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  • Fatty acid is a carboxylic acid with a long unbranched aliphatic tail (chain), which is either saturated or unsaturated.
  • Fatty acids are merely carboxylic acids with long hydrocarbon chains. The hydrocarbon chain length may vary from 10-30 carbons.
  • Fatty acids are the building blocks that, with proper selection and application of oleochemistry, are converted to higher valued products.
  • Fatty acids act as building blocks of lipids. In general, they contain even numbers of carbon atoms in straight chains ,although the synthases can also produce odd- and branched chain fatty acids to some extent when supplied with the appropriate precursors; other substituent groups, including double bonds, are normally incorporated into the aliphatic chain later by different enzyme systems .
  • The principal raw materials from which the natural fatty acids are derived are tallow, crude tall oil, coconut, palm kernel, and soybean oils.
  • Fatty acids are present in fats and oils as glycerides or esters of glycerol except in sperm oil, where some of the fatty acids are esterified with fatty alcohols, mainly cetyl alcohol. The fatty acids are released by hydrolyzing ester linkage.
  • The natural fatty acids are generally aliphatic compounds with a carboxyl group at the end of a straight carbon chain.
  • Coconut oil is well positioned because it has the unique advantage of having its fatty acid composition falling within the carbon chain spectrum highly desired by the oleochemical industry where the C12 and C14 fatty acid fractions are sought after.
  • Fatty acid methyl ester is the starting material for the production of fatty alcohol and is processed to an active substance in sulfation/ sulfonation plants.
  • Fatty acids are used as starting materials for soaps, medium-chain triglycerides, polyol esters, alkanolamides, and many more.
  • The fatty acids produced from the various fat-splitting processes are purified and separated into fractions or even individual fatty acids by distillation and fractionation.
  • Natural oils, such as palm oil, and rapeseed oil are good raw materials from which fatty acids can be produced. The production of fatty acids will, therefore, be based on imported palm oil which is much cheaper than the locally available rape seed oil.
  • There are two basic types of processes for the splitting (or hydrolysis) of natural oils to produce fatty acids. These are batch and continuous processes.
  • There are two basic types of processes for the splitting (or hydrolysis) of natural oils to produce fatty acids. These are batch and continuous processes.
  • Fatty acids are also important raw materials in the production of higher alcohols and synthetic surfactants.
  • The world production of fatty acids from the hydrolysis of natural fats and oils totaled about 4 million metric tons per year. Fatty acids are ultimately consumed in a wide variety of end-use industries (rubber, plastics, detergents...).
  • The future demand for fatty acid depends mainly on the growth of end user industries. Hence, future demand for the product is contingent upon growth of the national economy, especially the manufacturing sector.
  • Fatty acid demand is expected to continue to be strong , fuelled by growth in consumer products such as cosmetics and plastics. Prices of fatty acids in Asia are dependent on feedstock palm kernel, palm stearin and crude palm oil prices and tend to follow the price trends of these raw materials.
  • The rubber industry consumes large quantities of fatty acids. Mostly, saturated fatty acids are used as activators, accelerators and softening agents.
  • The textile industry uses fairly large quantities of fatty acids, largely in the form of derivatives
  • Fatty Acid Basic Info
  • Essential Fatty Acid General Information
  • Fatty Acid Classification
  • Potassium Salts of Fatty Acids - Fact Sheet
  • Omega-3 fatty acids
  • Fatty Acid Chemical Information
  • Fatty acid Information

Company Profiles

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  • Consultancy from USA
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  • Fatty Acids
  • Hydrogenated Tallow fatty acid
  • Essential Fatty Acid Shampoo
  • UNIDYME - Fatty Acid
  • Epox Soya Fatty acid ester
  • Fatty Acid Amide Hydrolase Polyclonal Antibody
  • Soya Fatty Acid
  • Fatty Acid Methyl Esters
  • Fatty Acid Ester Blend
  • Long chain fatty acid methyl ester mix
  • Fractionated coconut Oil - Fatty acid ester
  • Tallow Fatty Acid


  • Baycol - Fatty acid-modified polyester polyol
  • Free Fatty Acid Assay Kit
  • Coconut Fatty Acid
  • DEPA - omega-3 fatty acids
  • Rheoboost - fatty acid blend
  • Anti-Fatty Acid Binding Protein
  • Octadecenoic acid
  • MetaPath Fatty Acid Oxidation
  • Split Coconut Oil Fatty Acid
  • Distilled Soya Fatty Acid
  • Tall Oil Fatty Acid


  • Profile on Production of Fatty Acid
  • Project Profile on Castor Oil Derivatives
  • Fatty acid ethyl esters
  • A Cooperative Relationship between Cyanobacteria and Escherichia Coli for the production of biofuels
  • Multi Product Sulfonation plant


  • Glycerin Market Analysis -Fatty Acid
  • Fatty Acid Profile of Edible oils and fats in India
  • Oils and Fats-based Surfactants
    China Offers Enormous Market Opportunities
  • Bleak outlook for European fatty acids market - Oleon
  • Fatty Acids - Fractionated (Asia Pacific)
  • Esterification of fatty acids
  • Palm oil outlook positive in Asia
  • Fatty acid and glycerin prices could rebound in 2009 after big declines


