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  • Methanol is the simplest alcohol, containing one carbon atom.
  •  It is a colorless, tasteless liquid with a very faint odor and is commonly known as "wood alcohol."
  • Methanol (CH3OH) is a colorless, odorless, slightly flammable liquid, also called methyl alcohol or wood alcohol.
  • Liquid methanol can be produced
    from just about anything containing carbon.
  • Potential sources include natural gas, coal, and biomass. Currently most methanol is produced from natural gas, or methane, using steam, pressure, and a catalyst.
  • The methanol molecule has a simple chemical structure, which leads to clean combustion; reports from emissions studies, however, vary more widely for methanol than for other fuels probably because of differences among fuel blends used across the country and because vehicles may not be optimized for using methanol.
  • Methanol, which is presently prepared from fossil-fuel-based syn-gas, can also be prepared by direct oxidative conversion of natural gas (methane) or reductive conversion of atmospheric carbon dioxide with hydrogen.
  • The bulk of methanol is processed into formaldehyde in order to produce plastic masses, urotropine, and carbamide resins.
  • Methane, a greenhouse gas, is also given off by decomposing vegetable matter in landfills another source that could be tapped for methanol
  • Methanol production growth may be also spurred by the introduction of new technologies implying the use of methanol to obtain gasoline and polymers.
  • A novel atmospheric methanol measurement technique, employing selective gas-phase catalytic conversion of methanol to formaldehyde followed
    by detection of the formaldehyde product, has been developed and tested.
  • In Russia, methanol is consumed mainly in the production of Formalin and synthetic rubbers, which account for 60-70% of total methanol use.
  • Polyfuel has picked a strategy of focusing on a core part of the fuel cell market: the membrane, where fuel and air are converted into electricity.
  • Methanol capacities in China and the Middle East are expected to double to 40 million tonnes per annum.
  • In Iran, the increased supply from the 1.65m tonne/year Zagross facility has dampened market sentiment and put downward pressure on methanol values.
  • Methanol has many uses including solvent, antifreeze, deicer, fuel and chemical reactant.
  • The largest use for methanol is in the manufacture of formaldehyde.
    It is also used in the manufacture of other chemicals and plastics.
  • Methanol serves as a fuel for auto racing, railroad car and truck heaters, lamps, and lighters, as well as being a denaturant for ethyl alcohol.
  • It has excellent solvent properties and can be used as a replacement for ethanol or isopropanol in many applications.
  • Methanol
  • Methanol Properties
  • Methanol Basics
  • Methyl alcohol
  • Frequently Asked Questions About the Safe Handling & Use of Methanol
  • Frequently Asked Questions
  • General Information of Methanol
  • Information Of Methanol


  • Methanol The other Alchcol
  • The Methanol Economy
  • Methanol degradation in defined mixed cultures of thermophilic anaerobes in the  presence of sulfate
  • Development of Highly Efficient Methanol Synthesis Process with New Catalysts
  • Process Description
  • Extraction of Drugs from Animal Feeds Using Accelerated Solvent Extraction
  • Ultra sound Assisted Extraction of Compounds From Foods


  • Methanol Transportation Methanol Transportation Fuels
  • Methanol Market Services
  • World Methanol Market Acquires New Characteristics
  • Methanol Market & Tech
  • Polyfuel Enters Market with Methanol-Based Fuel Cell
  • Methanol Market Report


  • Methanol CH
  • Methanol
  • Lp Gas Methanol
  • Methanol
  • Blue Stain Reagent
  • Methanol


  • Suppliers Of Methanol
  • Methanol Manufacturers
  • Methanol Suppliers
  • Manufacturer Of Methanol


  • New Biomass-To-Methanol Process Could Compete For Tax Subsidies
  • Methanol Solutions
  • Liquid- Phase Methanol
  • Methanol Institute Offers Bio diesel Primer
  • Global Market Report
  • Necrosis of the Putamen Caused by Methanol Intoxication MR Findings

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  • Company From USA
  • Company From Texas
  • Company From Indonesia
  • Company From India
  • Company From Germany


  • Consultant From Australia
  • Consultant From India
  • Methanol Experts List
  • Consultant From US
  • Consultant From USA
  • Consultant From West Indies

  • Methanol Synthesis Catalyst & Method For Its Preparation
  • Methanol Production Process
  • Methanol Preparation Process
  • Method For The Treatment Of a Methanol Reforming Catalyst
  • Foliar Applied Methanol &  Nitrogen For Increased Productivity on Leguminous Plants


  • Enhancing Methanol Production by CO2 Injection
  • Methanol Production
  • Coal Mine Methane Use In Methanol Production
  • Methanol Production
  • The Production Of Methanol & Gasoline
  • The Technology Of Methanol Production With Mixture Of Natural Gas & Water

  • CT and MR Imaging Findings in Methanol Intoxication
  • MRI findings in methanol intoxication
  • Methanol Poisoning Overview
  • Methanol Safe Handling & Storage


  • Methanol, a Potentially Renewable Energy Resource
  • A new method for semi-continuous atmospheric methanol measurements and its application to measure soil-atmosphere methanol exchange
  • About Methanol
  • Using Methanol in Propane
  • Which Industries Use This Chemical
  • Methanol Concentration Sensors Fuel DMFC Use in Mobile


  • Atmospheric methanol measurement using selective catalytic methanol to formaldehyde conversion
  • An Efficacious Technique for the Extraction of Bound Pesticide Residues from Soil and Plant Samples
  • Investigation of Methanol Oxidation Electrokinetics on Pt Using the Asymmetric Electrode Technique
  • Mechanistic investigations of the methanol-to-olefin (MTO) process on acidic zeolite catalysts by in situ solid-state NMR spectroscopy
  • Energy and economy savings in the process of methanol synthesis using Pinch technology
  • The Methanol Story: A Sustainable Fuel for the Future

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