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  • A foundry is a factory which produces metal castings from either ferrous or non-ferrous alloys.
  • Metals are turned into parts by melting the metal into a liquid, pouring the metal in a mold, and then removing the mold material or casting.
  • The people who work in the foundry making molds and pouring castings traditionally worked moving sand extensively, and thus were affectionately called sandrats.
  • Iron and steel parts are typically formed by the sand casting method; aluminum and other non-ferrous metals are typically formed by the die cast method.
    Sand casting utilizes a pattern molded from a mixture of sand, clay, and binder often called "green sands" and Die casting is often used to mold smaller metal parts such as transmission or compressor casings.
  • A general process at a green sand foundry shows two main streams: one for metal and another for sand. Metal goes from stockyard, through melting, holding and pouring. Sand goes through green sand preparation, core manufacture up to moulding lines. There metal and sand get together when molten metal is poured and allowed to solidify and cool, in order to shape it as a casting.
  • The fly ash could be utilized as a replacement and filler in foundry sands used for molds and core production. The fly ash was more suitable than ferrous applications due to the high pouring temperature. All types of ash were suitable for molds and core making for many non ferrous metals such as, Cu-, Al- and Zn- based alloys.
  • Phenol is used to produce Phenol formaldehyde condensation resins, which are used in many different applications, such as: Plywood, particle board and insulation materials for the construction industry, Moulds in the foundry industry, Adhesives, Furniture manufacturing.
  • Foundry sand is high quality silica sand that is a byproduct from the production of both ferrous and nonferrous metal castings.
  • Metal foundries use large amounts of sand as part of the metal casting process. Foundries successfully recycle and reuse the sand many times in a foundry. When the sand can no longer be reused in the foundry, it is removed from the foundry and is termed “foundry sand.”
  • Manufacturing techniques have been developed over several decades that allow control over the macro & microstructure of the materials to produce several important material effects. Three forming techniques dominate – ribforming, rollerforming and isopressing. Each gives different structural features in a crucible.
  •  Rib and rollerforming techniques impart shearing effects on the material which orient the graphite along a designated direction.
  • The largest volume of foundry sand is used in geotechnical applications, such as embankments, site development fills and road bases.
  • The 3,000 foundries in the United States generate 6 million to 10 million tons of foundry sand per year.
  • Currently, approximately 500,000 to 700,000 tons of foundry sand are used annually in engineering applications.
  • India’s ability to produce almost any type of casting at any quality level, at a competitive price, together with its annual capacity of 7.5 million metric tons, makes it a world leading outsourcing destination for casting products.
General & Process
  • Description about Foundry Chemicals
  • Process measures implemented into an IPPC nodular iron Foundry, large series automotive casting producer, to increase energy efficiency use
  • Chemical Binder Management In Foundries
  • Pre-Assembly Manufacturing Processes of Foundry Chemicals
  • Production Process of Foundry Chemicals
  • Foundry Process

Company Profile

  • Company from Pune
  • Company from Ahmedabad
  • Company from Columbus
  • Company from Coimbatore
  • Company from Mumbai
  • Company from Chennai


  • Consultant from Michigan
  • Expert in Foundry technology
  • Consultant from Texas
  • Consultant from India
  • Consultant from Woodbridge
  • Consultant from Australia
  • Consultant from Middleburg Heights


  • Commercialization demonstration for production Foundry molds made from CCB's for high volume automotive applications
  • General permit beneficial use of Foundry sand
  • Phenol Processes and Applications
  • Foundry Sand Facts for Civil Engineers


  • Silicon nitrate based ceramics for foundry application
  • The fundamentals of Foundry crucible technology
  • Concept for the Reduction of SF6 Emissions in Magnesium Foundries
  • Sand & Molding Technology


  • Foundry Binder
  • Foundry Binder and process
  • Chemical binder
  • Method for controlling the collapsibility of Foundry molds 
  • Method to improve humidity resistance of phenolic urethane Foundry binders
  • Foundry binder of polyurethane, phenolic resin, polyisocyanate and epoxy resin
  • Method for the preparation of Foundry sand compositions


  • Geelong Foundry Sands Project
  • Dyes for textile industry
  • Heavy Casting of Grey Cast Iron


  • Plant in Taiwan
  • Plant in New Delhi
  • Plant in Pakistan
  • Plant in Iran
  • Plant in Griffith


  • Benzene
  • Formaldehyde
  • Naphthalene
  • Phenol
  • Xylene
  • Afcimol
  • Products information
  • Grades for Aluminium
  • Foundry Chemical Products
  • Products of Foundry Chemicals

Material Safety Data Sheet

  • Aluminim alloy MSDS
  • Limestone Rock Asphalt MSDS
  • Multi use thermocouple MSDS
  • Graphite Products MSDS
  • Foundry Coke

Market &^Report

  • Silica sand market
  • Silicon market
  • Foundry Products competitive conditions in the U.S. market
  • The impact of chrome ore exports on the local ferrochrome industry
  • Occupational lung disease in ferrous foundry workers
  • Economic Impact Analysis of Proposed Iron and Steel Foundries
  • Reach in the Foundry Industry
  • Romanian Foundry market


  • Manufacturers and exporters of Foundry Chemicals
  • Foundry Chemicals Trade Leads
  • Foundry Chemicals Manufacturers & Suppliers
  • Manufacturers and suppliers of Foundry chemicals
  • Manufacturers and distributors of Foundry Chemicals
  • Selling leads of Foundry Chemicals

Chemical Suppliers

  • Bakelite Manufacturers and suppliers
  • Bentonite Suppliers
  • Manufactures and Exporters of  Benzene
  • Manufacturers and Suppliers of Formaldehyde
  • Trade leads of naphthalene
  • Phenol Manufacturers & Suppliers
  • Manufacturers and Suppliers of Foundry Resins
  • Manufacturers and Suppliers of Sodium Silicate
  • Suppliers of Toluene
  • Xylene Supplier in New Delhi


  • Molecular Foundry EH&S Policy and Procedure Statement
  • Non rule policy for use of Foundry Sand in Land Application and as a Soil Amendment
  • Policy of Ashland Chemical Company Foundry Products Division
  • NRDC policy
  • Self audit policy rule
  • Minimizing of industrial hazardous wastes trends and policy instruments
  • Self audit policy rule
  • Hazardous air pollutant emission standards for iron and steel foundries

Guides & Safety

  • Basic Environment,Health & Safety Guidelines for Foundries
  • Health and safety guide to Foundries
  • Used foundry sand guidelines
  • Industry Guide for Foundries
  • General Safety for Foundries
  • Six Foundry Chemicals and Their Effects on Human Health
  • Flammable Gas and Vapor Hazards in the Foundry Industry

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