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  • Aniline, phenylamine or aminobenzene is an organic compound with the formula C6H7N.
  • Aniline is the simplest and one of the most important aromatic amines, being used as a precursor to more complex chemicals.
  • Aniline main application is in the manufacture of polyurethane. Like most volatile amines, it possesses the somewhat unpleasant odour of rotten fish and also has a burning aromatic taste.
  • Aniline is a highly-acrid poison. It ignites readily, burning with a smoky flame.
  • Aniline is colourless, it slowly oxidizes and resinifies in air, giving a red-brown tint to aged samples.
  • Aniline combines directly with alkyl iodides to form secondary and tertiary amines.
  • Aniline reacts with carboxylic acids or more readily with acyl chlorides such as acetyl chloride to give amides. The amides formed from aniline are  sometimes called anilides.
  • Aniline and its ring-substituted derivatives react with nitrous acid to form diazonium salts.
  • Aniline reacts with nitrobenzene to produce phenazine in the Wohl-Aue reaction.
  • The great commercial value of aniline was due to the readiness with which it yields, directly or indirectly, dyestuffs.
  • At the present time, the largest market for aniline is preparation of methylene diphenyl diisocyanate (MDI), some 85% of aniline serving this market.
  • When polymerized, aniline can be used as a type of nanowire for use as a semiconducting electrode bridge, most recently used for nano-scale devices such as biosensors.
  • Aniline is used to stain neural RNA blue in the Nissl stain.
  • Currently, aniline manufacturers pay more attention to the market dynamic, especially the MDI market, and duly adjust their aniline production.
  • Gross profit for aniline improved because the increase in its average selling price more than offset the increase in the price of its main raw material, benzene.
  • SP chemicals has doubled its Chlor-alkali and aniline production capacities in its Production Phase Four Expansion Plans (“PP4”).
  • The structure and properties of copolymers based on aniline and pyrrole prepared by electrochemical methods were reported to depend
    significantly on the solvent and supporting electrolyte.

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  • Information about Aniline
  • Description about Aniline
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  • FAQ about Aniline

Company & Technology

  • Company from USA
  • Company from Michigan
  • Company from Chicago
  • Separation of Aniline Derivatives by Micellar Electrokinetic Capillary Chromatography
  • Polymerization of Benzene and aniline on Cu(II)-Exchanged hectorite clay films:A scanning force microscope study


  • Consultant from California
  • Consultant from Denmark
  • Consultant from London
  • Consultant from Minnesota
  • Consultant from Singapore
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  • Consultant from Orleans
  • Consultant from USA
  • Consultant from Singapore


  • Selling leads of Aniline
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  • Aniline Suppliers


  • Colorimetric Detection of Aniline Based on Di(hydroxymethyl)- di-(2-pyrrolyl)methane
  • Nanostructures of Polyaniline doped with a novel dopant
  • Electrochemical synthesis of poly(2-methyl aniline): electrochemical and spectroscopic characterization
  • TS-1 oxidation of aniline to azoxybenzene in a microstructured reactor
  • Postintercalative Polymerization of Aniline and Its Derivatives in Layered Metal Phosphates
  • Retention and Mobilisation of Trinitrotoluene, Aniline, Nitrobenzene and Toluene by Soil Organic Matter


  • MSDS for Aniline
  • Aniline MSDS
  • Safety data for aniline-d7
  • Safety data for aniline
  • Aniline hydrochloride MSDS


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Products & Application

  • Wood Finish Supply
  • 2 fluoro aniline
  • 4 fluoro aniline
  • Syncurol
  • Venpure


  • Biological Properties of Chloro-salicylidene Aniline and Its Complexes with Co(II) and Cu(II)
  • Synthesis and Electrochemical Properties of Poly(aniline boronic acid)
  • Electroheological properties of dilute suspensions of polyaniline/titanate hybrid nanotubes
  • Optical properties of Polyaniline salt and polyaniline base with KBr and picric acid composites
  • Oxidative Copolymers of Aniline with o-Toluidine: Their Structure and Thermal Properties


  • Aniline hazards
  • Aniline leather dyes exposure
  • Chemical hazards of Aniline
  • Aniline Spill Response Procedures


  • Aniline disulfide derivatives for treating allergic diseases
  • Preparation of P-Aminoazobenzene from Aniline
  • Process for preparing Aniline
  • Protecting carbon steel from corrosion with non conducting poly(aniline)

Market & Report

  • SP chemicals registers 2Q FY 2008 net profit of RMB152.7 million
  • China market of Aniline
  • Executive summary of Aniline
  • Study of the Influence of a Mixed Electrolyte of Oxalic Acid and DBSA on the Properties of Co-Deposited Poly(Aniline-Co-Pyrrole)
  • Spectroscopic Study of Polyaniline Emeraldine Base:Modelling Approach
  • Studies of Electrical Properties of Polyaniline Irradiated by X-rays
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