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  • Xanthates are the salts and esters of a xanthic acid, ROC(=S)SH or O-esters of dithiocarbonic acid where R is any organic residue.
  • Other names for xanthates include xanthogenates, carbondithioates, dithiocarbonates and sodium or potassium salts of xanthanic (or dithiocarbonic) acids.
  • Four types of xanthates (ethyl, butyl, propyl and amyl) can be produced in various combinations with sodium and potassium, which are stabilizers in the chemical formula.
  • Xanthates can be produced from carbon disulfide, and are used as flotation agents in mineral processing.
  • Carbon disulphide (CS2) is also known as carbon bisulphide and sometimes dithiocarbonic anhydride. It is a faintly yellow highly flammable liquid with a strong disagreeable odour.
  • Xanthates are water-soluble chemicals that are used primarily in the mining industry.
  • Xanthates are chemical reagents commonly used during the processing of metalliferous ores in mine concentrators. They are added to  ore which has been crushed and ground into a fine particulate and mixed with water.
  • Xanthates coat the valuable mineral particles, rendering
    them water repellent and thereby promoting their
    adherence to air bubbles which are blown in from the
    base of flotation cells.
  • Xanthate precipitation is a relatively new technology compared to other precipitation methods. Xanthates are sulfonated organic compounds. The xanthate acts as an ion exchange material, where heavy metals ions are replaced with sodium and magnesium.
  • Xanthates are commonly used to manufacture cellulose film (cellophane) and rayon, but in Australia they are exclusively used as a collector for the extraction of sulfide minerals.
  • Xanthate is the common name for chemical reagents used in the flotation of base and precious metals, which is the standard method for separating valuable minerals, such as gold, copper, lead or zinc minerals, from non-valuable minerals, such as limestone or quartz (gangue).
  • Flotation is most commonly used method in mineral processing for separating valuable minerals from the rest of the invaluable
    gangue in the ore.
  • Xanthates are also used as defoliants, herbicides, insecticides and fungicides in agricultural production and as additives in the curing and vulcanization of rubber and as high-pressure lubricant additives.
  • New uses for xanthates include inhibition of fertilizer nitrogen transformation and colour development for image-recording materials.
  • In Australia, sodium ethyl xanthate, potassium amyl xanthate and sodium
    isobutyl xanthate have been widely used in the mining industry for the past 30


  • General Description on Xanthate
  • About Xanthate
  • General information about Xanthate


  • Synset cellulose xanthate, viscose
  • Cellulose Xanthate
  • Miscellaneous Cellulose Manufacturing
  • Making Rayon Fiber
  • Rayon Fiber Production process
  • Sodium Ethyl Xanthate
  • Final Determination - Xanthates
  • Xanthate Precipitation techniques


  • Direct force measurement between gold surfaces in xanthane solution
  • DNA and RNA virus species are inhibited by xanthates, a class of antiviral compounds with unique properties
  • Investigation of surface properties of gangue minerals in platinum bearing ores
  • Radical reactions of xanthates: annulation of the cyclopentene ring
  • Selective mechanism-based inactivation of cytochromes by a series of xanthates


  • Adsorption of heptyl xanthate at the metal sulphide/aqueous interface
  • The effect of sulphite on the xanthate-induced floatation of copper-activated pyrite
  • Flotation of galena with alkyl xanthates
  • Inhibits Ionizing Radiation-Induced Oxidative Damage by Acting as a Potent Antioxidant
  • The invention of chemical reactions of relevance to the chemistry of natural products
  • The role of alkyl chain length in the inhibitory effect n-alkyl xanthates on mushroom tyrosinase activities
  • Synthesis and Structure of the Cadmium (II) Complex


  • Xanthate in circuits
  • On the Dramatic Importance of Xanthate Substituents in the MADIX Process
  • Kinetic Studies of Sulfide Mineral Oxidation and Xanthate Adsorption
  • Platinum Alloys in the Production of Viscose Rayon
  • Pyrite Flotation With Xanthate Under Alkaline Conditions —Application to Environmental Desulfurisation
  • Formal synthesis of lycorane
  • Effects of CS2-Starch xanthane on consumption by rats
  • Aqueous Mercury Treatment
  • Emission estimation technique manual for Gold ore processing


  • Aqueous Biphase Extraction for Processing of Fine Coal
  • Effect of non-oxidative leaching on flotation efficiency of lubin concentrator middlings
  • The Characterization of Flotation Froth Structure and Colour by Machine Vision - ChaCo
  • Ore Processing
  • Enhancement of  surface properties for coal identification

Company Profile

  • Company from Kwinana
  • Company from Australia
  • Company from China
  • Company from HeNan province
  • Company from Dalian


  • Consultant from Coopersburg
  • Consultant from Kolkata
  • Consultant from Wilmington
  • Consultant from Australia
  • Xanthate Experts

Market & Report

  • Xanthate Canada market
  • Ab Initio Modeling of Xanthate Adsorption on ZnS Surfaces
  • Automated Parallel Synthesis of MADIX (Co)Polymers
  • Carbon disulphide absorption during xanthate reagent mixing in a gold mine concentrator
  • Mineral preparation of ores from friday creek, kantishna mining district, Alaska
  • Occupational allergic contact dermatitis from xanthates and carbamates in mining processes
  • Raman spectroscopic study of some chalcopyrite–xanthate flotation products
  • Reagent monitoring floated

Product & Material Safety Data Sheet

  • Flottec xanthogen ethyl formate series collectors product data sheet
  • Sodium Ethyl Xanthate (liquid)
  • MSDS for Potassium ethyl xanthate
  • MSDS for Sodium Ethyl Xanthate solution
  • MSDS for Sodium ethyl xanthate
  • MSDS for o-Neopentyl-s-triphenylstannyl xanthate
  • Potassium ethyl xanthate MSDS
  • Sodium ethyl xanthate MSDS
  • MSDS for Sodium isopropyl xanthate


  • Acetal addition to viscose for amglose solutions for the manufacture of crosslinked shaped articles
  • Catalytic synthesis of thionocarbamates from xanthates and amines
  • Selective recovery of heavy metals using xanthates
  • Substituted noble metal xanthates
  • Cellulose xanthate
  • Copper Xanthate
  • Method of dispersing hydroxymethyl cellulose xanthate fibers
  • Preparation of xanthates

Suppliers & Buyers

  • Suppliers of xanthate
  • Supplier from china
  • Exporters  of Xanthate
  • Selling leads of Xanthate
  • Trade leads of xanthate
  • Another Supplier from china
  • Buyers list

Hazards and Safety Issues

  • Hazards of Cellulose Sodium Xanthate
  • Health Assessment of Copper Flotation Reagents
  • Risk assessment of Cellulose sodium xanthate
  • Occupational hazards identification and the exposure assessment in a chinese viscose rayon plant
  • Sodium Ethyl Xanthate

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