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  • An allyl group is an alkene hydrocarbon group with the formula H2C=CH-CH2-. It is made up of a vinyl group, CH2=CH-, attached to a methylene -CH2.
  • Compounds containing the allyl group are often referred to as being allylic. Allylic carbons are spł hybridized, vinylic carbons are sp˛ hybridized.
  • The site of the saturated carbon atom, where the vinyl group attaches (e.g. next to the OH in allyl alcohol) is called the allylic position or allylic site. A group, such as -OH, attached at an allylic site is sometimes described as allylic. Two examples of simple allyl compounds are allyl chloride and allyl alcohol.
  • Allylic methylene groups show special reactivity such as demonstrated in allylic oxidations, ene reactions and the Trost asymmetric allylic alkylation.
  • Allyl chloride is a chemical intermediate used in many applications. It is a highly versatile product due to its dual reactive sites at the double bond and the chlorine atom.
  • Allyl, an unsaturated bond, imparts a characteristic odor in some compounds. An example is allyl isothiocyanate which is the main ingredient of black mustards. (white mustard consists principally of p-hydroxybenzyl isothiocyanate). Allyl isothiocyanate is called mustard oil. Allyl esters are involved in fragrance, flavor, or odor.
  • In a process for production of allyl chloride whereby allyl alcohol and hydrogen chloride are reacted in the presence of a catalyst and the resulting allyl chloride is distilled off from the reaction system, the by-production of diallyl ether is suppressed by lowering the molar concentration ratio of hydrogen chloride with respect to allyl alcohol in the reaction solution.
  • Allyl chloride has conventionally been produced by hot chlorination of propylene.
  • The catalyst used in the production process can work at any pressure from atmospheric up to 40 bar. The active temperature range is between 400°C and 540°C.
  • The most important derivative of allyl chloride is epichlorohydrin, which is produced captively and is mainly used for epoxy resin production. The largest allyl chloride market is the manufacture of quaternary ammonium flocculants for raw and potab water clarification.
  • Allylbenzene and Allyl Phenyl Ether are used as a chain-transfer agents in radical polymerization.
  • Monoallyl ester of glycerol (MAEG) and mixture of di- and triallyl esters of glycerol (DAEG) are useful for the production of polyesters finding their application in paint and varnish industry and laminated plastics manufacture.
  • Allyl alcohol is used in the manufacture of drugs, organic chemicals, plastics, herbicides and
  • Demand for allyl chloride as a result of growth in the water treatment sector, with developing countries giving greater attention to their water infrastructure.
  • In addition to feeding the external market, the allyl chloride expansion will allow the leading company in Texas to continue meeting its internal requirements for the manufacturing of epichlorohydrin and other important intermediates, resins and chemicals.
  • About allyl alcohol
  • Information about allyl alcohol
  • Basic information about allyl alcohol
  • General about Allyl alcohol

Production and Process

  • Increasing the Production of 3-Chloro-1-Propene (Allyl Chloride) in Unit 600
  • Increasing the Production of 3-Chloro-1-Propene (Allyl Chloride) in Unit 600 - Revisited
  • Design and Optimization of a New 20,000 Metric Tons Per Year Facility to Produce Allyl Chloride
  • Energy Balances, Numerical Methods  Design Project Production of Allyl Chloride
  • Fluid Mechanics, Heat Transfer, Thermodynamics Design Project Production of Allyl Chloride
  • Separations and Reactors Design Project Production of Allyl Chloride
  • Production of Allyl Phenyl Carbinol (APC) by Biotransformation using Rhizopus arrhizus

  • Alkylations of N-allyl-2-lithiopyrrolidines
  • Allyl sulfides modify cell growth
  • Synthesis of spironaphthopyrans containing an allyl group
  • A convenient and stereoselective synthesis of (Z)-allyl selenides via Sm/TMSCl system-promoted coupling of Baylis-Hillman adducts with diselenides
  • Transition metal catalysed Grignard-like allylic activation across tetragonal tin(II) oxide
  • The synthesis of 3-allyl-4-ethyl-2-(1-hydroxyethyl)-1-methoxynaphthalene and its behaviour towards base- and palladium-promoted cyclisation under aerobic and anaerobic conditions

Company Profiles
  • Company from Thailand
  • Company from USA
  • Company from Texas
  • Company from India
  • Company from Rheinberg
  • Company from China
  • Company from Australia

  • Process for making vinyl aromatic/allyl alcohol copolymers
  • Allyl chloride process
  • Method for isomerizing allyl alcohols
  • Copolymers of propylene and allyl alcohol
  • Process for the polymerization of allyl halides
  • Allyl isothiocyanate sprays
  • Waterborne polymers having pendant allyl groups

  • Curing of the Diethylene Glycol Bis(Allyl Carbonate) Determination of the Kinetic Triplet Using the Isoconversional Method and Compensation Effect
  • Amino Allyl MessageAmp™ II aRNA Amplification
  • Optimization of the Reaction Parameters of Epoxidation of Allyl Alcohol with  Hydrogen Peroxide on TS-1 Catalyst
  • Amino-allyl Dye Coupling Protocol
  • Radio Frequency-Induced Plasma Polymerization of Allyl Alcohol and 1- Propanol
  • Technology for producing allyl esters of glycerol
  • Tin-free radical carbonylation using alkyl allyl sulfone precursors

  • Consultant from Minnesota
  • Consultant from India
  • Consultant from Texas
  • Consultant from Oklahoma
  • Consultant from California

  • Material Balances Project: Allyl Chloride Manufacture
  • Bio availability and metabolism of allyl isothiocyanates
  • Hair Volumizers and Thickeners
  • Research Area "Allyl Complexes of the d10-Metals Nickel and Palladium"
  • Development of organometallic moieties for the selective functionalization of organic molecules

  • Allyl chloride applications
  • Allyl 2,3-epoxypropyl ether
  • Applications of Allyl Pentaerythritol
  • Chemical profiles of allyl alcohol

  • Allyl Ester Products
  • Allyl Ethers
  • Allyl chloride
  • Tri Allyl Iso Cyanurate
  • Allyl Sulfamides
  • Allyl functional monomers

Material safety data sheet
  • Safety data for allyl alcohol
  • Allyl chloride
  • Norsocryl allyl methacrylate
  • Safety data for allyl glycidyl ether
  • Allyl chloride material safety data sheet
  • Allyl alcohol
  • Allyl Pentaerythritol
  • Safety data for allyl chloride
  • Material safety data sheet of allyl chloride

Market and Report
  • Carcinogenesis studies of allyl isovalerate
  • Opinion of the Scientific Committee on Food on Estragole (1-Allyl-4-methoxybenzene)
  • Evidence on the carcinogencity of allyl isovalerate
  • Esbiothrin information
  • Test plan for allyl alcohol
  • Guide for the Selection of Chemical Agent and Toxic Industrial Material Detection Equipment for Emergency First Responders
  • Bioassay of allyl chloride for possible carcinogencity
  • Dow Epoxy Announces Allyl Chloride Expansion
  • Polish market
  • Survey and technical assessment of alternatives to TBBPA and HBCDD

Safety issues
  • Chemical profile for 1-allyl-4-methoxybenzene
  • About allyl chloride
  • About allyl isovalerate

  • Suppliers of allyl chloride
  • Manufacturers of allyl
  • Allyl suppliers

Equipment Suppliers
  • Auxill uk limited
  • Storage tank requirements of allyl alcohol suppliers

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