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                              Industry Profile
What are they?

  • Poly means many ; meros means parts
  • Polymers are either Natural & Synthetic
  • The first synthetic polymer, a phenol-formaldehyde polymer, was introduced under the name “Bakelite”
  • Rayon is the first synthetic Fiber
  • Polymers are commonly used in thousands of products as plastics, elastomers, coatings, and adhesives.
  • They make up about 80% of the organic chemical industry
  • Natural rubber is a polymer of isoprene in the form of folded polymeric chains which are joined in a
    network structure and have a high degree of flexibility
  • Polymer is composition of monomers. Carbons atoms combine with hydrogen, oxygen, nitrogen, chlorine, or sulphur to form monomers.
  • Monomers are then chemically bonded into a chain called Polymers.
  • Plastic are polymers with high molecular weight
  • Polymer - a chemical substance consisting of molecules characterized by the sequence of one or more types of monomer units and comprising a simple weight majority of molecules
    containing at least 3 monomer units which are covalently bound to at least one other monomer unit or other reactant and which consists of less than a simple weight majority of molecules of the same molecular weight. Such molecules must be distributed over a
    range of molecular weights wherein differences in the molecular weight are primarily attributable to differences in the number of monomer units.
  • Not all polymers can be manufactured due to environmental concerns
  • Some Polymers are exempted and can be produced
  • Cationic polymers and those polymers which are reasonably anticipated to
    become cationic in the natural aquatic environment are excluded from the
    exemption and may not be manufactured under it. The principal concern is the
    toxicity toward aquatic organisms



  • India still will import over 3 MMT of Polymers in 2016

  • Polymer industry - an integral part of mega petrochemical industry

  • Crude oil is a key raw material for polymers ; profitability of the industry has been hit due to rise in International crude oil prices

  • Naphtha is the principal feed stock for polymers in India.

  • Rising naphtha prices have driven the polymer prices upwards

  • The domestic polymer industry is dominated by Polyolefin’s

  • Indian Polyolefin Industry market is dominated by four manufacturers

  • Indian manufacturers have real time opportunities to expand


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