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  • A carbonated beverage is a beverage that contains the characteristic of carbonation.
  • Carbonation creates bubbles and fizzing in a carbonated beverage due to the presence of the carbon dioxide gas and it occurs both naturally and artificially.
  • Carbonated beverages include spring water, beer and soda, or "pop." From the time carbonated soft drinks first began to be made, carbon dioxide has been used to make them bubble.
  • The Process of Water purification and dearation : Mixing of water, flavor concentrates and sweeteners in large mixing tanks. Addition of carbon dioxide to the drink mixture is performed in a “carbo-cooler”.
  • The drink mixture is cooled to under 40 F, often using ammonia refrigeration, and then the pressurized carbon dioxide is injected into the liquid to near saturation level
  • Club Soda is used to clean alocohol-beer, blood, chocolate, coke, tea, coffee, flood damage, fruit-juice-jelly, glue, gum, grease-oil, ink, milk, mud, nail polish, paint, rust, shoe-polish, vomit.
  • When club soda is fed to green plants it will grow faster than ordinary tap water.
  • Club Soda is also used to increase algae growth
  • The goal is to evaluate a bicarbonate of soda depainting technology that uses sodium bicarbonate-based blasting media to replace chemical solvents, such as trichloroethylene (TCE), for stripping paints from aircraft wheels.
  • Spontaneous water imbibition and the effects of including CO2 into the water being imbibed were studied using MRI techniques.
  • The Canadian industry is a growing competitive force in the global market due in part to an abundant supply of freshwater.
  • Canada's 75 bottling firms have received international accolades for the high quality of their products. Manufacturers and importers of bottled water are inspected and monitored by the Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) to help ensure that their products are safe and wholesome.
  • Carbonated soft drink (CSD) consumption remained flat at 88.6 billion units per year, while packaged beer sales increased by only 4% in 3 years—about the same rate as population growth.
  • The number of beer cans and bottles sold in 2005 was 62 billion, up only slightly from the 59.7 billion units sold in 2002.
General Information
  • Calories in Club Soda
  • What is a Carbonated Beverage?
  • Carbonated water in Soft Drinks
  • Club soda
  • Water
  • Carbonated water

Company Profile & Products

  • Company from Thailand
  • Global Manufacturer of Club Soda
  • Brio soda-water product
  • Branded Soft drinks Products
  • Alcohol status of Britvic Soft Drinks Products


  • Consultant from Syria
  • Consultant from New York
  • Consultant from Georgia
  • Consultant from India
  • Indian Consultant from Maharashtra
  • Consultant from United Kingdom

Production Process

  • Why does champagne bubble?
  • Carbonated Water Flooding
  • Schematic of a system to produce soda-water integrated into a kitchen-sink
  • Energy Conservation Opportunities in Carbonated Soft Drink Canning/Bottling Facilities
  • Bottled Water Processing


  • Carpet Cleaning Tips
  • The Effect of Carbonated Water on Green Plants
  • The "Club Soda Formula"
  • The Influence of Carbon Dioxide on Algae Growth


  • Bicarbonate of Soda Blasting Technology for Aircraft Wheel Depainting
  • Revolutionary Carbonator with Proven Energizer Technology
  • Studies of Carbonated Water Imbibitions Using MRI
  • Concepts for Soft Drink Manufacture - Process Technology
  • Aseptic Cold Filling ACF Technology – Dry Sterilization


  • Soft Drinks Production Plant
  • Automatic Bottling Plant in India
  • Carbonated Soft Drinks Processing Plant
  • Plant from Europe
  • Water Bottling Plant from California
  • Plant from Florida


  • Apparatus for Manufacturing Carbonated Water
  • Carbonated and non-carbonated water source and water pressure booster
  • Carbonated Water Produced by Diamond Vapourization
  • Syphons Adapted to Contain and Dispense Soda Water
  • Carbonation system and method
  • Tankless Beverage Water Carbonation Process and Apparatus

Rules and Regulation

  • Rules and Regulation for Bottled Water
  • Regulation Merger Procedure
  • Regulation Relating to Soda Water and Non Alcoholic Beverages; Standard of Identity; Sanitation Plant; Facilities; Labeling
  • Soft Drink Tax Regulation
  • Current Drinking Water Regulations and Standards

Market & Report

  • Canadian Bottled Water Industry
  • Computing Appropriate Representations for Multidimensional Data
  • Fact Sheets on Hungary
  • Pepsi’s Strategy in the Carbonated Soft Drinks Market
  • Carbonated drinks
  • Food Products Market
  • Govt urged to look at carbonated water issue
  • The growth of non-carbonated beverages in the United States

Machinery Suppliers

  • Fully automatic carbonator Supplier from England
  • Soda water filling line Supplier from China
  • Soda-Club Equipment Supplier from California
  • Club Soda Machines from India
  • Soda water mixer Supplier from China.
  • Carbonated Water Machinery Supplier from China


  • Supplier from India
  • Supplier from China
  • Soda Water Suppliers
  • Selling Leads of Club Soda

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