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  • Arsenic is a chemical element that has the symbol As and atomic number 33.
  • Arsenic is very similar chemically to its predecessor, phosphorus.
  • Arsenic has been known and used in Persia and elsewhere since ancient times.
  • Arsenic occurs naturally in a wide range of minerals, which, together with a once wide spread use of arsenic in pigments, insecticides and herbicides, represent the major sources of arsenic in natural waters.
  • Terrestrial plants are able to accumulate arsenic to a substantial extent but survive the stress to differing degrees of vitality.
  • The uptake and processing of arsenic species such as As(III) and As(V) can be done by Silene vulgaris.
  • An experiments were conducted to study the effects of arsenic-contaminated irrigationwater, zinc and organic matter on the mobilization of arsenic in an Aeric Endoaquept in relation to rice.
  • Solar oxidation and removal of arsenic (SORAS) is a simple method that uses irradiation of water with sunlight in PET- or other UV-A transparent bottles to reduce arsenic levels in drinking water.
  • Phytoextraction, a strategy of phyto remediation, uses plants to clean up contaminated soils and has been successfully applied to arsenic contaminated soils.
  • Ferro sand Filter Media is manufactured to exact specifications to ensure the complete oxidation of soluble iron, manganese, and arsenic using stoichiometric quantities of oxidizing agents.
  • A therapy uses arsenic-74, a radioactive isotope that is one of a small number of positron emitters with a half-life suitable for medical imaging.
  • Techniques of quantitative analysis using the electron microprobe were improved to resolve variations in the concentration of arsenic within pyrite in the Bengal delta sediment.
  • The separation of different arsenic species was performed by ion chromatography.
  • The determination of arsenic can be done by hydride generation atomic fluorescence spectrometry.
  • Tests to determine the concentration of the behavior of arsenic must be performed in order to choose the proper removal technique.
  • China was the top producer of white arsenic with almost 50% world share followed by Chile and Peru.
  • The largest market basket survey of arsenic in U.S. rice, indicates that rice from California contains, on average, about 40% less arsenic than rice from the south central U.S.—Arkansas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Texas, and Missouri.
  • The higher level of arsenic in rice from the south central U.S. can be traced to residual arsenic-containing pesticides still present in old cotton fields now used for growing rice.
  • Over 35,000 metric tons of arsenic has been imported into Florida from places like China, Chile and Mexico to be used as an ingredient in pressure treating CCA-treated wood.
  • Arsenic is used as a base material in GaAs ICs and other devices. GaAs devices have cost and performance benefits over silicon and they’re found in wireless products and all high-speed communications equipment.
  • England added that Norway has recommended some of the 18 substances, including arsenic, to the European Commission for consideration in their current review of the RoHS directive.
  • The content of arsenic in muscle of trout from all farms under study
  • Arsenic and compounds, as As (except AsH3 and As2O3)
  • Faq
  • Guidelines for selecting a home arsenic Treatment System
  • Overview of speciation chemistry of arsenic
  • Arsenic


  • Analysis of arsenic species accumulation by plants and the influence on their nitrogen uptake
  • Application of isotopic analyses for ground water arsenic studies
  • A cost-effective process for the removal of arsenic that meets or exceeds USEPA, Canadian and Ten States Standards
  • A Visual Method for the Detection of Arsenic
  • CCA removal from treated wood using a dual remediation process
  • Arsenic Phytoextraction & Hyperaccumulation By fern Species
  • Greensand Process Removes Iron, Manganese, Arsenic from Groundwater
  • Mobilisation of arsenic in soils and in rice
  • Arsenic Elimination
  • Bangladesh in need of simple arsenic removal methods


  • Arsenic
  • Domestic Production
  • Arsenic Trioxide
  • Production & Use
  • Domestic tables were prepared by Elsie D. Isaac, statistical assistant, and the world production table was prepared by Regina R. Coleman, international data coordinator.
  • Domestic tables were prepared by Elsie D. Isaac, statistical assistant, and the world production table
  • Arsenic Minerals Book
  • Import Source
  • Minerals Year Book

