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  • Nitride is an advanced ceramic material with outstanding chemical and thermal properties.
  • Nitride is a compound of nitrogen with a less electronegative element where nitrogen has an oxidation state of -3.
  • The diamond like nitrides of aluminium, gallium and indium all have the wurtzite structure in which each atom occupies tetrahedral sites.
  • The ternary nitrides involving lithium were synthesized by reacting lithium nitride with the corresponding transition metal powder at high temperatures in flowing purified nitrogen. The products were mainly characterized by x-ray powder diffraction .
  • Silicon Nitride (Si3N4) is a relatively new member of the advanced ceramics family. It is used in many varied applications, but lends itself particularly to applications where high temperatures are involved.
  • Process optimization has been explored in order to minimize the adverse effects of high-density nitrides on the performance of devices and MMICs.
  • Nitride deposition with SiH4/NH3/N2 has been widely used in compound semiconductor industry.
  • Recent advances in nitride based white light sources and on electronic devices that can operate at high temperatures have enthused researchers to
    work more vigorously on different aspects of III–nitrides such as gallium nitride (GaN), indium nitride (InN) and aluminium nitride (AlN).
  • Low-temperature bis(tertiary-butylamino)silane (BTBAS) -based nitride spacers showed device performance improvement over Dichlorosilane (DCS) based nitride spacers.
  • Silicon nitride films when prepared by the pyrolytic deposition methods they deposited onto thin silicon dioxide films, have proven satisfactory for
    use as the gate dielectric of MOS transistors having a non-volatile memory storage effect.
  • An epoxy resin mixed with aluminum nitride (AlN) particles that have high thermal conductivity as an insulating material of all solid insulated
  • Boron nitride coatings are proven release agents for coating thimbles, transition plates and refractory linings of distribution troughs of DC casting
  • Silicon Nitrides Components are used for the whole production process of Aluminium parts
  • Ceramics based on binary oxides, carbides, nitrides, phosphates etc. have found industrial applications
  • The advantages of boron nitride used in cast house and foundry applications
  • A breakthrough technology has been announced by a company for the production of gallium-nitride (GaN) high electron mobility transistors (HEMT) which reduces GaN HEMT
    production costs to less than one-third that of conventional levels, thereby contributing to the realization of lower-cost GaN HEMT-based amplifiers.
  • Gallium Nitride etching techniques are used for GaN wet etching with good control and precision at room temperature, and at higher temperatures
  • Engine technology is the area likely to benefit most from future growth as reduced fuel consumption and reduced emission become ever stronger
  • Demand for aluminum nitride (AlN) substrates is increasing as a heat dissipating & insulation substrate for power modules used for inverters that control the turning of a motor and so on.The market of these substrates is expected to grow at about 7 to 10 percent annually, especially with the growth of hybrid cars in the auto industry field, and solar power generation and wind power generation in the energy field.
  • The largest market for silicon nitride components is in reciprocating diesel and spark ignited engines for combustion components and wear parts. Cost factors and the severe technological problems of mass producing complex ceramic components have limited growth, but the material has also
    met with design conservatism and concerns about the reliability of ceramic components.
General Information
  • Silicon Nitride  
  • Nitrides
  • About Nitrides
  • Silicon Nitride – An Overview

Company Profiles

  • Company from California
  • Company from Korea
  • Company from Japan
  • Company from US
  • US Company from Washington


  • Consultant from America
  • Consultant from London
  • Consultant from UK
  • Consultant from California
  • Nitride Semiconductor Expert


  • Issues in Scaling Production nitride MBE system
  • Plasma and nitrides: application to the nitriding of titanium
  • Introduction: production of transition metal nitrides and ion beam irradiation of nitride/semiconductor bilayers
  • Production and Characterization of Indium Oxide and Indium Nitride
  • Production of boron nitride by carbothermic and mechanochemical methods, and nanotube formation


  • A variable batch size DCS nitride process using low-temperature LPCVD
  • On the Development of High Density Nitrides for MMICs
  • Advanced Process Equipment for PECVD Silicon Nitride Deposition – an Experimental Study
  • Formation of Nitride Layers in the Nitrocarburizing of Engine Valves
  • Nitride Fuel Pyrochemical Process developments for transmutation of minor actinides
  • Mononitride U−Pu Mixed Fuel and its electrochemical reprocessing in molten salts
  • Progress in III–nitrides: Process issue and purity perspective
  • Process Manual For Pyrolitic Silicon Nitride Depositions
  • Improved Performance with low temperature Silicon Nitride spacer process


