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All about Laser Basics
  • All about Lasers & applications
  • Laser Physics
  • Laser Basics explained with sketches
  • Laser Systems
  • Fiber Optic Application Notes
  • Solid State Lasers - Solid State Green Lasers - Yag Technology
  • World of Diode Lasers - single frequency Lasers - Violet Applications
  • Fiber Lasers
  • Guidance on Laser Products
  • Compliance Guide for Laser Products
  • Laser Hazards & Safety
  • A Practical Guide to Lasers for Experimenters and Hobbyists 
  • Directory of Institutions working on Lasers
Medical Applications
Laser Medicine and Medical Imaging Group
  •  Laser Facts related to medical treatments - USA Food Drug Administration 
    - click for details
  • Exposure to laser light, even if it is reflected or diffuse, can permanently damage the eyes....more

  • Lasers for Refractive Surgery - USA Food Drug Administration (FDA) views

  • Replacement for Dentist Drill

  • Vision correction has come a long way

  • Radiation Testing Guide

  • LASIK, or laser in-situ keratomileusis, is a non- reversible procedure

  • About Lasers for Refractive Surgery

  • To Manufacturers and Users of Lasers for Refractive Surgery

  • Compliance Guide for Laser Products

  • Regulatory Guidance for Medical Lasers

  • Medical Devices Manufacturer

  • Hair loss Therapy

  • Directory of web sites relating to Medical Lasers

Industrial Applications
  • Lasers in Materials Processing
  • Laser Applications in Manufacturing
  • Laser Machining Basics   - Leading Edge   - High Power Laser Welding
  •  Laser Revolutionizes Industrial Welding : New Generation of Equipments
  • Tubes & Profiles - in line welding - Rounding off corner welds quickly and cleanly
  • Laser Melting
  • Laser Printers - Laser in Jewelry Industry
  • Micro Drilling of Ceramics
  • Laser Marking Printed Circuit Boards - More about PCB Marking
  • Laser Marking improves productivity in Electronic Parts
  • Nitrogen Laser Instruments
  • Decorating Plastics with Lasers - Choosing right laser for decorating Plastics
  • Precision cutting applications with pulsed lasers - Laser Beam Terminators
  • Tool & Mold making  -  Micro master
  • Drilling, Cutting & Scribing  - Custom Pinholes, Apertures, Collimators and Air Slits
  • Micro Machining Technology - more on  laser micro machining applications
  • Micro Machining Systems Case1  -  Case 2
  • Hermetic Ferruled Fiber Cables - Hermetic Metalized Fiber Optic Cables
  • Hermetic Packaging - The future of fiber optic component packaging and pig tailing
  • CO2 Laser System   - Thin Film Coatings
  • Directory of web sites relating to Industrial Lasers
Markets for Laser Products
  •  Consumer-driven medical laser applications such as cosmetic surgery 
  • Supply of Semiconductor Lasers for the CMS Tracker
  • Supply of Optical Fiber, Fiber-ribbon and Multi-ribbon Cables 

  • Supply of Optical Connectors and Adaptors for the CMS Tracker

  • Violet Technology Market

  • Laser Industry Vendor Program        

  • India's Medical Market

  • Heliographing Industry Market

  • Latest News Alert concerning Market for Laser Products

Web Sites for more Information
 Industrial Lasers Group Laser Institute of America
 Medical Lasers Group how it works
Laser Technology  Consulting Organization
 Laser Consultants Lasers in India
Contact Consultants Resources on Lasers
Training Centers The History of the Laser 
FDA Regulations Chart of Laser Types and Applications
Regulations India The Laser and Electro-Optics Manufacturer's Association
Directory of Manufactures The American Society for Laser Medicine and Surgery

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