Company Profile

  • Company From Ash Land
  • Company From China
  • Company From India
  • Company From India
  • Company From USA


  • Bioremediation of arsenic toxicity by algae in rice culture
  • Developmental Arsenic Neurotoxicity in Retrospect 
  • Environmental Contaminants Encyclopedia Arsenic Entry
  • Arsenic Water Treatment and Human Exposure
  • Wood Preservatives Containing Arsenic and Chromates
  • Arsenic in drinking water


  • Management Of Arsenic Trioxide
  • Arsenic in Poultry Litter Organic Regulations
  • Drinking Water Standard for Arsenic


  • Improved Electron Probe Microanalysis - Characterization of an Important Arsenic Sink
  • Arsenic enhances cancer imaging
  • Determination of arsenic in traditional Chinese Medicine by Hydride generation-atomic fluorescence spectrometry
  • A new technique of arsenic determination based on electrolytic arsine generation and atomic absorption spectroscopy
  • Arsenic Removal Technology
  • Low-cost Technique of Arsenic Removal from Water and Its Removal Mechanism
  • Presentation of arsenic data using GIS techniques
  • Recognized Treatment Techniques For Meeting Drinking Water Regulations For The Reduction Of Arsenic From Drinking Water Supplies
  • Arsenics Statistics
  • Final Project Report on Arsenic Biogeochemistry in the Clinch River and Watts Bar Reservoir
  • Arsenic
  • Smelter Putting arsenic in the air is set to close
  • Technical Review Panel (TRP) Decision Document Site Remediation Program
  • Arsenic Removal from Drinking Water by Process Modifications to Coagulation/Filtration U.S. EPA Demonstration Project at Lidgerwood, ND Final Evaluation Report
  • Arsenic and Old Waste
  • Arsenic End Use


  • Arsenic aids tumor imaging when joined to cancer
  • Concentrations of Arsenic in Brackish Lake Water: Application of Tristimulus Colorimetric Determination
  • The First Platinum Refiners
  • Assessment of arsenic mobility in the soils of some golf courses
  • Solution purification
  • An Arsenic Emitter Structure for High-Performance Silicon Transistors  


  • The Cambridge Arsenic Project
  • Development of Family Filter for Arsenic Removal
  • Phyto filtration Of Arsenic From Drinking Water
  • Health Effects of Arsenic Contaminated Drinking Water
  • Investigation of New Techniques For Control Of Smelter a Bearing Wastes
  • Norman Arsenic
  • Arsenic Removal Research Sponsored by Awwa Research Foundation
  • Bioavailability of Arsenic in  Contaminated Soils
  • Strengthening Of Arsenic


  • Consultants From America
  • List OF Consultants
  • Consultants List
  • Consultants From New Jersy
  • Consultants From Ohio
  • Consultants From USA


  • Content of Arsenic in Market–Ready Rainbow Trout
  • Arsenic Concentration of Rice in Bangladesh
  • Norway Arsenic Proposal Shakes Industry
  • Arsenic imports for lumber plunge; UF Center sets sights on disposal
  • Arsenic in U.S. rice varies by region


  • Lead-Antimony-Arsenic Alloys
  • arsenic black, arsenicals, arsenic-75, colloidal arsenic, grey arsenic, metallic arsenic 
  • Arsenic Tri sulfide Glass
  • Arsenic
  • Arsenic Sulfide
  • Arsenic trioxide
  • Arsenic acid


  • Field Deployable Cartridge Method & Test Kit For Arsenic
  • Co Implantation of arsenic & Phosphorus in Extended drain Region
  • Method For Forming The Ultra Shallow Junction By Using The Arsenic Plasma
  • Process For Stabilization Of Arsenic
  • Method For Simultaneous Removal Of Arsenic & Fluorides From Aqueous Solution
  • Reagents For Arsenic Meter
  • Vapor Deposition Of Arsenic


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