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  • Acetylene, hydrogen, carbon
    dioxide, nitrogen, oxygen and argon are some of the important Industrial Gases
  • Acetylene is made by the reaction of calcium carbide with water; hydrogen is made by the electrolysis of water; carbon dioxide is obtained from Kapuni gas; nitrogen, oxygen and argon are obtained from air by fractional distillation
  • Acetylene is mainly used in oxy-acetylene flames for cutting mild steel and for welding
  • The hydrogen gas is sold to the edible fats and oils industry where it is used to hydrogenate vegetable oils to make margarine
  • Carbon dioxide is used widely in the food industry for applications such as removing the caffeine from coffee beans to make decaffeinated coffee and for carbonating beer, soft drinks
  • Nitrogen is used for cooling various mechanical equipment that needs to be kept extremely cold and for snap-freezing foods such as chicken, hamburger patties and fruit to be eaten out of season.
  • Oxygen is used in the steel mills to
    oxidise unwanted impurities in the steel. Also used in the food industry, for medical oxygen for respiration and in oxy-acetylene torches.
  • Argon Gas is used in welding to protect the molten metal, and a small amount is used in light bulbs to prevent the white-hot tungsten filament from oxidising
  • Gas production is largely an extremely environmentally-friendly industry
  • Planning for production of Industrial gases involves market Study , Site Selection, Utility Availability & Costs,
    State and Local Incentives
  • The industrial gases industry has experienced strong growth due to improving economies, increased energy demand, climate control initiatives, and healthcare needs in both developing and developed regions
  • In India, there are presently over 300 small & medium size plants and approximately 25 large tonnage plants all over the country. These gases are supplied through pipelines to captive customers in adjacent factories; in cryogenic transport tanks for bulk deliveries to long distance customers; or filled in cylinders.
  • According to reputed market research firms, the Global Industrial Gases market is accounted for $46.23 billion in 2015 and is expected to reach $79.75 billion by 2022 growing at a CAGR of 8.1%.
  • Industrial Gases projects & applications
  • Industrial Gases Business outlook


  • Industrial Gas Processing
  • Expertise, technology and industrial gases
  • Industrial gases in the chemical industry
  • Gases for Medical Applications
  • Good Manufacturing Practice for Medical Gases
  • Gas and technology solutions for
    the biopharmaceutical industry.
  • Industrial gases in petrochemistry
  • Technology Guidance
  • Environment applications
  • LNG, LP and GTL plants Industrial gases and cryogenic applications
  • The Storage and Use of Special Gases


  • Consultant chemical market and business research service.
  • Designing and dimensioning of complex process plants
  • Consultant  - Industrial Gases Investment Opportunities
  • Inspection & Certification
  • Consultant - Project report preparation

Production of Industrial Gases

  • Purchase or Make Industrial gases?
  • Brief - Production of acetylene, hydrogen, carbon dioxide, nitrogen, oxygen and argon
  • Acetylene plant

Company Profiles

  • Company Annual Report 2012 - Japan
  • Company in Expansion plans - USA
  • Industrial Gas Supplier - USA
  • Medium Term Business Plan
  • Company offers - Advanced nitrogen and oxygen generators
  • Holding Company Acquisition
  • Performance of Company in India
  • Company Annual report - 2013
  • Company products Manual

Market Scenario

  • Production-distribution coordination in Industrial Gas supply chain
  • Industrial Gases Worldwide
  • Industrial Gases - USA
  • Industrial gases - India
  • European Industrial Gases Industry
  • Industrial Gas Business in U.K
  • Saudi Industrial Gas Sector
  • China - Industrial Gases Market

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