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  • Thiourea occurs as white, lustrous crystals or flaky solids. It is soluble in water, ammonium thiocyanate solution, and ethanol, and almost insoluble in ether.
  • Thiourea dioxide is also called formamidine-sulfinic acid or aminoiminomethanesulfinic acid and is often abbreviated as TDO or TUD.
  • Thiourea dioxide is a powdered stable compound, which dissolves in water and decomposes gradually to produce sulfoxylic acid through formamidine-sulfinic acid to exhibit a reducing action.
  • Thiourea is a lustrous white crystalline compound and its estimated melting point is 170-180 C and soluble in water and in polar organic solvents; insoluble in non-polar solvents.
  • Decolorizing the natural color of pigmented fibers, such as cashmere, camel hair, human hair and contaminated dark fibers in white wool, brings about by the following three sequential processes: mordanting, specific rinsing and alkaline hydrogen peroxide bleaching.
  • Thiourea dioxide (formamidinesulfinic acid or aminoiminomethanesulfinic acid, abbreviated as aimsa) can easily be prepared via the oxidation of thiourea with aqueous solutions of hydrogen peroxide.
  • Thiourea dioxide (TDO) product is used in leather processing industry, paper, pulp and board industry, photographic industry, textile processing industry, bleaching and reducing agents. This product is also a component of decolorisation agents.
  • It has been used as a photographic toning agent, in hair preparations, as a dry cleaning agent, in the synthesis of pharmaceuticals and insecticides, in boiler water treatment, and as a reagent for bismuth and selenite ions.
General Information
  • Thiourea Dioxide
  • Thiourea Dioxide Product Information
  • Thiourea
  • What is thiourea dioxide?

Company Profile

  • China Company from Hebei province
  • China Company from Henan
  • Company from USA
  • China Company
  • China Company from Qingdao
  • China Company from Shandong


  • Ferrous Mordanting of Camel Hair with Thiourea Dioxide
  • Inactivation and covalent modification of CTP synthetase by thiourea dioxide
  • Investigation of the redox interaction between iron(III) 5,10,15,20-tetrakis(p-sulfonatophenyl)porphyrinate and aminoiminomethanesulfinic acid in aqueous solution
  • Thioureas React with Superoxide Radicals to Yield a Sulfhydryl Compound


  • Honorable Discharge: Decolorization of Natural Fabrics
  • Vat dyes
  • Indigo Dyeing
  • Optimized Synthesis of Phosphorothioate Oligodeoxyriboneucliotides substituted with a 5-protected thiol function and a 3 amino group
Material Safety Data Sheet & Product
  • Thiourea Dioxide
  • Thiox
  • Formamidinesulfinic acid
  • Formamidinesulfinic acid 98+%
  • Safety Sheet for Thiourea Dioxide
  • Earthues Thiourea Dioxide


  • Process for Preparing Thiourea Dioxide Derivatives
  • Method of Activating Thiourea Dioxide
  • Process for Producing Thiourea Dioxide
  • Use of Thiourea Dioxide in Pulp Bleeching Processes to Preserve Pulp Strength and aid in Brightness
  • Water Soluble Thiourea Dioxide and Process for Preparing same

Market & Report

  • Concise International Chemical Assessment Document for Thiourea
  • Bulletin 437 - 10/05 - Illegal Shipments of Thiourea Dioxide - China
  • Carriage of Thiourea Dioxide
  • Drums of Decomposed Thiourea Dioxide in a container Declared to contain toys

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  • Global Exporters of Thiourea Dioxide
  • Selling leads of Thiourea Dioxide
  • Global Suppliers of Thiourea Dioxide
  • Thiourea Dioxide Suppliers
  • China Thiourea Dioxide Manufacturers
  • Chemical Suppliers of Thiourea Dioxide
  • Thiourea-Dioxide Buyers List

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