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Information Profile @ a Glance

  • Chemical vapour deposition of diamond thin films is leading to the development of diamond as a 21st century engineering material.
  • Chemical vapour deposition, as its name implies, involves a gas phase chemical reaction
    occurring above a solid surface, which causes deposition onto that surface. All CVD techniques for producing diamond films require a means of activating gas phase
    carbon-containing precursor molecules.
  • Diamond-like carbon films:
    Diamond-like carbon (DLC) films are hard, amorphous films with a significant fraction of sp3-hybridized carbon atoms and which can contain a
    significant amount of hydrogen. Depending on the deposition conditions, these films can be fully amorphous or contain diamond crystallites. These
    materials are not called diamond unless a full three-dimensional crystalline
    lattice of diamond is proven.
  • Applications for Diamond, Diamond-like, & CBN Material Coatings & Films : Thermal management, electronic & semiconductor, high power microwave tubes, transistors,
    X Ray masks, X Ray targets, computer & TV Screens, magnetic disks & write up heads, sensors, thermistors, acoustic applications, drilling & cutting tools,
    medical tools, implants, optical devices, electronics , automotive industry.



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