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  • Aluminum pigments are used in many types of polymers to impart both AESTHETIC and FUNCTIONAL value.
  • Raw materials of aluminium pigments is aluminium.
  • Traditionally, aluminium pigments were manufactured by processing
    aluminium particles through a ball mill in the presence of a solvent,followed by classification through a sieve, then solvent removal by means
    of a filter press, to be then finally processed into dry and/or dispersion
  • Another process for the manufacture of aluminium
    pigments has been developed, by which aluminium is vaporized and
    deposited onto a polyester film. The aluminium pigment is then stripped
    from the film, classified, and processed into dry and/or dispersion forms
  • The latest generation of metallic aluminium pigments is a series where
    a layer of aluminium hydroxide alone is deposited on the surface of the
    aluminium, or a layer of an absorption pigment and a layer of silica are
    deposited together.The combination of the two materials results in pigments
    with the brilliance of aluminium and the added effect of vivid color from the absorption pigment
  • There are an amazing number of different aluminum pigment grades each offering a distinct visual appearance or functional attribute.
  • Commonly used in coatings to give a silvery and shiny luster to the substrate. Such paints and inks have traditionally been solvent borne, since Aluminium pigment particles react with water.
  • Aluminium pigmented chlorinated rubber coatings, widely used for steel ship protection, can be bleached when exposed to total immersion conditions.
  • Aluminum pigments are most commonly provided as a plasticizer dampened powder or as a pellet in which the flakes are bound together with a solid resin.
  • The relationship between external salinity and contamination by sodium chloride of the steel/coating interface in the bleaching processes has been analyzed.
  • The asphaltic oils in the base coating are protected from the intense rays of the sun by the reflective properties of the aluminum.
  • The combination of aluminum and asphalt produces a self-protecting roof coating with longer lasting moisture and heat resistant features.
  • The use of  The sun's rays are prevented from penetrating the roof coating and passing the heat into the building interior thus improving inside living and working conditions.
  • Adding metallic aluminum pigment to roof coating goes beyond cosmetics.
  • Over 70% of the sun's rays are reflected, thereby preventing the oils from being "cooked out" out of the base asphaltic coating. This allows the coating to retain its resilient characteristics and not crack or prematurely dry out.
  • Aluminum reflective coating will help reduce indoor building temperatures by as much as 15-20 degrees Fahrenheit. 


  • Specialty Pigments
  • Aluminum pigment dispersions for nail polish
  • Pigments For Coating
  • Advances In Aluminium Pigment Technology To Meet The Demands Of The Coatings Industry


  • Spectraflair Pigment
  • Titanium Dioxide Pigment - Laminate Grades
  • Cres-Lite Metallic Pigments
  • Silbercote AQ Star Series Aluminium Pigment


  • Safety Instructions For Handling and Processing Aluminium Powder
  • Benda-Lulz Stabil SI Aluminium Pigments
  • Encapsulated non-leafing Aluminium Pigments
    Beschichtete non-leafing Aluminium pigments
  • Lithoflex Aluminium Pigment Pastes
  • Non-leafing Aluminium Pigments for Powder Coatings
  • Paints and Pigments
  • Aluminium Pigment Paste - non leafing
  • Arasan- Aluminium Pigment  Powder
  • Recommendations for storage and handling of aluminum powders and paste

Manufacturing process

  • Aluminium Pigment Production
  • Elimination Of Organic Solvents In Aluminium Pigment Production


  • Aluminium Pigment
  • Aluminium Pigment Composition
  • Aluminium Flake Pigment
  • Aluminium Pigment, Process For Its Production and Resin Compositions Containing The Same
  • Thin Covering Aluminium Pigments, Process For The Production Thereof, and Use Of Said Aluminium pigments
  • Use Of Bismuth Vanadate Pigments Containing Aluminium For Colouring Coating Powder


  • Aluminium Pigment Production

Raw material suppliers

  • Aluminium
  • Suppliers From China
  • Suppliers From Delhi
  • Suppliers From India
  • Suppliers From UK
  • Suppliers From USA

Company profiles

  • Company from Argentina
  • Company 1 from China
  • Company 2 from China
  • Company 3 from china
  • Company from England


  • Consultancy from Uk
  • Consultancy from Satara
  • Consultancy from Usa
  • Consultancy from Delhi
  • Metallic pigments
  • Aluminum pigment


  • Wire Enamels and Impregnating Resins Enable Usage Of Renewable Energies
  • Organic Coating of Aluminium
  • Aluminium Pigmented Emulsified Asphalt Used As A Protective Coating For Roofing 


  • Citric Acid As Corrosion Inhibitor For
    Aluminium Pigment
  • Corrosion Inhibition of Aluminium Pigments in Aqueous Alkaline
    Medium Using Plant Extracts
  • Optimization of the Shear Stability of Aluminium
    Pigmented Waterborne Basecoats


  • Regulating Reflections
  • Aluminum Pigments
    for Powder Coatings
  • Applications Of Mass Pigmented Systems
  • Metal Pigment
  • Coatings Systems and
    Their Applications
  • Nano-Particles
    Industrial Applications
  • Aluminium Pigments for
    Ultra Brilliant Plastic Mass Coloration



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