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  • Nitrogen is a chemical element which has the symbol N and atomic number 7. Elemental nitrogen is a colorless, odorless, tasteless and mostly inert diatomic gas at standard conditions, constituting 78.1% by volume of Earth's atmosphere. Nitrogen is a constituent element of all living tissues and amino acids. Many industrially important compounds, such as ammonia, nitric acid, and cyanides, contain nitrogen.
  • Nitrogen was discovered by the Scottish physician Daniel Rutherford in 1772. It is the fifth most abundant element in the universe and makes up about 78% of the earth's atmosphere, which contains an estimated 4,000 trillion tons of the gas. Nitrogen is obtained from liquefied air through a process known as fractional distillation.
  • Nitrogen (N) is an essential element of life and a part of all plant and animal proteins. Crop plants cultivated for human consumption and a animal feed require nitrogen for proper nutrition and maturation.
  • Liquid nitrogen is inert, colorless, odorless, non-corrosive, nonflammable, and extremely cold. Nitrogen makes up the major portion of the atmosphere (78.03% by volume, 75.5% by weight). Nitrogen is inert and will not support combustion; however, it is not life supporting. Nitrogen is inert except when heated to very high temperatures where it combines with some of the more active metals, such as lithium and magnesium, to form nitrides.
  • The largest use of nitrogen is for the production of ammonia (NH3). Large amounts of nitrogen are combined with hydrogen to produce ammonia in a method known as the Haber process. Large amounts of ammonia are then used to create fertilizers, explosives and, through a process known as the Ostwald process, nitric acid (HNO3).
  • Ammonia is the basic building block for producing nearly all forms of nitrogen-based fertilizers. To a lesser extent, it is also used directly as a commercial fertilizer. Ammonia is produced by reacting gaseous nitrogen with hydrogen at high pressure and temperature in the presence of a catalyst.
  • Nitrogen, the plant nutrient and fertilizer component most widely applied by American farmers, is essential for maintaining the high yields achieved for major crops such as corn, wheat, and cotton in this country. Natural gas is a key component in the production of nitrogen, and the cost of natural gas can account for up to 90 percent of nitrogen fertilizer production costs.
  • Namhae in South Korea has announced that it will be closing its plant. This may mean an annual import of over 400,000 mt by the company to continue to supply its distribution network. Omnia in South Africa has purchased 15,000 mt Libyan urea through Keytrade at $124 per mt cfr bulk for mid-November arrival. Omnia has also purchased some granular urea from Bangladesh and Saudi Arabia.
  • The Urea market, outside of North America, is bucking the bullish trend seen in other Nitrogen commodities with prices for AN, UAN and ammonia all escalating. The Yuzhny-US Gulf cfr granular spread is now a massive $90pt with the Arab Gulf trading at a $30pt premium on prills. The United States remained the world’s second largest producer and consumer of elemental and fixed types of nitrogen following China.
  • North American nitrogen margins and sales volumes increased compared to both the third quarter of 2006 and the fourth quarter of 2005, on stronger North American demand and lower natural gas prices. Higher ammonia volumes moved from our Borger system. North American nitrogen sales volumes were 35 percent higher in the fourth quarter of 2006 than for the same period last year.
  • Nitrogen market fundamentals remain positive due to the expectation of strong import demand from regions such as India, North America, Europe, and Latin America. Higher grain prices and an increase in corn and wheat acreage should support nitrogen demand globally. On the supply side, higher domestic operating rates have only partially offset a significant year over year decline in nitrogen imports.
 General Information
  • Nitrogen
  • Nitrogen oxide
  • Liquid Nitrogen
  • Periodic table of Nitrogen
  • Overview of Nitrogen
  • Nitrogen Dynamics
  • Nitrogen in the Environment
  • Elemental information of Nitrogen


  • Simplified nitrogen cycle
  • The Nitrogen Cycle
  • Soil organisms and nitrogen cycle
  • Nitrogen cycling process of an aquarium
  • Nitrogen fertilizer production process
  • Nitrogen fixation
  • Haber–Bosch process
  • Nature's process for nitrogen fixation
  • Nitrogen cycle and nature's interconnectedness


  • Chronic nitrogen enrichment affects the structure and function of the soil microbial community
  • Effects of nitrogen deposition on patterns of ecosystem-level carbon and nitrogen dynamics
  • Effects of nitrogen doping on optical properties of TiO2 thin films
  • Human health effects of a changing global nitrogen cycle
  • Effect of nitrogen rate on plant nitrogen loss in winter wheat varieties
  • Nitrogen stress effects


  • Nitrogen properties
  • Chemical properties of nitrogen
  • Magnetic properties of liquid nitrogen
  • Characteristics of nitrogen
  • Properties of nitrogen element
  • Properties of solid nitrogen
  • General properties of nitrogen
  • Physical properties of nitrogen

Company Profiles

  • Agrium Inc.
  • CF Industries, Inc.
  • The Kugler Company
  • PotashCorp
  • Terra Industries Inc.
  • Koch Industries, Inc.


