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  • Dyes and dyestuffs are available for applications on different types of materials like textile, paper as well as for painting and printing. Different types of the same material like different types of fabrics require dyes of different composition to colour them.
  • Different varieties of dyes are available in the market like sun dyes and transfer dyes, landscape dyes and many more. One can find all these different types of dyes with dyes and dyestuffs manufacturers.
  • The preparation and use of dyestuffs is one of the oldest of human activities, as evidenced by the unearthing of ancient fabrics at archeological sites, as well as accounts in the Bible and works of classical antiquity. A range of synthetic dyestuffs appears in Britain and France.
  • Unmodified polyester fibres can only be dyed with disperse dyestuffs either with the aid of carriers at 100oC (no longer desirable due to environmental limitations), or at elevated temperatures (130oC for the exhaustion processes and 210oC for the thermosol processes).
  • The use of Eastman Kodak ChromagramŽ2 sheet for the separation of the various dyestuffs used in the compounding of inks which has developed into one of the more useful techniques for the identification of inks. Both silica gel and cellulose ChromagramŽ sheets are now commonly used with a variety of eluent systems.
  • The dyestuffs from three groups of visually similar wool samples (12 reds, 18 blues, and 12 blacks) have been characterized by five different methods. Mounted fibers were examined nondestructively with white light microscopy, UV fluorescence microscopy, and micro spectrophotometry; after dye extraction, solution spectrophotometry and thin-layer chromatography were used.
  • Chemical Industry is an important constituent of the Indian economy. Its size is estimated at around US$ 35 billion approx., which is equivalent to about 3% of India's GDP. The total investment in Indian Chemical Sector is approx. US$ 60 billion and total employment generated is about 1 million. The Indian Chemical sector accounts for 13-14% of total exports and 8-9% of total imports of the country.
  • Chemical industry in India is amongst the largest globally and ranks 6th worldwide and 3rd across Asia. Closure of a number of manufacturing units in the developed nations due to stringent environmental regulations has led to further growth of the dyestuff industry in India. Textile constitutes the major proportion of demand for dyestuff; however, requirements from other manufacturing sectors such as paints, paper and leather has given the market further impetus
General Information
  • About the Dyes & Dyestuffs heading in Yellow Pages
  • A Brief history of natural Dyestuffs and Dyeing
  • Coal tar Dyestuff
  • A History Of The International Dyestuff Industry
  • Pigments and Dyestuffs
  • Dyestuffs

Company Profiles & MSDS

  • Company from Ahmedabad
  • Company from Brazil
  • Company from India 1
  • Company from India 2
  • Company from Mumbai
  • Company from North Carolina
  • Company from Switzerland
  • Classic Company
  • Process Black Anodized Coating Dye


  • Consultant from World Wide
  • Consultant from India
  • Consultant from Mumbai
  • Consultant from New York
  • Global Consultant


  • Synthesis and Characterization of Some Monoazo Disperse
    Dyestuffs Based on Naphthalimide Derivatives for Dyeing of Polyester Fabrics
  • Introduction to Green Chemistry, Organic Synthesis and Pharmaceuticals
  • Investigation of Synthesis and Dyeing Properties of Some Azonaphthalimide Disperse Dyestuffs for the Dyeing of
    Polyester Fibres
  • Synthesis, characterisation and application of some new hot brand bisazo reactive dyes on various fibers
  • Synthesis of Polyaluminum Chloride for Decolorizing
    Dyestuffs Wastewater


  • Action of Dyestuffs on Enzymes.
  • Chemical Analysis of plant Dyestuffs used in textiles from ancient israel.
  • Dyestuff used for cotton & wool procedures, uses and properties that can be expected.
  • The Use of Reactive Dyestuffs in Enzymology: New Substrates
    for Cellulolytic Enzymes
  • The Application of the neolan Dyestuff in wool and silk printing
  • A Study of the retention of Dyestuff on paper making fibers under various conditions


Turnkey Plant & Machinery
  • Plant from Germany
  • Plant from Gujarat
  • Plant from Mumbai
  • Plant from Pune
  • Plant from Thailand
  • An automatic solution making device for quality control of dyestuffs: design philosophy and implementation
  • Machinery Suppliers from India


  • Agricultural residue anion exchanger for removal of dyestuff from wastewater using full factorial design
  • Analysis of Reactive Dyestuffs and Their Hydrolysis by Capillary Electrophoresis
  • The Characterization of Dyestuffs on Wool Fibers
    with Special Reference to Microspectrophotometry
  • Identification of natural Dyestuff in old textiles : Application of TLC-IR techniques
  • Potentiometric study of the flavins
  • Purification of the Natural Dyestuff Extracted from Mango Bark for the Application on Protein Fibres
  • Technique for the Separation of Ink Dyestuffs with Similar RF Values


  • Dyestuffs
  • Dyestuff mixtures
  • Dyestuff refining system
  • Water soluble direct black polyazo dyestuffs mixture
  • Dyestuff formulations
  • Disperse phenylazophenylazobarbituric acid dyestuffs


  • Dyestuff in Levacell Fast Blue
  • Ecofriendly dyes from colourtex & related topics on ecology in textiles
  • Novel Dyestuff containing Dicyanomethylidene groups.
  • A novel reactive dyestuff range with excellent color yield in Continuous and Cold Pad-Batch dyeing
  • The safe handling and storage of aniline Dyestuff


  • Chinese Dyestuff Industry
  • Growth in the textile industry to boost Dyestuff Market in India, finds
  • Working group on indian chemical industry


  • Dyestuff Suppliers
  • Dyestuff Chine Suppliers
  • Dyestuff Selling leads
  • Dyestuff Exporters
  • Dyestuff Manufacturer & Suppliers


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