloride.
  • Chlorosilanes are essential raw materials in the electronics and telecommunications industries and are used for the production of optical fibers, silicon wafers and chips, as well as the starting material for fumed silicas.
  • Organic chlorosilanes are frequently used as coatings for silicon and glass surfaces, and in the production of silicone (polysiloxane) polymers. While phenyl chlorosilanes and many others can be used, methylsiloxanes are produced in the greatest quantities.
  • The chlorosilanes all react with moisture in the air or water to produce hydrogen chloride, the principal reaction product that can cause acute injury to any body tissue contacted.
  • Poisonous by ingestion and inhalation and a poisonous irritant to the skin, eyes,
    and mucous membranes. The toxicity is based on that of HCl, which forms by thereaction of chlorosilanes with water.
  • Chlorosilanes
  • Chlorosilane - Chemical Compound
  • Chlorosilane Fact Sheet
  • Chlorosilane- Chemical Database
  • Penta-Coordinated Chlorosilanes
  • Chlorosilane - MSDS

Products and Guidelines

  • Safety Handling of Chlorosilanes
  • H2 Exhaust Management
  • Mehtyltrichlorosilane
  • Monochlorosilane
  • Trichlorosilane
  • Bromopropyltrichlorosilane
  • Trimethylchlorosilane
  • Phenyltrichlorosilane
  • Trimethylchlorosilane - Chemical Profile

Manufacturing Process

  • Preparation of Hydrocarbon Chlorosilanes from Polysilanes
  • Process for Preparing Chlorosilanes
  • The Preparation of Vinyl and Allyl Chlorosilanes
  • Selective Production of Dimethyldichlorosilane
  • Chlorosilanes
  • Online Determination of Chlorosilane Mixtures
  • (Organothiomethyl)chlorosilanes and their preparation methods
  • Lithium Hydride Technology for Monosilane Production


  • Vapor Phase Anti-Stiction Coatings
  • Chemistry & Technology of Fabric Preparation & Finishing
  • Music FM Study
  • Forecasting material and economic flows in the global production chain for silicon
  • Computer Design in Design I - Silane Plant


  • Commercial process outline for crystalline silicon thin film solar cells and modules
  • Effect Of Methyltrichlorosilane on Permeability of Sandstone Cores to Gas And Water
  • EIMS Metadata Report - Project
  • Novel Textile Chemistry for Dense Gas Fluids
  • Hybrid Membranes For CO2 Removal
  • Functionally Graded Alumina/Mullite Coatings for
    Protection of Silicon Carbide Ceramic Components from
  • Compositionally Graded Alumina/Mullite Coatings for Protection of Silicon Carbide Ceramic Components from Corrosion
  • Self-Assembled Molecular Photoresist for Fabrication of MEMS and NEMS
  • Chemical Engineered Project


  • Global Production Chains
    and Sustainability
  • Czochralski Growth of Silicon
  • Understanding Silicone
  • Silanes: Chemistry and applications
  • Repair and Capping of porous MSQ films using chlorosilanes
  • Synthesis and characterization of self-assembled monolayers
  • Medicinal Applications
  • Hydrolysis of chlorosilanes
Company Profiles and Plant Details
  • Replacing GC in Pilot Program at Dow Corning
  • Construction Starts on Production Plant for Polysilicon in Rheinfelden
  • Degussa
  • Wacker
  • Mitsubishi Polysilicon
  • Dow Corning
  • CES


  • Isobaric vapor-liquid equilibrium for methyldichlorosilane dimethyldichlorosilane-
    benzene system
  • Recovery of Valuable Chlorosilane Intermediates
  • Portable Tank Chlorosilane Safety and Emergency Training
  • Impurities in methylvinyldichlororsilane
  • Environmental Life Cycle Assessment of Solar Home System
  • Towards Sustainability Development


  • Experts
  • Robert S. Davis
  • Organo Fluorine and Chloro Silicone Chemical Consultant
  • Michael McNeilly
  • Legal Nurse Consulting Ezine
  • Prof. Toshikazu Hirao
  • Majid Sarmadi Professor

Raw Materials Suppliers

  • Hydrogen Chloride Suppliers
  • Methyl Chloride Suppliers
  • Copper Catalyst Suppliers
  • Silicon Suppliers


  • Trimethylchlorosilane Buyer
  • Trimethylchlorosilane Buying Lead
  • Methyldichlorosilane Buyer
  • Lakmar Epoxy Ltd
  • Spacar Enterprises LTD
  • Phenyltrichlorosilane Buyers


  • Dimethyldichlorosilane Suppliers
  • Methyltrichlorosilane Suppliers
  • Silicon Tetrachloride Suppliers
  • Suppliers of Methyltrichlorosilane
  • Methyltrichlorosilane Suppliers
  • Aztec Investment
  • Silicon Tetrachloride CAS 10026-04-7 Manufacturers
  • Silicon Tetrachloride Manufacturers
  • Chlorosilane Worldwide Suppliers
  • Trichlorosilane Suppliers
  • Supplier of Trichlorosilane
  • PSG
  • Trimethylchlorosilane Manufacturers
  • Vinyltrichlorosilane Supplier


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