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  • Acetophenone is a crystalline ketone that is used as a solvent for cellulose ethers and esters in the manufacture of alcohol-soluble resins. It can be found naturally in apple, cheese, apricot, banana, beef and cauliflower.
  • This chemical may be obtained by the dry distillation of a mixture of the calcium salts of acetic and benzoic acids. Currently acetophenone mainly comes as a by-product of the phenol-acetone synthesis in the cumene oxidation process. At one time it was used as a hypnotic under the name of hypnone.
  • Acetophenone is also extracted from the production stream and
    marketed in a commercial quality of 98 % and 99 % purity. It is a
    basic raw material in hydrocarbon resins for the production of
    adhesives and printing inks. Acetophenone is also a precursor to
    certain agrochemicals. A very special application of Acetophenone is
    its use in the production of synthetic musk for the perfume industry.
  • Complex metal hydrides, such as sodium borohydride, are the most commonly used reducing agents in synthetic chemistry. In this experiment, acetophenone was reduced by sodium borohydride in the presence of ethanol to form 1-phenylethanol. The goal was to achieve as close to 100% yield as possible for 1-phenylethanol once its synthesis had been confirmed. Its presence was confirmed by the chromic acid test, which oxidized the product back to acetophenone.
  • This chemical may be obtained by the dry distillation of a mixture of the calcium salts of acetic and benzoic acids. Currently acetophenone mainly comes as a by-product of the phenol-acetone synthesis in the cumene oxidation process. At one time it was used as a hypnotic under the name of hypnone.
  • The percent yield was found to be 47.3% for 1-phenylethanol, but this could have been improved if more care been taken when performing the experimental rocedures. The 1H NMR, 13C NMR, and IR spectra for both acetophenone and 1-phenylethanol were predicted and compared. It was determined that the major difference in the spectra came from the deshielding effect of the carbonyl group present in acetophenone.
  • Solvents are used as additives in industrial production e.g. in the adhesive, paint, varnish and household cleaning agent industries. They are also used as components in pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, cleaning and paint stripping agents. Therefore solvents are contained in many everyday products and we come into contact with them consciously or unconsciously almost every day.
  • Some solvents have however proven to be harmful or are suspected of being harmful. This has led to a flood of regulations for the protection of health and the environment which have been put into practice by industry. Some solvents are now completely prohibited, others are limited in their application areas and many substances are now being recycled and re-used. The vast quantity of legal measures has brought about major changes in the solvent market.
  • These in turn are used in perfume. Acetophenone is used to create fragrances that resemble almond, cherry, honeysuckle, jasmine, and strawberry. It is used in chewing gum.
General Information
  • Acetophenone
  • Properties
  • Acetophenone - Info
  • Chemical Profile
  • Acetylbenzene
  • Chemical Sampling Information

Technology and Patent

  • Artificial metalloenzymes based on biotin-avidin technology for the enantioselective reduction
    of ketones by transfer hydrogenation
  • Summary of Toxicological Investigations of Di-Cup and Its Decomposition Products
  • Catalyst for Hydrogenation of Acetophenone
  • Epoxidised Modified Acetophenone / Formaldehyde Resins
  • Hydrogenation of Acetophenone
  • Acetophenone Intermediates
  • 3-Methoxy - 4 - Arylsuphonyloxy - Acetophenones
  • Preparation of Acetophenone
  • Process for preparing acetophenone, products produced therefrom and organoletpic uses of said products
  • Process for Producing Acetophenone Compound
  • Acetophenone Purification
  • Stable Isopropenyl Acetophenone Solution

Material Safety Data Sheets

  • Acetophenone MSDS
  • Acetylbenzene
  • Phenylmethyl Ketone
  • Strand Shield
  • Methyl Phenyl Ketone
  • Benzoin methyl ether
  • Acetophenone oxime
  • Acetylbenzene MSDS

Products and Applications

  • Acetophenone
  • Para Hydroxy acetophenone
  • 2,4-Dichloro-5-Fluoro Acetophenone
  • 4 Fluoro Acetophenone
  • Effect of Preparation Conditions on the Hydrogenation Activity and Metal Dispersion of Pt/C and Pd/C Catalysts
  • Identification of Fragrances from Chestnut Blossom by
    Gas Chromatography-Ion Trap Mass Spectrometry
  • A single step synthesis of 2-phenylpyridine from acetophenone, ethanol, formaldehyde and ammonia over molecular sieve catalysts

Company Profiles

  • Company from India
  • Company from Bombay
  • Company from China
  • Company from California
  • Company from USA
  • Company from North America
  • Company from Mumbai
  • Company from New York
  • Company from  Slovakia
  • Asymmetric Hydrosilylation of Acetophenone using Titanium Catalysts
  • Development of a new methodology for the preparation of optically active alcohols
  • IR spectroscopic characterization of intermediates in a gas-phase ionic reaction: The decarbonylation of Co+(acetophenone)
  • A novel preparation of methyl ketones through one-carbon homologation of aldehydes
  • Potential applications of enzyme-mediated transesterifications in the synthesis of bioactive compounds
  • Preparation of Benzalacetophenones (Chalcones)
  • Preparation of Hydrazones
  • Sampling & Analytical Methods

Projects and Consultants

  • Assessment of migration of non-suspected compounds from products in contact with
    drinking water by GC-MS
  • Formation and Characterization of Molecularly Imprinted Nanoparticles and Nanoparticle Growth
  • Consultant
  • Consultant from China
  • Consultant from India
  • Consultant from Oldenburg
  • Consultant from Pennsylvania


  • Health Hazard Information
  • Pesticide use statistics
  • Risk Information
  • Hazardous Substance Factsheet
  • Hazard Summary
  • Niosh Health Hazard Evaluation Report


  • Reduction of Acetophenone to 1-Phenylethanol Using Sodium Borohydride
  • Annual Report
  • Facile Regeneration of Carbonyl Compounds from Oximes Under Microwave Irradiations
    Using N-Bromophthalimide
  • Bromohydroxyacetophenone
  • Transfer hydrogenation reduction of acetophenone catalyzed by Ru(II) and Rh(I) complexes with ligands derived from (1R,2R)-cyclohexane-1,2-diamine

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  • Acetophenone
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