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  • Gallium is a chemical element that has the symbol Ga and atomic number 31.
  • A soft silvery metallic poor metal, gallium is a brittle solid at low temperatures but liquefies slightly above room temperature and will melt in the hand.
  • It occurs in trace amounts in bauxite and zinc ores.
  • Gallium does not exist in free form in nature, nor do any high-gallium minerals exist to serve as a primary source of extraction of the element or its compounds.
  • Gallium melts near room temperature and has one of the largest liquid ranges of any metal, so it has found use in high temperature thermometers.
  • Most gallium is extracted from the crude aluminium hydroxide solution of the Bayer process for producing alumina and aluminium.
  • An important application is in the compounds gallium nitride and gallium arsenide, used as a semiconductor, most notably in light-emitting diodes (LEDs)
  • Gallium has been used as a component in low-melting alloys for signal devices.
  • Liquid gallium reflects 88% of incident light, the solid metal - just slightly less, so gallium is very useful in mirrors production, the glass surface of which may be just brushed by gallium.
  • The widebandgap semiconductor families, which include GaN, silicon carbide (SiC) and diamond, have long been touted for their potential superior performance in high-frequency and/or high-power applications.
  • Gallium compound is used in the production of several electronic parts such as diodes and transistors, made for voltage rectification, signal amplification, etc.
  • The pyrolysis of organometallic precursors has already been demonstrated to be a powerful route to the synthesis of nanotubes and filled nanotubes.
  • Solvent extraction is a very effective method for the separation and concentration of metal cations, including the Group 13 metals, in solution.
  • As a crystallographic approach to evaluate the extraction mechanism of Ga3+ with H3tdmba and the chemical structure of the extracted Ga3+, crystal structure of H3tdmba4 was analyzed by using X-ray crystallography.
  • The average coordination number for a-GaN is thus calculated to be 3.43, slightly less than the value of 4.00 for crystalline GaN.
  • A solvent extraction process based on aqueous nitric acid and organic tri-butyl phosphate (TBP) has been suggested as a fully developed method for separating gallium from the plutonium.
  • The market forecast for both gallium nitride based optoelectronic and electronic devices is projected to grow to nearly $1.3 billion in 2004, and to more than $4.8 billion in 2009, compared with $420 million in 1999.
  • GaN-based blue LEDs by Nichia and Toyoda Gosei in late 1993, a robust worldwide market for these devices has developed.
  • In a little over six years, the market has grown from virtually nothing to $420 million in 1999.
  • Blue laser diodes will begin to be used in high-density DVD drives in 2002 and to capture a large share of the optical storage market in subsequent years.
  • The electronic device market is forecast to begin in 2002 with modest shipments of RF/microwave and high-temperature devices, and to expand in subsequent years to include power switches, power rectifiers and high-voltage rectifiers.  
  • Gallium
  • Gallium Element
  • History Of Gallium
  • Gallium Properties
  • Visual Element-Gallium
  • Gallium - Ga
  • Gallium element facts


  • Gallium Applications
  • The application of ion implantation doping to gallium nitride for high performance electronic devices
  • Gallium arsenide photodetectors for imaging in the far ultraviolet region
  • Application Of Gallium
  • Gallium lanthanum sulphide optical fibre for active and passive applications
  • Gallium nitrideelectronic devices for high power wireless applications
  • Development of Gallium Nitride PhotoconductiveDetectors
  • Physical Properties Of Lanthenum Gallium Tantalate Crystals For High-Temperature Application


  • Gallium Nitride High Electron MobilityTransistor (GaN-HEMT) Technology forHigh Gain and Highly Efficient PowerAmplifiers
  • Role of Gallium Arsenide Laser Irradiation at 890 nm as an Adjunctive to Anti-tuberculosis Drugs in the Treatment of
    Pulmonary Tuberculosis
  • Gallium Nitride & Related Wide
    Bandgap Materials and Devices
  • Gallium Nitride (GaN)High Power Transistors
  • Indium Gallium Arsenide SWIR DetectorTechnology for Low Light Level and Eye-Safe Range-Gated Imaging

