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ABS Resin Acrylic Fiber Buttons Grafted Polymers Elastomers Epoxy Resins Plastic Additives Paraformaldehyde
PE Liners Plastic Tiles Packing Materials Melamine ware Propylene Plastic Extrusion Projects Polymethyl Methacrylate
Coating on Plastic Parts Polyurethane Polyethylene Terephthalate Biodegradable plastic fibre PVC Pipes PVC plastic coated lay flat hose Thermoformed Products
Polmer Bars Polyolefin Polyelectrolyte Expanded Polystyrene Plastic Recycling Polyvinyle Alcohol
Plastic Straps Tooth Brush Poly glycerol sebacate acrylate (PGSA) Drinking Straw Crash Helment Thermocol Recycling Polyethylene
Polyacetal Pet bottle Plastic Closures Plastic Ropes Polycarbonate Recycling Polycarbonate Cast PolyPropylene Films
Polystyrene Plastic Tableware Plastic storage tanks Plastic Pencil Plastic Scrap to Diesel PVC- U Doors & Windows Ziploc
          Air Bubble Packaging  

PET Bottles, recycling, plastic footwear
bags, containers, pipes, Melamine dinner-plate sets and kitchen utensils ,plastic components for consumer electronics, telecommunication equipment, and household electrical appliances
Automotive and motor cycle , washing machines, air conditioners, refrigerators, air cleaners, cooking ranges, microwave ovens, and dehumidifiers  plastic parts Heavy moulds for cycle, auto, & electronic parts, extruded sheets, imitation leather and foam-plastic sheet Plastic materials in cables and so on .

 Primary Information Services

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