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  • The term xylene refers to a group of three benzene derivatives which are used as a solvent and in the printing, rubber, and leather industries. Xylene is a colorless, sweet-smelling liquid that is very flammable. 
  • The three forms of xylene in which the methyl groups vary on the benzene ring: meta-xylene, ortho-xylene, and para-xylene (m-, o-, and p-xylene). These different forms are referred to as isomers. 
  • Xylenes are flammable liquids and fire hazards. When heated to decomposition, xylenes emit acrid smoke and fumes.
  • The effect of H2 on isomerization pathways and on the acid site density onWOx-ZrO2 catalysts was explored using kinetic measurements of acid-catalyzed o-xylene isomerization reactions.
  • The Badger/Niro Para-xylene Crystallization process recovers high-purity para-xylene from aromatic streams.
  • Peroxide and formaldehyde modifications are presented in improved indophenol-xylene extraction method which minimize the interference due to reduced tin and iron, sulfite, and reductones.
  • Xylene is used as a solvent, to manufacture gasoline, as a raw material for the production of organic chemicals used to make polyester fibers, and to make dyes and insecticides.
  • p-Xylene, the most important commercial isomer, is primarily converted for use in fibers, films, or resins, including polyester fibers which are used for household fabrics, carpets, and clothing.
  • Xylene has been used as a polymerization solvent for acrylic resins and as a reflux solvent in the manufacturing alkyd and polyester resins.
  • Xylene has been traditionally used as a clearing agent in tissue processing for many years, primarily because it is miscible with both alcohol and wax while doing an excellent job of clearing the tissue of alcohol.
  • The isomeric concentrations of meta, ortho, and para xylene are important to quantify for the production of many polymer compounds. Raman spectroscopy technique presents the fastest and easiest method of making this determination.
  • PVA-fixed fecal material which was previously examined by the standard technique and found to contain the protozoans indicated below was selected to evaluate Hemo-De as a xylene substitute in the trichrome staining technique.
  • Due to its downstream demand, the para-xylene market is robust and generally sees steady year-on-year demand growth in the range of 6-8% per year.
  • Worldwide para-xylene production capacity exceeded the demand by more than 4.5 million metric tons per annum (MMTA), lowering the average capacity utilization to less than 80%.
  • All producers have captive supplies of mixed xylenes. Large quantities of unisolated o-xylene in mixed xylene streams are used in gasoline or isomerized to p-xylene.
  • About xylenes
  • Information about xylene
  • Xylene information
  • Xylene general information
  • About xylene general views

Production Process

  • About Badger/Niro Para-xylene Crystallization process
  • Locating and estimating air emissions from sources of xylene
  • The indophenol xylene Extraction method for ascorbic acid and modifications for interfering substances
  • Reaction and Deactivation Pathways in Xylene Isomerization on Zirconia Modified by Tungsten Oxide
  • Analytical methods
  • About meta-xylene
  • Production of Phthalic Anhydride from o-Xylene
  • P-xylene production with waste heat powered ammonia absorption refrigeration


  • Para-xylene process and catalyst
  • Method for distilling hexamethylcyclotrisiloxane
  • Processes for producing xylenes using isomerization and transalkylation reactions and apparatus therefor
  • Process for production of xylene
  • Process for producing para-xylene
  • Effect of xylene concentration in feed


  • Xylene-free tissue processing on the shandon excelsior tissue  processor
  • Characterization and Application of Xylene Monooxygenase for Multistep Biocatalysis
  • Selecting effective xylene replacements for protective coating
  • Pollution prevention final project report
  • Photocatalytic degradation of o-xylene in water
  • Xylene Solubles in Polypropylenes
  • Optimisation of DNA and RNA extraction from archival formalin-fixed tissue
  • Real-Time Xylene Isomer Quantification Using Chemometric Raman Analysis
  • Distinction of ortho- and para- Xylene by Femtosecond-Laser Mass Spectrometry
  • Modified Trichrome Staining Technique with a Xylene Substitute
  • Enhancing Para-xylene Production by Utilizing ExxonMobil's PxMax Process

Company Profiles

  • Company from Texas
  • Company from Georgia
  • Company from Wisconsin
  • Company from China

Consultant & Project

  • Consultants from New York
  • Consultants from Minnesota
  • Xylene experts
  • Consultants from Maryland
  • Project consultants
  • Pilot study of alternatives to the use of xylene in a hospital histology laboratory
  • Product specifications on xylene
  • Product information on D.E.R. 671-x70 epoxy resin solution
  • Xylene isomerization catalyst ethylbenzene reforming type
  • About paraxylene
  • Product information on D.E.R.671-x75 epoxy resin solution

Risk Assessments

  • Voluntary Children’s Chemical Evaluation Program (VCCEP) Tier 1 Pilot Submission
  • Scientific committee on toxicity, ecotoxicity and the environment
  • Ontario Air Standards For Xylenes
  • Toxicity summary for xylene
  • Public Health Goal for Xylene in Drinking Water
  • Occupational safety and health guideline for xylene
  • NIOSH pocket guide to chemical hazards

Material safety data sheet

  • About mixed xylene
  • Safety data sheet on m-xylene
  • Data sheet on xylene
  • Material safety data sheet on 4-nitro-o-xylene,99%
  • Safety data for o-xylene
  • Material safety data sheet on p-xylene
  • Safety data sheet on xylene


  • Aromatics- profitability set for change
  • China Toluene/Xylene Market Weekly Report
  • Musk xylene and other musks
  • About orthoxylene
  • About petrochemicals market
  • The aromatics (Thailand) public co., ltd : capturing opportunities for para-xylene production


  • Report on FIPA for measuring xylene solubles
  • Isolation and Characterization of o-Xylene Oxygenase Genes from Rhodococcus opacus
  • Xylene Poisoning: A Report on One Fatal Case and Two Cases of Recovery after Prolonged Unconsciousness
  • A statistical analysis of data on exposure to xylene at selected workplaces in the U.K.
  • Ambient Water Quality Guidelines for Xylene


  • Suppliers of xylene
  • Selling leads of xylene
  • Xylene suppliers
  • Manufacturers of xylene
  • Trade leads of xylene
  • Suppliers for Musk xylene
  • Exporters of xylene
  • Suppliers of xylene dryers


  • Xylene buyers list1
  • Xylene buyers list2
  • Xylene buyers list3

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