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  • 1,2-Dibromoethane is the chemical compound with the formula BrCH2CH2Br. Although trace amounts occurs naturally in the ocean where it is formed, probably by algae and kelp, it is mainly a synthetic. It is a colorless liquid with a mild, sweaty odor. It is manufactured by the reaction of ethylene with bromine. 1,2-Dibromoethane is used in organic synthesis as an "entrainment reagent" to activate magnesium for certain Grignard reagents.
  • Carbon tetrachloride, also known by other names is the chemical compound CCl4. It is used in synthetic chemistry and was formerly widely used in fire extinguishers and refrigeration, but largely abandoned. 
  • Fumigants are the most toxic of all pesticide chemicals used in agriculture. They are used to kill insects, nematodes, weed seeds and fungi in soil, silo- stored cereal grains, fruits and vegetables. Fumigants may be liquids  that can release a toxic gas on reacting with water or acid, or gases. 
  • In India, mixtures of the two fumigants in various proportions have been recommended for application under sheets or in chambers to treat different types of commodities in bags under warehouse conditions (Majumder, 1962). Treatment with the fumigant mixtures accompanied by simultaneous prophylactic applications of liquid insecticides to prevent reinfestation is known as the "Durofume" process .
  • Ethylene dibromide (EDB) is an ingredient of many important fumigant mixtures. Alone or with other toxic fumigants EDB is commonly mixed with carbon tetrachloride (CT) as a grain or local spot fumigant. The inclusion of CT as a high proportion of the formulation appears to add greatly to the effectiveness of EDB, principally because CT acts as an eluant for EDB in a column of grain and assists effectively in its downward migration.
  • Ethylene dibromide has been used as a fumigant for stored grain, fruits and vegetables for the treatment of soil against nematodes and for spot treatment in flour mills. The compound is sometimes mixed with carbon tetrachloride or dicholorpropene to increase the spectrum of activity. It is a heavy, colourless liquid with a chloroform-like odour. It is stable and non-flammable.Ethylene dibromide is a severe irritant to skin, eyes and the respiratory tract. The liquid causes blistering and erosion of the skin and is corrosive to the eyes. 
  • Carbon tetrachloride is currently manufactured in the United States by Vulcan Materials Company at two plants: Geismar, Louisiana and Wichita, Kansas, with a combined 130 million pound capacity. Current import or export quantities show that for the year 2002, the United States exported 11,880,074 kg (1,880 metric tons), and for 2003 through April, the United States exported 3,714,817 kg (3,715 metric tons) (USITC 2003). 
  • India's agricultural chemicals market is estimated at USD 650 million and is expected to grow 10 to 12 percent per year. The agricultural chemicals industry is dominated by insecticides, which accounts for 73 percent of the market, herbicides constitute approximately 13 percent of the market, and fungicides 11 percent. Of all agricultural chemicals used, 50 percent are utilized for cotton crops, 20 percent for rice and wheat crops, and the balance by tea plantations and for pulses cultivation.
  • There are an estimated 25 to 30 major agricultural chemical manufacturers, and more than 600 basic manufacturers and formulators. Over the years, the Indian agricultural chemicals market has undergone a process of continuous consolidation. From approximately 35 to 40 companies controlling about 90 percent of the market share two decades ago, today there are approximately 25 dominant players.
 General Information
  • Ethylene Dibromide Information
  • Carbon tetrachloride Information
  • 1,2-Dibromoethane
  • Carbon Tetrachloride
  • Chemicals List
  • Bromine Information
  • Carbon Tetrachloride Chemical Backgrounder


  • Locating And Estimating Air Emissions From Sources Of Carbon Tetrachloride 
  • Production of Ethane, Ethylene, and Acetylene from Halogenated Hydrocarbons by Methanogenic  Bacteria
  • General classification of pesticides: fumigants
  • Fumigants Mixtures