Synthesis & Extraction

  • Formation and Characterisation ofAmorphous Gallium Nitride
  • Conceptual Design For Separation Of Plutonium & Gallium By Solvent Extraction
  • Pyrolysis approach to the synthesis of gallium nitride nanorods
  • Synthesis and Structure of trans-Dichloro-tetra(pyrazole)-gallium(III)Chloride and Tetrachlorogallate(III)
  • Selective Extraction of Gallium(III) Using Tris(2-hydroxy-3,5-
  • Synthesis of Gallium Oxide Nanostructures and Their Structural Properties

Company & Consultant

  • Company From China
  • Company From United States
  • Consultant From United States
  • Consultant From New York
  • Consultant From United States
  • Consultant From England
  • Consultant From England


  • Production Viability Of Gallium Doped Mono-Crystalline Solar Cells
  • Production Of Gallium In2002
  • Production Of Gallium In2003
  • Production Of Gallium In2004
  • Gallium Production In 2005
  • Gallium Production In 2006


  • Gallium Manufacturers & Suppliers
  • Gallium Manufacturers, Exporters & Suppliers
  • Gallium Manufacturers, Importers & Suppliers
  • Gallium Manufacturers & Suppliers
  • Gallium Manufacturers & Suppliers

Commodity Report

  • Production Of Gallium In 2004
  • Production Of Gallium In 2005
  • Production Of Gallium In 2006
  • Production Of Gallium In 2007
  • Production Of Gallium In 2008


  • Gallium Nitride Nanowire Growth and FET Devices Fabrication
  • Gallium Zeolites for Light Paraffin Aromatization
  • Synthesis of Gallium Oxide Nanowires by Chemical Vapor Deposition
  • Gallium Neutrino Observatory
  • Investigation into the crystal structure of
    gallium-selenide nanowires
  • New Gallium Phosphide grown by Vertical Gradient Freeze Method
    for Light Emitting Diodes (LEDs)
  • Thermally Induced Gallium Removal


  • Gallium Nitride Amplifiers
  • Gallium sesquioxide
  • Gallium Citrate Ga 67 Injection
  • Triethylgallium Gallium 
  •  Trimethylgallium Gallium


  • Gallium Nitride Market Poised for Robust Growth
  • The Gallium Nitride (GaN) Market: New Perspectives for Nitride Materials and Devices
  • Gallium arsenide (GaAs) IC market worth 2.9 billion in 2004
  • GaN RF Market Analysis
  • Gallium arsenide market to enjoy 12% CAGR
  • Gallium nitride device market poised for continued strong growth
  • Gallium nitride to impact wireless power amp market


  • Gallium-67 Detection of Occult Gastric Lymphoma in AIDS
  • Demand recovers after volatile period
  • Thymic Uptake of Gallium in a Patient with Unsuspected
  • Gallium Bone Scan in Myeiofibrosis
  • Gallium Uptake In Benign Tumor Of Liver
  • Gallium Arsenide Exposure Data
  • CT, MRI and gallium SPECT in the diagnosis and treatment of
    petrous apicitis presenting as multiple cranial neuropathies


  • Method For Vapor Phase Deposition Of Gallium Nitride Film
  • Method For Producing Gallium
  • Solvent Extraction Of Gallium From Acidic Solutions Containing Phosphorous
  • Method Of Fabricating Gallium Nitride Semiconductor Layers On Substrates Including Non-Gallium Nitride Posts & Gallium Nitride Semiconductor Structures Fabricated Thereby
  • Process For Extracting & Purifying Gallium From Bayer Liquors
  • Method Of Manufacturing Red Light-Emitting Gallium Phosphide Device
  • Recovery Of Gallium

Material Safety Data Sheet

  • Gallium Arsenide
  •  Gallium Trifluoride
  •  Gallium Iodide
  • Gallium Phosphide
  • Gallium Bromide
  • Gallium
  • Gallium isopropoxide
  • gallium nitride
  • Gallium III Chloride
  • Gallium
  • gallium oxide
  • Trimethyl Gallium

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