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  • Lime is a high-bulk, comparatively low-cost commodity; however, it may be sold within a wide radius depending on transportation costs and supply and demand. High-calcium quicklime is commercially available in six forms: lump, crushed, pebble, ground, pulverized, and as briquettes or pellets

  • Calcining takes place mainly in vertical (shaft-type) or rotary-type kilns, the latter technology being most common in North America.
  • Underground mining,  is an important and an increasingly common method of limestone production in the state.
  • Industrial markets for lime mainly include the pulp and paper industry, the mining industry, chemicals manufacturing, and environmental control.
  • The major producers were China, which accounted for 17%, followed by the United States at 16% and Germany and Japan each with about 6.5%. Other countries, mainly the former Soviet Union, accounted for about 33%.
  • High-calcium quicklime is commercially available in six forms: lump, crushed, pebble, ground, pulverized, and as briquettes or pellets. Slaked lime is produced from mixing quicklime and water and may be purchased as a putty, dry powder or slurry. Hydrated lime is produced from slaked lime after drying and regrinding.
  • Lime imports have always been a very small fraction of total U.S. lime use. Lime exports have likewise always been a very small percentage of total U.S. lime production.
  • World production of lime was recorded from the MYB and the MR. World production statistics were not available from 190062. All data for China are absent prior to 1983, and subsequent inclusion of Chinese lime data are conservative estimates of the USGS Commodity (Lime) Specialist.

  • Limestone is an important raw material and it is often said to be the 
    world's versatile mineral. It has a wide variety of applications, but its 
    primary use in the construction industry where it is the principal source of chrushed rock aggregate in the UK.

  • Total demand for Limestone and chalk for industrial and agricultural use 
    was 6.9 million tonnes and 2.1 million tonnes respectively in 2004. In 
    addition, net imports of crushed and powdered marble, were about 113000 
    tonnes in 2004.

  • Although limestones are widely distributed in the UK, many are 
    unsuitable for industrial use because of their chemical and/or physical 
    properties. The only important resources of industrial limestone in the UK are the Carboniferous limestone and Cretaceous-age Chalk.

  • The price of a limestone product is largely governed by the cost of extraction, processing and transportation. The high capital costs of quarrying, due to the high investment in machinery to work and process the stone, has led to the development of large quarries that can produce high tonnages over long periods of time.


  • Lime-An Introduction
  • Energy Efficiency Opportunity In The Lime Industry
  • Lime In Soil
  • Lime Manufacturing
  • Lime Industry
  • Lime Industry Bench Marking

Lime Kilns

  • Performance Enhancement Of Small scale Lime Kilns 
  • Rotary Lime Kiln
  • Lime Kiln Dust As A Potential Raw Material
  • Process Modelling TO Improve Lime Kiln Operations

Hydrated Lime

  • About
  • Calcium Hydroxide
  • Technology And Use Of Hydraulic Lime
  • Calcium Hydroxide Slurry
  • Benefits Of Hydrated Lime
  • Product Safety Datasheet
  • Terminology & Specifications

Quick Lime And Dolime

  • Synthetic Material
  • Calcium Oxide For Wastewater Residuals
  • Shipping Quick Lime By Air
  • Product Safety Data Sheet
  • Dolomite And Limestone Industry
  • Product Data Sheet For Dolomitic Hydrated Lime


  • Lime Processing Projects
  • Clean Coal Technology
  • Flue Gas Desulfurization Technology
  • Cost Benefit Assessment Of BLGCC Technology
  • Limestone Technology
  • Technology Development Life Cycle


  • Limestone Mining
  • Limestone Mines in USA
  • Indian Industry & Construction Equipment Industry
  • Scaling Roof Accidents In Underground Limestone Mines
  • Underground Limestone Mining

Indian Industries

  • Companies - Lime Products
  • OM Minerals
  • Mining And Mineral Industry In India
  • Indian Mineral Industries
  • The Mineral Industry Of India
  • Rajasthan State Mines And Minerals Ltd,

International Mineral Industry

  • Mineral Industry Of Alaska
  • Mineral Industry Of Costa Rica
  • Mineral Industry Of Japan
  • Mineral Industry Of Mongolia
  • Mineral Industry Of Ohio
  • Mineral Industry Of Sweden
  • Mineral Industry Of Utah

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  • Directory Of Lime Plants In The United States
  • Limestone Manufacturers
  • Limestone Buyers
  • Hydrated Lime Manufacturers
  • Manufacturers And Suppliers

  • Tenders Of Hydrated Lime

  • Manufacturers And Suppliers Of Quick Lime In India

  • International Manufacturers And Suppliers Of Quicklime

  • Consultants


  • Landscaping & Wall Blocks
  • Paving
  • Tiles
  • Landscaping & Edging Blocks
  • Product Specifications
  • Stone & Limestone Pavers
  • Earth Stone Products

Price List

  • BleauStone

  • Classical Flag Stones

  • Marble Lime Stone 

  • Austinville Limestone Price List

  • Various Sellers Price List

Economic View And Associations Conducted

  • Clean & Green Process

  • Cold In-Place Recycling

  • Economics of Lime And Limestone
  • CO2 Emission Factors
  • Flue Gas Desulfurization
  • CO2 Emissions Calculation Protocol
  • Implications For The Lime Industry
  • Porta Batch
  • Superiority Of Cement Lime 
  • Economic assessment of the industrial Solar Production
  • Upgrading Marginal Aggregate Materials With Lime
  • International Lime Association 2003
  • ILA-List Of Members

Market Reports

  • Clean Air Technology-Annual Report For 1999

  • National  Committee On The Development

  • Central Glass-2000 Report

  • Lime In United States-1950 To 2001

  • Lime Statistics

  • Source Category Report


  • Project Profile
  • Project Contacts
  • Project Requirements
  • Demonstration of a Landfill Gas-Fired Limestone Calciner

  • State-of-the-Art Crushing Plant

  • For small-scale production of agricultural lime

  • Project Summary for Proposed Bela Devmaudaldal Limestone Deposit

  • Labour Cost Calculation

  • Preservation Plans for Limestone Revetment Promontory Point

  • Survey of Local Quarry Operations

  • Wyoming Lime Producers


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