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  • Ammonia is a compound with the formula NH3. It is normally encountered as a gas with a characteristic pungent odor.
  •  Ammonia contributes
    significantly to the nutritional needs of terrestrial organisms by serving as a precursor to foodstuffs and fertilizers.
  • Ammonia, either directly or indirectly, also is a building block for the synthesis of many pharmaceuticals. Although in wide use, ammonia is both caustic and hazardous.
  • Ammonia, as used commercially, is often called anhydrous ammonia. This term emphasizes the absence of water in the material.
  • "Household ammonia" or "ammonium hydroxide" is a solution of NH3 in water. The strength of such solutions is measured in units of baume
     with 26 degrees baume.
  • Household ammonia ranges in concentration from 5 to 10 weight percent ammonia.
  • In certain organisms, ammonia is produced from atmospheric N2 by enzymes called nitrogenases. The overall process is called nitrogen fixation.
  • Ammonia is also a metabolic product of amino acid deamination. Ammonia excretion is common in aquatic animals. In humans, it is quickly converted to urea, which is much less toxic.
  • Approximately 83% (as of 2003) of ammonia is used as fertilizers either as its salts or as solutions.
  • Consuming more than 1% of the man-made power, the production of ammonia is significant component of the world energy budget.
  • Ammonia's thermodynamic properties made it one of the refrigerants commonly used prior to the discovery of dichlorodifluoromethane.
  • Liquid ammonia was used as the fuel of the rocket airplane, the X-15.
  • Solutions of ammonia in water can be applied on the skin to lessen the effects of acidic animal poisons, especially insect poison and jellyfish poison.
  • Ammonia used to scrub SO2 from the burning of fossil fuels, the resulting product is converted to ammonium sulfate for use as fertilizer.
  • The worldwide ammonia production in 2004 was 109 million metric tonnes.
  • The People's Republic of China produced 28.4% of the worldwide production followed by India with 8.6%, Russia with 8.4%, and the United States with 8.2%.
  • About 80% or more of the ammonia produced is used for fertilizing agricultural crops.
  • Imports of ammonia and other nitrogen products into the US
    market surged temporarily and then fell back, although ammonia imports remain higher than before the gas spike.
  • Producers outside the US also need to review their strategies and consider the threats and opportunities presented by the changing and uncertain
    US market.

General Information
  • Information about Ammonia
  • Facts about ammonia
  • Factsheet of Ammonia
  • Ammonia Information
  • Description about Ammonia


  • Company from India
  • Company from Australia
  • Company from Canada
  • Company from China
  • Company from USA
  • Company from Indonesia
  • Company from NewJersey
  • Company from Zhejiang


  • Consultant from Colorado
  • Consultant from Minnesota
  • Consultant from NewJersey
  • Consultant from USA
  • Consultant from  Texas
  • Consultant from US


  • Control of Ammonia Production in Animal Research Facilities Through Ventilation System Design
  • Domestic production and use of Ammmonia
  • Ammonia production Flowsheet
  • Maximize ammonia production cost-effectively
  • Production of Ammonia
  • Information about Ammonia production


  • Process Flow Diagram of a Typical Ammonia Plant
  • Clean & Green Process
  • Ammonia process flow diagram
  • Removing ammonia from flyash
  • Haber Process for Ammonia Synthesis
  • Improved Benfield Process for Ammonia Plants
  • Ammonia process
  • Ammonia synthesis
  • Ammonia Recycling
  • Simplified ammonia process
  • Steam Reforming Plant for Ammonia Synthesis


  • Global impact and application of the anaerobic ammonium-oxidizing (anammox) bacteria
  • Application of commercial grade ammonium liquor
  • Ammonia application
  • Optimization of Ammonia Source for SCR Applications


  • Ammonia Emissions and Animal Agriculture
  • Elastic scattering of low-energy electrons from ammonia
  • Inversion Doubling of Ammonia
  • Ammonia Effects on Ionotropic Glutamate Receptors
  • Application of Real-Time PCR To Study Effects of Ammonium on Population Size of Ammonia-Oxidizing Bacteria in Soil



  • Tradeleads of ammonia
  • Sellingleads of ammonia
  • Suppliers of Ammonia
  • Manufacturers of Ammonia
  • Ammonia Suppliers


  • Buyers list1
  • Buyers list2


  • Ketchikan ammonia training project
  • Ammonia plant replacement project
  • Un-ionized Ammonia TMDL


  • Process for the manufacture of ammonia
  • Process for the manufacture of ammonium polyphosphate
  • Process for producing ammonium metavanadate
  • Catalytic oxidation of Ammonia
  • Process for the manufacture of ammonium Dialkyldithiophosphates
  • Purification and transfilling of ammonia


  • On Thermophysical Properties of Ammonia-Water Mixtures for Prediction of Heat Transfer Areas in Power Cycles
  • Ammonia Has Anesthetic Properties
  • Physical properties of Aqua ammonia
  • Thermo dynamic properties of ammonia water mixtures


  • Ammonia hazards
  • Exposure to Ammonia
  • Hazards of ammonia releases at ammonia refrigeration facilities
  • Summary of Ammonia accidents in the United states


  • Aqua ammonia
  • Ammonia sulfate fertilisers
  • Household ammonia
  • Ammonium hydroxide
  • Ammonium persulfate
  • Safety data for ammonia
  • Ammonium thiosulfate


  • Hydrogen Engine Center Demonstrates Carbon-Free Hydrogen Ammonia (anhydrous) Engine
  • Executive Summary
  • Global ammonia market
  • Ammonia Market
  • Market details of Ammonia


  • Why is the ammonia chiller more efficient?
  • Report from the Ammonia Expert Group
  • ISIS Experimental Report
  • Quaternary Ammonia Injury on Grapefruit Peel
  • Ammonia report
  • Anhydrous Ammonia Theft

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