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  • Mosquitoes are one of the most harmful insects to mankind.
  • Diseases caused by mosquitoes include: mosquito-borne viral encephalitis, dengue, yellow fever, malaria, and filariasis.
  • The growing menace of mosquitoes has forced people to turn to mosquito repellents in the form of body lotions, creams, coils and mats.
  • According to a study conducted by medical researchers working at the Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR), New Delhi, coils and mats which use synthetic pyrethroids like allethrin, D-allethrin, D-transallethrin, bioallethrin and esbioallethrin are effective in controlling the mosquito menace and the fumes emitted by them are toxic for mosquitoes but safe for humans.
  • The usage of Mosquito mats instead of Mosquito coils necessitates the investment in the Mosquito Destroyer Machine (MDM) which is a costly item for low income groups.
  • Therefore in rural areas and low income households, the mosquito coils are preferred.
  • Simple type of repellent mats are prepared by soaking mats of paper pulp in repellent chemical compound and proper drying. Mats are packed in a suitable polypack.
  • Mosquito coils containing S-2 are unregistered, and their use is illegal in the United States.
  • A mosquito net offers protection against mosquitos, flies, and other insects.
  • The leading manufacturer of mosquito coils  Pyrethrum as the basic ingredient.
  • The installed capacity proposed is 300 lakhs Mosquito mats per annum. This is based on a machine capacity of 12500 mats per hour,In a day of 8 hours 1 lakh mats will be manufactured.
  • Currently, Kenya is the leading producer of pyrethrum extract producing approximately 70% of the world consumption. Other large producers of pyrethrum are  Rwanda, Tanzania and Tasmania in Australia. The pyrethrum extract is mainly exported to USA,Europe and Asian countries.
  • Mosquito repellentís market can be divided in to coil, mat, vaporizer, aerosol and cream with total marketing size of Rs. 1600 cr. and growing at the annual rate of 15%.
  • The coil segment of the market is around 35% of total market size and dominated by Mortein and Good Night, brands by Reckitt Benkiser and Godrej Sara Lee respectively


  • Money Makers
  • FAQ
  • Home Mosquitoes
  • Mosquito Life Cycle
  • Environmental Management & Malaria
  • About the Industry

Ingredients Needed

  • Insecticides Recommended for Mosquito Control
  • Active Ingredient
  • Synthetic Pyrethroids
  • Pyrethrum
  • Neem Oil
  • Pine Oil
  • Herbal Products
  • Octachlorodipropyl Ether   (S-2)
  • Es-Biothrin
  • Deltabios-MSDS
  • Picaridin
  • D-Trans Allethrin Tech


  • Electric Heating Mosquito Devices
  • Odomos Products
  • Liquidator
  • Liquid Vapourizer
  • Ingredients & Manufacturers
  • Non Smoking Coils - china
  • Electronic Mosquito Swatter
  • Mosquito Sprayer
  • Low Cost Mosquito Nets
  • Larvicide
  • Fumakilla
  • Mosquito Trap Accessories
  • Mosquito Eradicator
  • SCA Pest Products
  • Tortoise Repellent

Equipments Required

  • List of Machinery suppliers
  • Shimco Mosquito Mat Machine
  • Mosquito Mesh Weaving Machine
  • Yeohata-Coil Making Machine
  • ULV Cold Fogger
  • Mosquito Magnet-Installation Instructions

Production and Technology

  • Mosquito Coil Manufacturing
  • Drying Test on Mosquito Repellent Coil
  • Quality Control Workshop
  • Pesticide Licensing
  • How to Manufacture Repellents
  • Kapi Ltd-Production
  • Insecticide-Treated Net Interventions
  • Bio Block
  • Consultants
  • Consultant - Nigeria
  • Improved Mosquito Coil composition
  • Mosquito Repelling Apparatus with air filtering function
  • Mosquito dispersing device
  • Mosquito Repellant Case Study
  • Vaporizing Mats Specification
  • Mosquito Coil Specifications
  • Innovation-Herbal Repellent
  • Industrial Standard for Coils and Sticks
  • Health Hazard
Preventive Measures & Regulations
  • Health hazards of mosquito repellents and safe alternatives
  • ACT 1968
  • ACT 1971
  • Registration of Insecticides Under Insecticides Act, 1968
  • Registration Authority
  • Contacts - authorities
  • Import of Pyrethrum Extract
  • Gel - regulation
  • Control and Prevention
  • Repellent Instructions
  • Malaria and Mosquito Net Survey
  • Municipal Mosquito Control
  • Reducing Mosquito Breeding Sites
  • Mosquito Control Devices
  • DDT Control in Coil-Trinidad and Tobago

Project Profiles

  • Herbal Repellent Coils
  • South Asia Mosquito Project
  • Pyrethrum Board of Kenya(PBK) Project Challenges
  • Mosquito Repellent Mat-2001
  • Mosquito Repellent Mat-2003
  • Electronic Mosquito Detector
  • Pulverizing System
  • Project Consultancy
  • Proposal for Factory Setup for Mosquito Coil Making Plant
  • Mosquito Netting -Tanzania
  • Senior Project

Marketing and Price

  • Kenya's Pyrethrum Industry-2005
  • Allout-Repellant Marketing
  • Eveready Industries India
  • Propane Industry Trends
  • Business Plan-Insecticidal Nets
  • Repellent Coils and Mats
  • Retail Price List
  • Travel Health Products Price List
  • Poweron
  • Brand  in Rural Market
  • Brand Mosquito Coil
  • Industries
  • Goodknight
  • Mortein
  • Wimco
  • ReckittBenckiser
  • Manaksia
  • Jyothy Laboratories
  • Importer - South Africa

Buyers,Manufacturers and Suppliers

  • Raw Material and Natural Ingredients Suppliers Directory
  • Mosquitoes Coil -Buyers Inforamtion
  • Mosquito Repellent Coils Manufacturers-India
  • Repellent, Insect killer & Vaporiser Machines Exporters-India
  • Plant and Machines Manufacturers
  • Mats & Coils Manufacturing Project Information
  • Raja Sulphur Industries
  • Mosquito Swatter-Selling Leads
  • Mosquito Net Suppliers
  • Sahara India Products
  • Mosquito Net Suppliers
  • Allethrin Importers

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