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  • Polyphenylene sulfide (PPS), a form of engineering plastic, is chemically comprised of about 30 percent sulfur and about 70 percent benzene by weight. It has captured wide attention as a material for automobile and electronic parts but its manufacturing costs are high and it has not yet been spread adequately
  • In the PPS manufacturing process,
    sodium sulfide (Na2S) and sodium hydrogen sulfide (NaSH) are made to react with paradichlorobenzene, produced by chlorination of benzene in solvent
    (N-Methylpyrrolidone), and polymerized PPS
  • Polyphenylene sulfide can be molded, extruded, or machined to high tolerances
  • Hydraulic Components, Bearings, Cams, Electrical Parts, Sockets, Coil Forms, Light Reflectors, Emission Systems, Heat Grilles, Microwave Components, Flow meters are some of the application areas of this product
  • There are many sources of technology and companies offering to develop unique materials for special applications, and consultancy services
  • Product Notes
  • Background Information


  • Manufacturing Methods
  • Synthesis
  • Synthesis & thermal properties


  • Cold Crystallization
  • Adhesives for Bonding
  • Properties
  • Material Notes

Material Safety Data Sheet

  • Thermally Conductive Polyphenylene Sulfide
  • Data Sheet
  • Fiber reinforced


  • Process  for preparing Polyphenylene sulfide  Resins
  • Process for making Polyphenylene sulfide with increased weight
  • Fiber Reinforced Polyphenylene sulfide
  • Rapid crystallizing Polyphenylene sulfide Composition
  • Polyphenylene sulfide  molding compounds


  • Advance Capacitors
  • High temperature Applications
  • Electronic Industry
  • Dyeable PP Fibres
  • Yarn


  • Future of Chemicals
  • Market researcher
  • Commercial Polymeric Materials

Project Information

  • Technical Solution provider
  • Equipment Development Company
  • Technology Sourcing
  • Consultant - Technology
  • Technology Source
  • Manufacturing Technology company


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