Analysis and Quality Control

  • Ambient Water Quality Criteria for Carbon Tetrachloride
  • Quality Assurance Plan
  • California Regional Water Quality Control Board
  • Analysis of Air Toxics Emission Inventory: Inhalation Toxicity-Based Ranking 
  • Increased Carbon Tetrachloride Induced Liver Injury and Fibrosis in FGFR4-Deficient Mice 

Company Profiles

  • Dow
  • KIFF Analytical
  • NUCON International, Inc.
  • Rainbowpush Coalition
  • Vijay International


  • Richard L. Wade, Ph.D., M.P.H.
  • Joseph V. Rodricks, Ph.D., D.A.B.T.
  • Shelley A.Hearne 
  • Raymond Richard Neutra
  • Engineering & Consulting Resources Inc
  • CCTox Consulting
  • Raymond D. Harbison, M.S., Ph.D.
  • Richard R.Grayson M.D
  • Steven P. Sayko

Material Safety Data Sheet

  • Carbon Tetrachloride- Human Health Fact Sheet
  • Ethylene Dibromide
  • Ethylene dibromide (EDB), dibromoethane
  • Ethylene Dibromide Factsheet
  • Ethylene Dibromide (EDB) Chemical Profile
  • Safety data for Carbon Tetrachloride
  • Carbon Tetrachloride Chemical Profile


  • Process for the Production of Chloroform from Carbon Tetrachloride, catalytic Compositions and Process for Obtaining Them
  • Gelling agent and production method
  • Method for remediation of an environment contaminated with carbon tetrachloride
  • Phosgene Having Low Content of Carbon Tetrachloride
  • Catalysts for hydrodechlorination of carbon tetrachloride to chloroform
  • Method For Preparing Carbon tetrachloride
  • Scavenging Additive For Leaded automotive Fuel and Method of Using Same
  • Preparation of organic macrocyclic compounds
  • Method of purifying chlorine-containing gases



  • In Situ Bioremediation of Carbon Tetrachloride in Groundwater
  • Decomposition of carbon tetrachloride in air plasma using glow discharge atomic emission spectrometry 
  • Localization and Characterization of the Carbon Tetrachloride 
  • Modelling of Carbon Tetrachloride Decomposition in Oxidative RF Thermal Plasma 
  • Up-regulating Plant Defenses in Populus Increases Phytoremediation Capacity for Carbon Tetrachloride 
  • Removal of Carbon Tetrachloride from a Layered Porous Medium
  • Carbon Tetrachloride and Chloroform Partition Coefficients Derived from Aqueous Desorption of Contaminated Hanford Sediments 


  • Ethylene Dibromide Mineralization in Soils under Aerobic Conditions 
  • Fumigation
  • Methods of grain fumigation
  • Compression Failures in Wood Detected by The Application of Carbon Tetrachloride to the Surface
  • Carbon Tetrachloride in Vegetation and its Application to Expedited site Characterization


  • Bromine 
  • Bromination and Production Techniques for fine Chemicals
  • Production, Import/ Export, Use and Disposal
  • Market Survey- India
  • Market Outlook - Bromine


  • Environmental Contaminants encyclopedia Carbon Tetrachloride 
  • Ethylene Dibromide
  • Health Effects of Ethylene Dibromide
  • In situ Bioremediation for the Hanford Carbon Tetrachloride Plume
  • Ethylene Dibromide
  • Environmental Health Criteria
  • Ethylene Dibromide to the Scientific Review
  • Public Health Goals for Chemicals in Drinking Water

Ethylene Dibromide and Carbon Tetrachloride Suppliers 

  • Carbon Tetrachloride Selling Leads
  • Suppliers Directory
  • Exporters of Carbon Tetrachloride
  • Ethylene Dibromide Suppliers
  • Ethylene Dibromide Selling Leads
  • 1, 2 Dibromoethane Suppliers
  • Sellers of Carbon Tetrachloride


  • Technical Guidelines on Hazardous waste from the Production and Use of Organic Solvents
  • Frequently Asked Questions - Carbon Tetrachloride
  • Contaminant Guide
  • Drinking Water Contaminants- Carbon Tetrachloride
  • Occupational Health Guideline for Carbon Tetrachloride

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