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  • Netting materials used so far for mosquito nets have been polyester, polyethylene, nylon and cotton. Other materials such as polypropylene are currently developed and new materials or mixed fibres will be soon available.
  • Polyamide/nylon was once used for nets but has now been replaced by polyester. By comparison, it is easily soiled, attracts dust, is less UV resistant and deteriorates much faster than polyester.
  • The quality of nets is important since people do not want to use poor quality nets and good quality nets are more durable without being significantly more expensive.
  • Quality is even more important if the net has not been treated or retreated with insecticide. In such cases, a better quality net will provide better protection. If a net has been properly treated with a pyrethroid, the insecticide will make even a bad or holed net an effective tool.
  • Availability of an effective long-lasting insecticide treatment for netting materials that can last for the life-span of a net would be invaluable for a number of reasons, including: low treatment rates are the major obstacle facing ITN programmes in Africa; net users do not perceive the need for retreatment, the dipping procedure is not simple; insecticides are commonly unavailable or too expensive; treatment centres are not operational or unsustainable.
  • Nets are available in both 75 and 100 denier material. The nets are treated in a post-production stage using a new Bayer LLIN technology
    adapted from Bayer’s in-field treatment kit marketed under the brand name KO-Tab 123. This technology consists of Deltamethrin SC (WHO specification 333/SC)3 together with specially designed chemistry that binds the insecticide to the net, maintaining biological efficacy for over 21 washes.

    At the current cost, insurance, and freight  price of USD 2 for untreated nets, this corresponds to sales of USD 40 million for net manufacturers, distribution revenues within the private sector of USD 8 million, institutional expenditures of USD 56 million for nets and distribution, and USD 40 million of expenditures by households. These estimates do not include either insecticide costs, which would add another USD 0.80 per year per net, or reimpregnation campaign costs, which would add another USD 1.20 per year per net.
  • Mosquito Nets
  • Hammock Mosquito Net
  • Mosquito Netting
  • Netto Mosquito Net
  • Mosquito net & Insects proofing


  • Evaluation of bifenthrin treated mosquito nets against anopheline & culicine mosquitoes
  • Insecticides for Residual Spraying
  • Insecticide-treated nets in Africa
  • Netting Materials
  • Net Mark Long Lasting Insecticide   Treated Mosquito Nets
  • African Manufacturers for the Mechanized LLIN Treatment of Mosquito Nets


  • Mosquito Netting
  • Insecticide-treated Mosquito Nets and Curtains
  • Public Private Leads  To Breakthrough In Production Of LLINs
  • Technical Meeting on New and Transferable LLIN Technologies
  • New & Transferable Long Lasting Insecticide Treated Net 


  • Mosquito Nets Suppliers
  • Manufacturers Of Nets
  • Mosquito Net Manufacturers
  • Suppliers Of  Mosquito Nets
  • Mosquito Net Manufacturers & Suppliers
  • Manufacturers Of Mosquito Nets
  • Net Manufacturers
  • Net suppliers


  • Business plan for stimulating the development, manufacturing, and widespread distribution of long-lasting insecticidal nets
  • Business background
  • The Retail Market for Bed nets in Kenya
  • Supply and Demand Research for Insecticide Treated Nets
  • Summary Of Omni Bus Survey Data
  • Strategic Plan To Accelerate The Development Production & Distribution
  • Insecticide Treated Nets

 Company Profile

  • Company In Atlanta
  • Company In UK
  • Company In Thailand
  • Company In Bradenton
  • Company In Thailand
  • Company In USA
  • Company In North America


  • Quality control of mosquito insecticide treated nets as a preventive measure
  • Targeting Subsidies for Insecticide Treated Mosquito Nets
  • Technical consultation on specifications and quality control of netting materials and mosquito nets
  • The Democratic Republic Of Congo
  • Malaria Control Programme Ministry of Health Uganda

Raw Material Suppliers

  • Cotton Tape Manufacturers & Exporters
  • Lining Cloth Manufacturers
  • Nylon Net Manufacturers
  • Sewing Thread Manufacturers


  • Chikungunya WHO calls for the ‘net’ effect
  • Net Dipping & birth Registration Campaign
  • Insecticide-treated mosquito net interventions
  • Strengthening systems for distributing insecticide-treated mosquito nets in Zambia
  • East & Southern Africa Accelerating Malaria Prevention & Treatment
  • Summary Of Malaria Education Day & Mosquito Net Distribution In Mbita
  • Test Report
  • Report of the Fourth Meeting of the Global Collaboration for Development of Pesticides for  Public Health


  • Guidelines To Buying Mosquito Netting
  • Guidelines on the Use of Insecticide-treated Mosquito Nets for the Prevention and Control of Malaria in Africa


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