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  • Aluminium oxide is an amphoteric oxide of aluminium with the chemical formula Al2O3.
  • Aluminium oxide is an electrical insulator but has a relatively high thermal conductivity (40 W/m K).
  • The most common form of crystalline alumina, α-aluminium oxide, is known as corundum.
  • Aluminium oxide is an excellent thermal and electrical insulator.
  • Al2O3 is the most mature high technology ceramic. It is the same composition as sapphire,
    which accounts for its high hardness and durability.
  • Bauxite has to be processed into pure aluminium oxide (alumina) before it can be converted to aluminium by electrolysis.
  • Alumina, or aluminium oxide (Al2O3) is refined from bauxite in a caustic soda/high temperature process. Caustic solution is used to dissolve the alumina, which is settled out, filtered and heated to evaporate the water.
  • Bauxite mining occurs mainly in tropical and subtropical areas in Latin America, South America, West and Central Africa, and
  • Bauxite cannot be used as the basic material for the production of metallic aluminium. Therefore, it must be refined into aluminium
    oxide (Al2O3).
  • This is done using the Bayer method, a process in which crushed and ground bauxite is dissolved in an alkaline water solution - the  Bayer liquid.
  • Aluminium can be produced via two different routes: primary aluminium production from ore and recycling aluminium from process scrap and used aluminium products.
  • Treatment of the run-of-mine bauxite consists mainly of crushing and drying before shipment. Ore wagons are tipped individually, the material being crushed to –100mm before stockpiling.
  • The concentrate with an increased content of aluminum oxide can be processed either means of caking or hydrochemically.
  • The major uses of speciality aluminium oxides are in refractories, ceramics, polishing and abrasive applications.
  • Aluminium oxide is also used in preparation of coating suspensions in compact fluorescent lamps.
  • Minor uses include use in toothpast formulations, and as a medium for chromatography.
  • Its applications are widespread, and include spark plugs, tap washers, pump seals, electronic substrates, grinding media, abrasion resistant tiles, cutting tools, bioceramics, (hip-joints), body armour, laboratory ware and wear parts for the textile and paper industries.
  • Annual world production of aluminia is approximately 60 million tonnes, over 90% of which is used in the manufacture of aluminium metal.
  • The United States once had a more dominant position but new reduction plants have been moving to countries with less expensive hydro and coal power such as Norway, Brazil, Venezuela, and Australia.
  • Aluminium Oxide
  • Aluminium Oxide Properties
  • Aluminium Oxide - info
  • Aluminium Oxide Structure


  • Brown Aluminium Oxide
  • Calcined Aluminium Oxide Powder
  • Aluminium Oxide Chromatography
  • Aluminium Oxide for Chromatography and Purification Processes
  • Aluminum Oxide series of products for polishing applications
  • Industrial Products

  • Aluminium oxide
  • Aluminium Oxide MSDS
  • Magnesium Oxide and Aluminum Oxide Insulation Products
  • Activated Alumina
  • Alpha-Alumina
  • Safety data for aluminium oxide
  • MSDS of Aluminium Oxide
  • White Aluminum Oxide

  • Anodic Aluminium Oxide Passive Alignment Structures
  • Process for the Deposition of Aluminium Oxide Coatings
  • Granules Based on Pyrogenically produced Aluminium Oxide, Process for the Production thereof and use thereof
  • Process for the Manufacturing of Grinding Elements from Aluminium oxide without Firing Accessories
  • Aluminium Oxide Powder and Process
  • Process for Producing Aluminium Oxide Beads

  • High Metal Removal. Reduced Grinding Costs
  • Development of Technology for Separation of Aluminium Oxide from Ash and Slag of Kuzbass Thermal Power Plants
  • Xentaur Hyper-Thin-Film (HTF™)
    Aluminum Oxide Technology
  • Innovations in Aluminium Oxide Coating Technology Launch  Transparent High - Barrier Polyester Packaging
  • The Principles of Operation
    for Aluminium Oxide Moisture Sensors
  • The Reactive Sputter Deposition of Aluminium Oxide Coatings Using High Power Pulsed Magnetron Sputtering
  • Laser Surface Modification of Thermal Sprayed Aluminium Oxide Coatings


  • Production applications of aluminum oxide ceramics
  • Industrial Uses
  • Application of ultra-thin aluminum oxide etch mask made byatomic layer deposition technique
  • Aluminum Oxide Porous Ceramics
Mining and Production Process
  • Process for active aluminium oxide production
  • Electrolytic Production of Alumina
  • Mining and Production
  • Aluminium Ore Mining Operations
  • Production of Aluminum Oxide Crystals for OSL Dosimetry
  • Bauxite mining
  • Production process
  • From Bauxite to Aluminium - The Production Process
  • Alumina (Aluminium Oxide) – The Different Types of Commercially Available Grades

Company Profiles
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  • Aluminum Oxide Suppliers
  • Suppliers of Aluminium Oxide
  • Companies List
  • Company Directory
  • Aluminium Oxide Manufacturers and Suppliers
  • Aluminium Oxide Manufacturers
  • Suppliers of Aluminium Oxide

Consultants and Turnkey Providers

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  • Consultant from Indiana
  • Consultant from Delhi
  • Consultant from California
  • Turnkey Provider from Ukraine
  • Turnkey Provider from Czech republic


  • Circular on Issues Concerning Importation of Aluminum Oxide by Enterprises with Foreign Investment
  • Aluminium oxide film for 2D photonic structure formation
  • New process generates hydrogen from aluminum alloy to run engines, fuel cells
  • Aluminum oxide orbital implant has better biocompatibility
  • Thermoluminescence response of aluminum oxide thin films to beta-particle and UV radiation
  • New Hard Anodization Process for Nanoporous Aluminium Oxide
  • Ultra Thin Aluminium Oxide Shows Promising Results in Solar Cell

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