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  • Zinc sulfate (ZnSO4) is a colorless crystalline, water-soluble chemical compound. The hydrated form, ZnSO4·7H2O, the mineral goslarite, was historically known as "white vitriol" .
  • Zinc Sulphate is a very water soluble, clear, crystalline compound prepared by heating zinc sulphide ore in air and dissolving out and re crystallizing the Sulphate.
  • Zinc sulphate dried is a colorless crystalline, water-soluble chemical compound. An aqueous solution of dried zinc sulfate is claimed to be effective at removing moss.
  • The pH of both synthetic zinc sulfate solutions of various compositions and commercial zinc plant electrolytes was measured over a range of temperatures.

  •  A model for the solution thermodynamics has been developed to predict the solution speciation, temperature, and concentration effects on the pH. It was found from both the thermodynamic predictions and the pH measurements that the pH of zinc sulfate electrolytes, in the absence of free acid, drops with increasing temperature.

  • Zinc Sulfate can be prepared by reacting zinc with aqueous sulfuric acid. It may also be prepared by adding solid zinc to a Copper II Sulfate solution.
  • The pH temperature behavior was largely dominated by zinc hydrolysis. The pH of zinc sulfate electrolytes with small amounts of free acid both increased and then decreased in the temperature range of interest.

  •  This was explained by taking into account the additional effects of bisulfate/sulfate equilibrium and/or ZnSO4 ion pairing on the overall pH behavior. Based on the correlation between the model and pH measurements, it is evident that the dinuclear species  exists at a much higher concentration than  ions and dominates the pH- temperature behavior of the solution.

  • Speciation and the acid/base composition of a ZnSO4 solution, against pH at 100 7C, were also predicted. The pH-temperature behavior of zinc plant electrolytes from Kidd Creek  was measured by saturating the electrolytes with ZnO at 100 7C and then allowing the solutions to cool.

  • Raw Materials required are Sulphuric acid, Common Salt, Zinc Ash and Flocculent. Zinc Sulfate Solutions are moderate to highly concentrated liquid solutions of Zinc Sulfate. They are an excellent source of Zinc Sulfate for applications requiring solubabilzed materials
  • A fast and cost-effective way of correcting zinc deficiency in crops and soils is applying a zinc-containing fertilizer. Among the inorganic compounds zinc sulfate is most commonly used.
  • Zinc sulfate's growth comes chiefly from fertilizer applications and animal feed supplements. It is especially applied on crops such as pecan, deciduous fruits, peanuts, cotton, corn, and citrus, and added to feeds for swine and poultry
  • It is used to supply zinc in animal feeds, fertilizers, and agricultural sprays. ZnSO4·7H2O is used in making lithopone, in coagulation baths for rayon, in electrolytes for zinc plating, as a mordant in dyeing, as a preservative for skins and leather and in medicine as an astringent and emetic.
  • Zinc Sulphate is used in agriculture as a weed killer and to give protection against pests. It is used to supply zinc in animal feeds and fertilizers; Zinc Sulphate is also an important constituent of the precipitating bath in the manufacture of viscose rayon and in electrolyte for zinc plating.
  • Zinc Sulphate functions as a mordant in dyeing; as a preservative for skins and leather; and as an astringent and emetic in medicine.
  • Agricultural uses will continue to provide modest growth for zinc sulfate, as zinc is an essential trace element for plant and animal life. Zinc sulfate's high solubility in aqueous systems makes it a favored substance for delivering zinc values in agriculture applications.
  • Demand for zinc sulfate as a micronutrient in fertilizers and animal feed is forecast to grow at 1–2% annually in the United States from 2006 to 2011, but could grow at 5% if more acres of corn are planted for the production of ethanol.
  •  In 2006, there were eight U.S. producers with a total capacity of 86 thousand metric tons. U.S. production has declined while imports continue to increase.
  • Zinc ash generally content 40-45% zinc. From this pure 100% zinc sulphate may be prepared. But 21% concentrated zinc sulphate is required for agricultural purpose
  • Zinc sulfate markets are mature in North America, Europe and Japan and are expected to stagnate. Zinc sulfate consumption is expected to increase in regions with zinc deficiency, such as Africa, India, South America and Australia
  • The most commonly marketed
    zinc fertilizer in India is the zinc sulfate heptahydrate (ZnSO4.7H2O) guaranteeing minimum 21% Zn content.
  • Its monohydrate form with minimum 33% Zn, economizes on the transportation and handling costs



  • Micro Nutrients
  • Zinc Sulphate, Monohydrate
  • The Acid-Base Behavior of Zinc Sulfate Electrolytes
  • Refractometry concentration
  • Growth kinetics of zinc(tris)thiourea sulphate (ZTS) crystals
  • Granulock Factsheet
  • Zinc Sulphate
  • Chemical & Physical Information
  • Zinc sulfate
  • Crop Productivity
  • Zinc Fertilizer - FAQs


