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  • Cosmetics are mixtures of surfactants, oils and other ingredients. They are required to be effective, long lasting, stable and last not least safe to human use. The cosmetics industry is a multi-billion dollar industry. New brands of cosmetics to appeal to various population sectors are constantly being developed.
  • The industry produces a vast array of products, including shaving preparations, perfumes, colognes, hair preparations, dentifrices, mouthwashes, lipsticks, deodorants, nail products, creams, and lotions.
  • Standards for the materials used in these products have been upgraded and many are now equal to the material specifications for the pharmaceutical industry.
  •  Metal dyes are used in finger nail polish and also the use and concentration of heavy metals play an important role in cosmetics production. Tariffs on raw materials are generally low, in particular for raw materials originating in developing countries.
  • The Indian Cosmetic Industry continues a beautiful blend of traditional and the modern. There are traditional Toiletries items like Perfumes and Ethers, Perfumed Hair Oil, Talcum Powder, Kajol, Sindoor, Kum-Kum, Bindi and Herbal Cosmetics and Toiletries.
  • Exports of Cosmetics & Toiletries from India was 1.3 million US dollar in 1963-64 and 25.7 million US dollar in 1979-80 and touched 336 million US dollar during 2004-2005. The Indian Cosmetics Industry can match International Standards when comes to quality, price and range.
  • The global market for cosmetics and toiletries ingredients is estimated to be around $14.7 billion in 2005, with growth of the ingredients expected to be around 5% per year through 2010. Factors contributing to this steady growth include improvements in the global economy, particularly in developing countries, and the introduction of new consumer-friendly products.
  • According to Global Cosmetic Industry Business Magazine, by 2006, the global market for natural beauty products will be worth more than $10 billion.
  • In end-user segments, color cosmetics have the highest average annual growth rate . They will grow from $2,586.9 million in 2005 to $3,351.7 million in 2010,
  • Hair care products were worth more than $4 billion in 2005, and will maintain the highest market value through the forecast period, growing at 5.2% per year. Bath/shaving products, perfume, and oral hygiene have steady growth rates of 4.6% per year through 2010.
  • Fuji Keizai Releases Report on Japanese Cosmetics Market, According to the report, the market for make-up products reached 497.2 billion yen ($4.5 bil) in 2005, and is expected to increase to 509.6 billion yen ($4.6 bil) in 2006. The market for body-care products will remain roughly flat: from 112.0 billion yen ($1.0 bil) in 2005 to 112.1 billion yen ($1.0 bil) in 2006.
  • The report also mentions that the segments for eye make-up products are expected to show steady growth, from 86.9 billion yen ($782.8 mil) in 2005 to 88.9 billion yen ($801.0 mil) in 2006. In particular, growth in the segments for mascara and eye shadow will be remarkable.
  • Chinaís cosmetic products market ranked the second largest in Asia. Japan is the second-largest cosmetics market in the world only after the U.S.A. According to statistics released by the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry, the size of the Japanese cosmetics market reached a total of US$ 12.9 billion / Euro 10.7 billion (ex-factory) in 2004.
  • Further, in 2005 the number of esthetic salons in Japan reached 18,003 with 10,057 of these being in Western Japan (the part of the country west of Nagoya), which accounts for 55.8% of the total number of salons nationwide. As this statistic shows, Western Japan is a large beauty market. The growth of health care products is about 20%. The personal care products industry in India is value at Rs. 2500 crores in consumer price terms.
  • The herbal cosmetics industry is set for a significant growth depending on the capability of the manufacturers to market their products. Products that claim to renew cells, minimize pores, and restore hydration have created an $83 billion worldwide market.
  • The cosmetics industry is regionally based, and firms based in North America and in West Europe account for approximately 86% of sales: 43% for each region.
  • Firms based in Japan and South Korea also have substantial market share at 14%.
  • Two West European cosmetics companies have the largest portion, 50%, in terms of number, but their average sales are the smallest, 960 million US dollars. Firms in the largest five countries (USA, UK, France, Germany and Japan) make up 93% of sales.
  • US demand for cosmetic and toiletry containers is projected to approach 25 billion units in 2009, valued at $3.8 billion. Advances will reflect healthy growth in cosmetic and toiletry pro- duct shipments and will also benefit from a steady rate of new product introductions with improved performance features and/ or appearance-enhancing attributes.

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