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  • Argon is a chemical element designated by the symbol Ar. Argon has atomic number 18 and is the third element in group 18 of the periodic table (noble gases). Argon is present in the Earth's atmosphere at slightly less than 1%, making it the most common noble gas on Earth.
  • Argon is two and one half times as soluble in water as nitrogen, having about the same solubility as oxygen. Argon is colorless and odorless, both as a gas and liquid. Argon is considered to be a very inert gas and is not known to form true chemical compounds, as do krypton, xenon, and radon.
  • Argon gas is prepared by fractionation of liquid air. Argon is obtained from the air as a by-product of the production of oxygen and nitrogen. The argon purge stream clearly represents an important resource recovery and pollution reduction opportunity.
  • Atmospheric air contains 0.93% argon and its economic removal has been assisted by the construction of very large distillation plants for the production of oxygen and nitrogen. During the distillation-liquefication process argon is withdrawn into the argon concentration column and
    distilled from oxygen.
  • Argon does not react with the filament in a lightbulb even under high temperatures, so is used in lighting and in other cases where diatomic nitrogen is an unsuitable (semi-)inert gas. Argon is perticularly important for the metal industry, being used as an inert gas shield in arc welding and cutting.
  • Recent advances in technology have allowed for the use of Argon gas to driveice formation using a principle known as the Joule-Thomson effect. This gives physicians excellent control of the ice, and minimizing complications using ultra-thin 17 gauge cryoneedles.
  • Argon is the most commonly used fill gas, due to its excellent thermal performance and cost-efficiency in comparison to other gas fills. Argon gas reduces heat loss in sealed units by slowing down convection inside the air space.
  • Variable Specific Impulse Magnetoplasma Rocket (VASIMR) experiment (VX-50) to process over 50 kW of total Radio Frequency (RF) power. If these techniques are applied to much heavier atomic species, such as argon. Then it enables the efficient operation of the rocket at lower specific
    impulses, ~ 4000 seconds.
  • Inert-gas technology is an entirely new method for building up restorative regenerative potential after spinal cord injury. The theories behind it clearly challenge contemporary scientific thinking; nevertheless, they encompass concepts that in one form or another have existed since antiquity.
  • Argon Beam coagulation(ABC) in which electrosurgical coagulation is produced by jet of inert argon gas encompassing an electrofulguration arc, is a useful technique during laproscopic surgery.
  • The largest distributor of industrial gases in the United States, started the round of price increases with its announcement that it would boost the prices for argon, hydrogen, helium, acetylene and other fuel gases 10 percent to 20 percent.
  • The production of argon used for welding historically has been tied to the production of steel and chemicals. The decline of steel production capacity in the United States has caused a similar decline in the availability of argon.
  • As with argon and CO2, installing new production capacity requires a large capital investment. The demand for a high return on such an investment to satisfy shareholders and investors has been a compelling reason for industrial gas producers to curtail those capital investments in recent years.
  • Argon
  • Argon One
  • Elements and Atoms
  • The Elemental Argon
  • Inert Gases: Frequently Asked Questions
  • Helium, Neon & Argon
  • The Inert Gases
  • Noble gases
  • Chemical properties of argon
  • Element Argon – Ar
  • Cryogenic Argon Production
  • Air Separation Plant: Process Flow Diagram
  • Reactive Gas Plasma Specimen Processing for Use in Microanalysis and Imaging in Analytical Electron Microscopy
  • Recovery and Recycling of Valuable Feedstock From Plant Reactor Purge Gas
  • Gas Filling Methods
  • Argon Gas Purification

Company Profiles

  • Company in Kempton Park.
  • Company in Gujarat
  • Company in Canada
  • Company in Delhi
  • Company in Danbury, USA
  • Company in Qingdao
  • Company in West Branchburg
  • Company in Japan
  • The use of inert gas in the wine making process
  • Hydrogen production from water by using an argon microwave plasma at atmospheric pressure
  • Argon Gas in Cryosurgery
  • Radiometric Dating
  • Gas Filling
  • Argon Compressed Gas Supply
  • Dry Etching Method and its Application
  • Method for Manufacturing Semiconductor Device Capable of Expelling Argon Gas
  • Method and Apparatus for Continuously Measuring Hydrogen Concentration in Argon Gas
  • Argon Purification Process
  • Method and apparatus for detecting tube occlusion in argon electrosurgery system
  • Process for purifying argon gas and apparatus used therefor
  • Process for removing oxygen from crude argon
  • Speciality Gas Consultants
  • Consulting Service in Weston
  • Experts in industrial gas
  • Experts in Air Separation Process
  • Industrial Gas Consulting in United Kingdom


  • High Power VASIMR Experiments using Deuterium, Neon and Argon
  • Metal Powder Technology
  • Reactive Alloy Casting Processes
  • Inert Gas Recycling Based on Compressor Technology
  • Inert Gas Theraphy
  • Advances in Thermal Spray Technology


  • Plant in USA
  • Plant in Dehrandun
  • Plant in Madhya Pradesh
  • Argon Manufacturing Plant Requirement
  • Plant in Saudi Arabia
  • Plant in Pennsylvania
  • The ArDM project: a Liquid Argon TPC for Dark Matter Detection
  • Novel Carbon-Ion Fuel Cells
  • Destruction of Synthetic Gases from Refrigeration
  • Laser Tissue Repair
  • Gas concentration in sealed glazing units

Machinery Suppliers

  • Industrial Gas Equipments Supplier
  • Argon gas equipment Manufacturers
  • Grasys Gas Separation Systems
  • Exporters of Argon Gas Equipments
  • Stephens Equipment
  • Suppliers of argon gas equipment
  • Argon Equipment Suppliers
  • Argon Gas Purifier Manufacturers & Suppliers
  • Indian Exporters & Manufacturers of Argon Gas Equipments
  • THT Cryogenics
  • The argon plasma coagulator
  • NANOCHEM® PuriFilter® Gas Purifier
  • Argon Gas Analysers & Monitors
  • PeK Argon Gas Cartridges
  • Argon Ion Lasers
  • Argon-Ion and Helium-Neon Gas Lasers
  • Alicat M Series Digital / Analog Mass Flow Meters
  • Argon Gas Regulators
  • High Purity Argon Gas Cartridges For Supremo - Preservo

Material Safety Data Sheet

  • Argon
  • Liquid Argon
  • Forming Gas Argon
  • Argon, compressed
  • Gaseous Argon
  • Argoshield Light
  • Argoshield 25C

Market and Grades

  • Specialty Gases Industry Well Represented at Pittcon’s 50th Anniversary Conference
  • Gas prices rising higher than ever
  • Holox Ltd Initiates Efficiencies To Meet Southeastern Gases Market
  • Purity Specifications
  • Instrument Grade Pure Gases
  • Cardiac Arrest Associated with the use of an argon beam coagulator during Laparoscopic Cholecystectomy
  • Electron Mobility in Dense argon Gas at several
  • Field-Portable Gas Chromatograph
  • A new gas-medium, high-pressure and high-temperature deformation apparatus at AIST
  • Staying report in NIMS X-ray laboratory
  • Cryoablation of Early-Stage Breast Cancer
  • Ten-femtosecond laser pulse compression apparatus for Astra target areas
Suppliers  and Buyers
  • Argon gas Suppliers Directory
  • Argon Suppliers
  • Directory of Argon Gas Suppliers
  • Exporters of Argon gas
  • Trade Leads of Argon Gas
  • Argon Gas Buyers List

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