  • Electrolytic Zinc Production
  • The mechanism of the antiherpetic activity of zinc sulphate
  • Production process
  • Intensification Of Zinc Dissolution Process In Sulphuric Acid
  • Simulation Of Extraction Stripping Process
  • Removal Of Cobalt & Nickel From Zinc Sulphate Solutions Using Activated Cementation


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  • Zinc in Fertilizers
  • Bioavailability of Zinc in Several Sources of Zinc Oxide, Zinc Sulfate, and Zinc Metal
  • Effects Of Level Of Dietary Copper, Molybdenum, Sulfate & Zinc On Body Weight Gain, Hemoglobin & Liver Copper Storage Of Growing Pigs.
  • Hydroponic Asian vegetables
  • Life’s Abundance® Premium Health Food for Dogs Technical Data
  • Reduction in Fruit Cracking in Manfaluty Pomegranate Following a Foliar Application with Paclobutrazol and Zinc Sulphate.
  • Cattle Feeds
  • Zinc Sulphate in the Treatment of Cutaneous Leishmaniasis
  • Effects of fall applications of urea and zinc sulfate
  • Application for the Inclusion of Zinc Sulfate in the WHO Model List of Essential Medicines
  • Fertilizer and Zinc industries to fight global health problem

Fertilizer Applications - India

  • Zinc in Soils and Crop Nutrition - 2008
  • The Fertilizer Control Order 1985
  • Central Excise Notification
  • Zinc in Improving Crop Production and Human Health in India
  • Micro Nutrients & methods of use
  • Zinc Nutrition on Crop Productivity
  • Nagarjuna Fertilisers and Chemicals
  • Godavari Fertilisers and Chemicals
  • Indian Farmers Fertiliser Cooperative
  • Nutrient Management & Soil health
  • Inventory Management through ICT
  • Integrated Nutrient Management
    Through ICT
  • Web Based Fertilizer Quality Control
    Management System



  • Effect of Improved Crop Production Technology on Pigeonpea Yield in Resource Poor Rainfed Areas
  • Z with zinc sulphate
  • New Low-Temperature Technology of Producing Calcium Feed Phosphate with Microelements
  • The Albion Process for mixed zinc/copper concentrates.
  • Replacement of zinc sulphate by microbial phytase for piglets given a maize-soya-bean meal diet

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  • Make available zinc sulphate in 1 kg packs
  • Hindustan Zinc - report 2004
  • Zinc in crop production - India
  • Annual Report
  • Relief and Rehabilitation
  • Zinc and Iron Deficiencies
  • Crystal growth, thermal, optical and microhardness studies of tris (thiourea) zinc sulphate - a semiorganic NLO material
  • Revised draft proposal for The International Pharmacopoeia
  • A Calendar for Pecan Growers
  • Integrated Plant Nutrition system (IPNS)
  • Animal Nutrition Section
  • Zinc Data - 1995 - USA
  • Zinc Data - 2001 - USA
  • Zinc Data - 2005 - USA
  • Zinc Data - 2006 - USA
  • Zinc Data - August 2009 - USA
  • Zinc Data - September 2009 - USA
  • Recycling Non-ferrous materials
  • U.S. production of selected zinc compounds, zinc content 1957 to 1966
  • Zinc Statistics -USA - 1998 to 2002
  • Zinc Statistics - USA - 1999 to 2003
  • Zinc Statistics -USA - 2004 - 2005
  • Zinc recovered from scrap processed in the United States,
    by kind of scrap and form of recovery - 1970 to 1979


  • Products & Trends
  • Zinc Sulfate Solution
  • Zinc Sulfate
  • Zinc Sulphate Product
  • Zinc Sulphate Crystal
  • Product Description
  • Zinc Sulphate Heptahydrate
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  • Zinc sulphate(heptahydrate)
  • Product specification
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  • Projects making progress towards production
  • Project Outline
  • Definitive Feasibility Study
  • Zinc Discovery with Great Upside Potential
  • The Project Al-Amin Chemical Industries
  • Progressive Fertichem
  • Zinc Sulphate Heptahydrate
  • Project Proposal - sample


  • High current density zinc sulfate electrogalvanizing process
  • Method for precipitating iron from a zinc sulphate
  • Process For Purifying Solution Of Zinc Sulphate
  • Recovery of metal values from zinc plant residues
  • Purification Of Zinc Sulphate Solution
  • Solvent extraction of a halide from a aqueous sulphate solution

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  • Zinc Sulphate
  • Zinc Sulfate Heptahydrate
  • Zinc Sulfate Monohydrate
  • Zinc Sulfate
  • Zinc Sulfate Monohydrate
  • Zinc Sulfate Solution
  • Zinc Sulfate, 7-Hydrate
  • Zinc Phosphide
  • Zinc Sulfate solution
  • Zinc sulfate monohydrate
  • MSDS - Product of India


  • Market India - Brief notes
  • Galvanized and Colour Coated Steel Industry in India
  • Zinc Sulfate
  • Inorganic Zinc Chemicals
  • Trace element requirements for fresh market potatoes grown on coastal sands
  • Market Update
  • Poly metallic Project in Philippines
  • Market promotion for new products
  • Zinc Nutrient Initiative and Its Partners

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