  • List of Consultants with their Resumes
  • FCC fertilizer & chemical consultancy limited


  • Conceptual model of nitrogen cycling
  • Effects of atmospheric CO(2) on the nitrogen production capabilities of trichodesmium
  • Restoring ecosystem function through nitrogen management
  • Formulate practical management guidelines to minimise nitrogen losses
  • CPU cooling with liquid nitrogen
  • Eco-friendly system offers cost-effective removal of nitrogen from wastewater


  • Car Powered by Liquid Nitrogen
  • 1001 things to do with Liquid Nitrogen
  • Nitrogen services for pipeline and process applications
  • Split nitrogen applications
  • Nitrogen applications and uses
  • Nitrogen application with irrigation water
  • Major applications of nitrogen
  • Applications of gaseous nitrogen
  • Uses of nitrogen


  • Airox Nigen-Onsite low cost P.S.A. nitrogen gas generator
  • Mahler- Nitrogen gas generator
  • World's largest nitrogen plant insulated with expanded perlite
  • Stirling liquid nitrogen production plants
  • PSA nitrogen gas generator
  • Pressure Swing Adsorption nitrogen gas generator/plant
  • Industrial and medical grade oxygen/nitrogen  plant
  • ING. L&A. Boschi - Oxygen/Nitrogen plant
  • Universal Industrial Plant Mfg. Co. (P) Ltd.- Nitrogen plant

Safety and Guides

  • Nitrogen - The bad guy of global warming
  • FAQ about Nitrogen
  • A guide to efficient fertilization
Material Safety Data Sheet
  • Nitrogen
  • Nitrogen (Compressed)
  • Liquid Nitrogen
  • Nitrogen, Refrigerated liquid
  • Dinitrogen tetroxide
  • Nitrogen Trifluoride
  • Nitrogen gas mixture


  • Nitrogen technology
  • Clean coal technology
  • IBDU® slow-release nitrogen technology
  • Membrane technology
  • Nitamin technology
  • Nitrogen oxide-reducing technology
  • Nitrogen Gas Springs - Nitro Springs


  • The Fourth International Nitrogen Conference: N-2007
  • African fertilizer market
  • Agrotain international educates market on economics of nitrogen investment
  • Nutrient farming: The business of environmental management
  • Domestic nitrogen fertilizer production depends on natural gas availability and prices
  • Reducing Nitrogen levels in hog manure by diet manipulation
  • Current Market status of nitrogen
  • Total import share of total EU nitrogen (N) market

Products and management

  • Liquid Nitrogen Ice Cream
  • List of nitrogen products
  • Nitrogen management and the future of food
  • Nitrogen Management in Arizona Aquaculture
  • Nitrogen Fertilizer Management for Canola
  • Nitrogen management for grass pastures
  • Nutrient Manangement
  • Best management practices for nitrogen use
  • Nitrogen management and water quality


  • Nitrogen farming: Harvesting a different crop
  • Agrium- company report
  • Curbing Nitrogen Runoff: Effects on Production & Trade
  • Fertilizer production report
  • Nitrogen (fixed)-ammonia report
  • Overall nitrogen report
  • A primer on ammonia, nitrogen fertilizers and natural gas markets
  • Terra Industries Inc.- company report


  • Nitrogen detection
  • Nitrogen fertilizer
  • Fixation of nitrogen
  • Nitrogen generator
  • Production of nitrogen
  • Nitrogen heterocycles
  • Nitrogen sorption
  • Process for reducing nitrogen oxides to nitrogen
  • Photoreduction of nitrogen
  • Removal of nitrogen from wastewaters

Manufacturers, Suppliers and Buyers

  • List of nitrogen gas manufacturers
  • List of suppliers of nitrogen cylinders
  • List of manufacturers of liquid nitrogen
  • List of suppliers of nitrogen gas
  • List of manufacturers of nitrogen
  • List of nitrogen suppliers in Mangalore
  • List of suppliers of nitrogen CAS 7727-37-9
  • Nitrogen gas suppliers list
  • List of Nitrogen Suppliers in India
  • List of nitrogen suppliers in UK
  • Nitrogen buyers list

Equipment Suppliers

  • Airox Nigen Equipments Pvt. Ltd.
  • Parker Filtration and Separation B.V.
  • List of nitrogen plant manufacturers in India
  • List of nitrogen plant manufacturers and suppliers
  • List of manufacturers of nitrogen plants
  • List of Industrial Gas Plants Manufacturers
  • List of manufacturers of Nitrogen Gas Generators
  • List of exporters of Nitrogen Generators


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