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  • Acetic anhydride is the chemical compound with the formula (CH3CO)2O. Commonly abbreviated Ac2O, it is one of the simplest acid anhydrides and is a widely used reagent in organic synthesis.
  • It is a colorless liquid that smells strongly of acetic acid, which is formed by its reaction with the moisture in the air.
  • Acetic Anhydride is a clear, colorless liquid with a very pungent, penetrating, vinegar-like odor that combines with water to form acetic acid. It is soluble in ether, chloroform and benzene.
  • The solubility of acetic anhydride in water at 20°C is 2.6 % wt. The acetic anhydride will then slowly decompose to acetic acid.
  • Acetic anhydride melts at –73°C, boils at 139°C, and has a density of 1.080 g/mL at 15°C. It is flammable with a flash point of 54°C.
  • Acetic anhydride is produced by carbonylation of methyl acetate.
  • Acetic anhydride can by prepared by the dehydration of acetic acid at 800°C.
  • The reaction between the acid chloride and a salt of acetic acid yields acetic anhydride and a salt.
  • Acetic anhydride is manufactured in North America by two processes. Most of the production uses the ketene - acetic acid technology, which involves thermal cracking acetic acid to ketene and the subsequent reaction of the ketene with additional acetic acid to form acetic anhydride. Methyl acetate carbonylation is a second route. Some acetic acid is produced as a co-product in the methyl acetate carbonylation process.
  • Acetic anhydride, largest application is for the conversion of cellulose to cellulose acetate, which is a component of photographic film and other coated materials.
  • Acetic anhydride is used in the production of aspirin, acetyl salicylic acid, which is prepared by the acetylation of salicylic acid and it is also used as a wood preservative.
  • The primary use of acetic anhydride is used in the manufacture of cellulose acetate for films and plastic goods; about 75 percent of the acetic anhydride produced annually in the United States is used for this purpose.
  • Approximately 1.5 percent of the annual acetic anhydride production is used in the synthesis of aspirin.
  • Acetic anhydride other uses include the manufacture of industrial chemicals, pharmaceuticals, perfumes, plastics, synthetic fibers, explosives, and weed killers.
  • Acetic anhydride reacts with water, it is sometimes used as a dehydrating agent in reaction mixtures where removal of water is necessary.
  • Most acetic anhydride is used captively in the production of cellulose acetate for filter tow and fiber. Eastman capacity includes 1,200 million pounds of material based on synthesis gas from coal, and 600 million pounds based on the ketene process.
  • About 42 percent of acetic anhydride is consumed in cellulose acetate flake used to produce filter tow.
  • Acetic anhydride is a mature product with over 85 percent of production going into cellulose acetate flake, which in turn, serves well-established markets in filament yarn, cigarette filter tow and cellulose ester plastics.
  • About acetic anhydride
  • Information about acetic anhydride
  • Acetic anhydride
  • General information about acetic anhydride


  • Acetic acid and acetic anhydride
  • The action of acetic anhydride and pyridine on amino acids
  • Labeling of high density lipoproteins with acetic anhydride
  • Liquid phase acetylation of thioanisole with acetic anhydride to 4-(methylthio) acetophenone (4-MTAP) using H-beta catalyst
  • Acetic anhydride
  • Nitration of Phenanthrene in Acetic Anhydride
  • Synthesis of Esters Using Acetic Anhydride


  • Recovery of acetic anhydride
  • Process for the purification of crude acetic anhydride
  • Process for the separation of ethylidene diacetate from acetic anhydride
  • Process for the manufacture of acetic anhydride
  • Acetone removal from acetic anhydride production process
  • Acetic anhydride and acetate ester co-production
  • Process for the preparation of acetic anhydride from methyl formate
  • Preparation of acetic anhydride
  • Process for the preparation of acetic acid and acetic anhydride

Material Safety Data Sheet

  • Acetic Anhydride
  • Material safety data sheet on acetic anhydride
  • MSDS for acetic anhydride
  • Acetic anhydride reagent
  • Safety data for acetic anhydride
  • Acetic acid safety data sheet

Company Profiles

  • Company From Argentina
  • Company From China
  • Company From Delhi
  • Company From India
  • Company From Texas
  • Company From USA


  • Newer gasification and liquefaction technology
  • Radiolabeling of Proteins and Viruses in Vitro by Acetylation with Radioactive Acetic Anhydride
  • Reaction Calorimetry as a Tool in Process Development, Research and Safety Analysis
  • Carbohydrate histochemistry studied by acetylation techniques


  • Consultant from California
  • Consultant from Illinois
  • Consultant from Minnesota
  • Consultant from UK
  • Consultant from India


  • Plant from India
  • Plant from Mumbai
  • Plant from Punjab
  • Plant from Saudi Arabia
  • Plant from Sweden
  • Plant from Texas

Turnkey Offers

  • Turnkey from India
  • Turnkey from Saudi Arabia
  • A Green Catalyst for Solventless Acetylation of Alcohols and Phenols with Acetic Anhydride
  • An efficient Acetylation of Primary and Secondary Aliphatic Alcohols with Acetic Anhydride in the Presence of Graphite Bisulphate
  • Holoprotein Formation of Human
    Chorionic Gonadotropin: Differential
    Trace Labeling with Acetic Anhydride
  • Reaction of tetrahydrofuran and acetic anhydride catalyzed by electro generated acid
  • Simultaneous quantification of lyso-neutral glycosphingolipids and neutral glycosphingolipids by N-acetylation with acetic anhydride
  • Synthesis of Banana Oil Using Green Chemistry


  • Product description of acetic anhydride
  • Acetic anhydride
  • Acetic anhydride ReagentPlus®, ≥99%
  • Acetic anhydride product specification


  • Acetylation of Raw Cotton for Oil Spill Cleanup Application
  • Synthesizing aspirin: The acetylation of salicylic acid
  • Synthesizing Aspirin and Oil of Wintergreen
  • Preparation of aspirin
  • Wood preservation by a mixed anhydride treatment
  • On the mechanism of cellulose acetylation


  • Acetic anhydride
  • Investigation of Solid Wood Impregnation with Acetic Anhydride
    by Mathematical Modelling
  • Nanjing Chemical Complex Grand Opening Investor Presentation
  • Project data on eastman chemical company's chemicals from coal complex in kingsport
  • Occupational safety and health guideline for acetic anhydride
  • Acetylation of wood
  • Acetic anhydride


  • Acetic anhydride
  • Safety data on acetic anhydride
  • Information on acetic anhydride

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