  • Fatty Acid - Analysis of Foods for Nutritional Needs
  • Avesthagen introduces first-in-class vegetarian DHA omega 3 essential fatty acid.
  • Evaluation of fatty acid profile
  • Fats and fatty acids in human nutrition
  • Fatty Acid Dimers and Trimer
  • Trends in the trans-fatty acid composition of the diet
    in a metropolitan area


  • Mechanisms of Fatty Acid Toxicity for Yeast
  • Comparative toxicity of fatty acids on a macrophage cell line
  • Expression of fatty acid binding proteins inhibits lipid accumulation and alters toxicity in L cell fibroblasts
  • Unsaturated fatty acid : Nutritionally essentially or toxic
  • Toxicity of unsaturated fatty acids to the biohydro- genating ruminal bacterium, Butyrivibrio fibrisolvens

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  • Fatty Acids for Chemical Specialties
  • Fatty Acid in Soap and Detergent manufacture
  • Fats and oils as oleochemical raw materials
  • Modulation of Inflammation and Cytokine Production by Dietary (n-3) Fatty Acids
  • Surfactant Types and Use
  • Use of a micro-encapsulated eucalyptus-medium chain fatty acid product as an alternative to zinc oxide and antibiotics for weaned pigs
  • New application of fatty acids in pig nutrition

Production & Process

  • Fatty Acids and Derivatives
    from Coconut Oil
  • Continuous process for the production of fatty acid methyl esters in a falling liquid film reactor
  • Fatty acid production in genetically modified cyanobacteria
  • Enzymatic production of sugar fatty acid esters
  • Growth and fatty acid production of thraustochytrids from Panay mangroves, Philippines
  • Fatty acids ethyl esters from rice bran oil by in-situ esterification as a biodiesel fuel
  • Microbial production of fatty-acid-derived fuels and chemicals from plant biomass
  • Fatty acid production by four strains of Mucor hiemalis grown in plant oil and soluble carbohydrates
  • Polyunsaturated fatty acids production by Schizochytrium sp. isolated from mangrove
  • Preliminary Studies for Production of Fatty Acids from Hydrolysis of Cooking Palm Oil Using C. rugosa Lipase
  • Saturated Fatty Alcohols
  • Producing Omega-3 Polyunsaturated Fatty Acids from Biodiesel Waste Glycerol by
    Microalgae Fermentation
  • Production of Polyunsaturated Fatty Acids in Transgenic Plants
  • Short-Chain Fatty Acid Production from Mono- and Disaccharides in a Fecal Incubation System
  • Toward understanding the mechanism of improving the production of volatile fatty acids from activated sludge
  • Volatile Fatty Acids production by anaerobic fermentation of urban organic waste
  • Production of fatty acids & glycerine starting from vegetable & animal oil and fats


  • Fatty acid synthase
  • Fatty Acid Biosynthesis
  • Fatty acid synthesis by isolated leucoplasts from developing
    Brassica seeds
  • Fatty Acid Synthesis as a Target for Antimalarial Drug Discovery
  • Fatty acid synthesis in eukaryotes
  • Strategy for Fatty Acid Biosynthesis
  • Genetic dissection of polyunsaturated fatty acid
    synthesis in Caenorhabditis elegans
  • Long Chain Fatty Acid
    Synthesis in Germinating Peas
  • Michondria in fatty acid degradation and synthesis
  • Regulation of fatty acid synthesis
  • Repertoire of Desaturases for Unsaturated Fatty Acid Synthesis in 397 Genomes
  • Fatty Acid Synthesis by
    Elongases in Trypanosomes
  • Biosynthesis of Fatty acid
  • Fatty acid Synthesis overview
  • Synthesis of fatty acid


  • Refining of Fatty Acid
  • Fatty acid halide manufacture
  • Fatty acid composition
  • Fatty acid terminated polyanhydride
  • Modified polyunsaturated fatty acids
  • Fatty acid isomerisation
  • Polymerization of fatty acids
  • Fatty acid fractionation for polyunsaturated fatty acid fraction enrichment
  • Antibacterial fatty acid compositions
  • Fatty acid analogs
  • Method for purifying fatty acids
  • Fatty acid-based herbicidal composition
  • Method for producing a fatty acid
  • Synthesis of polyconjugated fatty acids
  • Process for separating fatty acids


  • Fatty Acid Technology
  • Novel Fatty Acid Elongation Components and Uses Thereof
  • Biodiesel production from crude Jatropha curcas L. seed oil with a
    high content of free fatty acids
  • Comparison of Techniques to Determine the Clearance of Ruminal Volatile Fatty Acids
  • Evaluation of Extraction Methods for Recovery of Fatty Acids from Marine Products
  • Impact of cocoa processing technologies in free fatty
    acids formation in stored raw cocoa beans
  • Some new methods for separation and analysis of fatty acids and other lipids
  • Fatty Acid separation technique


  • Suppliers for Fatty Acid
  • Bulk chemical Supplier List
  • Indian Fatty acid Manufacturers
  • Fatty Acid Suppliers
  • Supplier list for Fatty Acid
  • Fatty acid Manufacturers and Suppliers


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