  • Application of Aluminum Nitride Spherical Nano-structured Composite Particles to Insulating Material of All Solid Insulated Transformer
  • Boron nitride Release Coatings
  • High Contact Stress Applications of Silicon Nitride in Modern Diesel Engines
  • Silicon nitride based Ceramics for foundry applications
  • Novel Nitrides as Sustainable Energy Materials
  • III-Nitride Semiconductors for Photovoltaic Applications
  • Ceramic based Nitrides in Industrial Applications


  • Fujitsu Develops Breakthrough Technology for Low-Cost Production of Gallium-Nitride HEMT
  • Investigation of Ternary Transition-Metal Nitride Systems by Reactive Cosputtering
  • Comparison of Different GaN Etching Techniques
  • Nanosize Nitride-Based Composite Powders Produced by ICP technique
  • Novel LPE Technique for the Growth of Dilute III-V-nitride materials
  • Recent advances in the chromium nitride PVD process for forming and machining surface protection
  • Substrates for epitaxy of gallium nitrides : New materials and techniques


  • Body coated with cubic boron nitride & method for manufacturing the same
  • Forming Improved Metal Nitrides
  • Method for Producing Refractory Nitrides
  • Multi-layer silicon nitride deposition method for forming low oxidation temperature thermally oxidized silicon nitride/silicon oxide (no) layer
  • Process for manufacturing a large grain tungsten nitride film and process for manufacturing a lightly nitrided titanium salicide diffusion barrier with a large grain tungsten nitride cover layer
  • Synthesis of tantalum nitride
  • Two-Step Nitride Deposition
  • High Crack Resistance Nitride Process
  • Nitride Semiconductor Device

Material Safety Data Sheet

  • Aluminum Nitride
  • Boron Nitride Powder
  • Niobium Nitride
  • Silicon Nitride
  • Titanium Nitride (TiN)
  • Boron Nitride Water Based Paint


  • Crystal Structure and Nano Structure of Oxide-and Nitride Transmutation Fuel – Refinement of Transmutation Fuel Processing for Surrogate and Radioactive Fuel Systems
  • Simulation of Transport Phenomena in Aluminum Nitride Single-Crystal Growth
  • Project summary and objectives - Emerging semiconductor technology
  • Deposition of transition metal nitride by D.C. magnetron sputtering
  • Lithium Nitride Nitride-Based Materials for Hydrogen Storage


  • EEEL Measures Optical Properties of III Nitrides
  • Microstructure and Tensile Properties of BN/SiC Coated Hi-Nicalon, and Sylramic SiC Fiber Preforms
  • New class of metal nitrides could lead to more durable semiconductors
  • Properties, process control, and characterization of PECVD silicon nitrides for compound semiconductor devices
  • Protective Properties of Silicon Nitride, Deposited by Bias Reactive Sputtering
  • The reactive sputtering of oxides and nitrides


  • Plasma Synthesis of Light Emitting Gallium Nitride Nanoparticles Using a Novel Microwave-Resonant Cavity
  • Observation of near- and-gap luminescence from boron nitride films
  • Conventional Machining of Green Aluminum/Aluminum Nitride Ceramics
  • Characterization of hot electron effects on flicker noise in III-V nitrides based hetrojunctions
  • Synthesis and characterization of a binary noble metal nitride


  • NB Series Silicon Nitride Etch Bath
  • Wafer Fabrication Equipment
  • LPCVD, PECVD System for Thin Film Deposition
  • PECVD Plasma Therm 790 for oxides and nitrides
  • Stationary and Rotary Processing  Machines
  • Plasmalab80Plus Plasmalab800Plus Compact Plasma Systems
  • Wet Etch Process Equipment

Market & Report

  • Gallium Nitride Markets - Commercial Markets Drive Power Electronics
  • Concerning a joint venture for aluminum nitride (AlN) substrates
  • ORNL Results Help Firm Decide to Market Silicon Nitride
  • Implementing Agreement For A Programme Of Research And Development On Advanced Materials For Transportation Applications
  • Optimisation of blue light emitting device structures 
  • New catalyst for coal processing : Metal Carbides and Nitrides
  • A Preliminary Report on Phygen’s Chromium-Nitride Coatings
  • United Kingdom Nitrides Consortium Student Travel Bursaries Reports European Materials Research Society Fall Meeting, Warsaw 2005
  • Synthesis of 3d Transition-Metal Nitrides under High Pressure in Supercritical Nitrogen Fluid
  • Nitride Devices & Related Materials

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  • Selling Leads of Nitrides
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