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  • Plaster of paris which is calcium sulphate with half molecule of water of crystallisation (CaSo4 ½ H2O) possess outstanding property of setting and subsequent hardening when mixed with water.
  • Gypsum is a sedimentary rock, which settled through the evaporation of sea water trapped in lagoons. According to the nature of its impurities, gypsum can show various colors, ranging from white to brown, yellow, gray and pink.
  • Gypsum selection and preparation (cleaning, classifying) are key factors to produce the best plasters. The chemical reaction is :
    (CaSO4, 2 H2O) + heat = (CaSO4, ½ H2O) + 1.5 H2O
  • Several processes are available to calcinate gypsum into Plaster of Paris. We can distinguish two categories :
    1st: Calcination under atmospheric pressure to produce Beta plaster ;
    2nd: Calcination under elevated pressure to produce Alpha plaster.
    Plaster of Paris is used to remove fat from bird skins
  • In Rehydration process Dry plaster powder is mixed with excess water and any additives. It can then be cast in moulds, extruded, applied as a thick slurry to a surface or laminated between paper boards.. The additives are used to change the density of the plaster and, in the case of plaster board, to help the plaster to mechanically bond to the cardboard.
  • Plaster of paris is extensively used in ceramic industry for the preparation of models, moulds and plaster of toys.
    Plaster of Paris is used as a main raw material in the manufacture of toys and statues, chalk crayons, gypsum plaster boards, decorative picture frames, besides a wide range of applications in the interior decoration of buildings and other establishments.
  • Plaster of paris is used in dental packing.
  • Plaster of Paris is also known as gypsum plaster. It is mainly used in architectures in historical monuments from the 16 the century onwards. It is especially meant for decorative purposes.
  • The bagged plaster market is evolving rapidly due to change in building practices.
  • Plaster Board lining with a skim finish of coating plaster is currently the preferred interior finish.
  • Plaster of Paris is used by artists for producing sculptures and decorativemetal castings. These are very much famous for making plaster moulds.
  • Plaster of Paris is used in treating fracture of bones. Plaster of
    Paris is used to create the safety soft bandages. A bandage along with plaster is wrapped around the damaged part. This will hold the damaged part until it is recovered
  • As a building material, plaster of Paris can be used to increase the fire resistance of a structure. It is often applied as a coating over other construction materials like metal and wood
  • Plaster of Paris can also be utilized in criminal investigations, with plaster of Paris being used to make molds of footprints, tire treads, and other markings. Because the plaster will not shrink as it dries, it can be used to create a court-admissible cast as well as a reference which can be used in an investigation.
  • Three tons per day plant will need an investment of about 30 Lakhs of Indian Rupees
General Information
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  • Calcium sulfate hemihydrate (Plaster of paris)
  • General Orthopaedics
  • A brief history of plaster and gypsum
  • General home Improvement
  • Plaster of paris
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  • Plaster : so old a history for such a high-tech material
  • Dry wall
  • Process Manufacturing Industry
  • Plaster Track Casting Procedure
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  • To remove fat from birds skin
  • General guidance applications
  • Plaster of paris on the leg
  • Antibiotic impregnated plaster of paris for alveolar packing after tooth removal


  • Fat minders technology
  • Gilding technologies
  • Plaster casting
  • A technique for making hand splints from styrofoam and plywood
  • Making hills with plaster of paris


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  • DAP: plaster of paris
  • Product data sheet
  • NovaBone@- Resorbable Bone Graft Substitute
  • Profin brand
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Material safety data sheet

  • CGC plaster of paris (bulk): plaster of paris; zou plaster; bulk stucco
  • Material safety data sheet on plaster of paris
  • Plaster of paris - MSDS
  • Properties of plaster of paris
  • plaster of paris in safety data sheet


  • Base for holding a plaster of paris model of a set of teeth
  • Gypsum based insecticide pellets and method of manufacture
  • Method of making a pattern from a blend of water, plaster of paris and polyvinyl acetate
  • Process for treating plaster of paris
  • Perlited Portland cement plaster joint compound additive with lime
  • Reversible agglomeration of fine particle plaster of paris
  • Environmental education project
  • Strata (layers) experiment
  • Plaster of paris ladybugs
  • Project profile
  • Surgical grade plaster project
  • Raw Materials
  • Woven Bags Foreign Exporter
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  • Treatment methods of congenital talipes equinovarus– three case reports
  • Reports on experiment to determine whether plaster of paris contracts or expand in setting
  • Angular limb deformity in a giraffe calf
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