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  • Helium (He) is a colorless, odorless, tasteless, non-toxic, inert monatomic chemical element.
  • Helium is the least reactive noble gas, and thus also the least reactive of all elements; it is inert and monatomic in virtually all conditions.
  • Helium is the second lightest element and is the second most abundant in the observable Universe.
  •  Most helium was formed during the Big Bang, but new helium is being created as a result of the nuclear fusion of hydrogen in stars.
  • Crude helium is obtained from the Earth's crust in the course of pumping out natural gas.
  • But it's not found in every natural gas deposit, only those where the radioactive decay of nearby uranium has produced helium, and then only when certain other conditions are met.
  •  In the United States, it's obtained mainly from natural gas deposits.
  • Helium is a product whose market has continued to undergo rapid change from both a demand and supply perspective.
  • Currently natural gas is the only economic source of helium supply.
  • Many high technology industries have been developing new commercial applications, which depend on the unique physical properties of helium, thus leading to ever-increasing helium consumption and potentially accelerating the depletion of finite terrestrial helium resources.
  •  It is used in filling party balloons as it is a much safer gas (non-flammable).
  • It is widely used as an inert gas shield for arc welding.
  • It is high speed push gas inside air to air missiles for guidence corrections.
  • It is protective gas in growing silicon and germanium crystals, and in titanium and zirconium production.
  • It is cooling medium for nuclear reactors, helium won't become radioactive.
  • It is a mixture of 80% helium and 20% oxygen is used as an artificial atmosphere for divers and others working under pressure
    It is cryogenics and superconductivity.
  • Helium
  • General Information
  • Facts about helium
  • Helium
  • History Of The Helium
  • Helium Information
  • Helium: the essentials
  • Helium Gas
  • use your helium cylinder in safety
  • Helium Resources Of the united states
  • Helium Gas Turbine Conceptual Design by Genetic/Gradient Optimization
  • Helium
  • Characteristics of Helium
  • Power Saving of Large-Scaled Helium Compressor for Fusion Device
  • Helium Leak Detection Services
  • Experimental Study of the Permeation Process of Helium Gas through non-magnetic and electrical insulating Materials
  • Cooling of a Target by Helium Gas
  • Modelling Helium Markets
  • The Helium Market
  • The Helium Shortage
  • The helium potential of India
  • Helium Situation
  • Economics of the Helium Market
  • Supply of Helium
  • Helium In growth and Aging In Plutonium
  • Design study of Helium Compressor for a direct cycle gas cooled nuclear power plant
  • Helium Statistics 2007
  • Helium Statistics 2005
  • Helium Uses Rises
  • Helium Harder To Come
  • Simulation of helium gas cooled pebble bed reactor
  • Portable Helium Detector
  • Buffer-gas cooling of NH via the beam loaded buffer-gas method
  • Doubly Charged Helium
  • Vuv Photoionization of Superfluid Liquid Helium Droplets at the Als
  • Helium, compressed
  • Helium Gas
  • Helium
  • Helium Refrigeretated
  • Helium
  • Safety Data For Helium
  • Chemical properties of helium
  • Helium Properties
  • Super fluid Helium
  • Helium Properties
  • Compact Superconducting magnet system free from liquid helium
  • Production of Crude Helium
  • Helium Process Cycle
  • Preparation Of Glass cell Containing Helium Of High Purity
  • Helium Oxygen Mixture with Therapeutic application
  • Ultra pure Helium
  • Helium Recovery
Company Profiles & Consultant
  • Company from Australia
  • Company from Korea
  • Helium Experts
  • Minerals 2006
  • Production In The Year 2003
  • Production In the Year 2004
  • Production In The year 2006
  • Production In the Year 2007
  • Suppliers Of  Helium
  • Helium Suppliers
  • Helium application
  • Helium Uses
  • Helium The Sun Gas
  • Medical Helium/Oxygen
  • Use of the Modular Helium Reactor for Hydrogen Production
  • Uses of Helium

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