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  • Bismuth is a chemical element that has the symbol Bi and atomic number 83. This heavy, brittle, white crystalline trivalent poor metal has a pink tinge and chemically resembles arsenic and antimony. Of all the metals, it is the most naturally diamagnetic, and only mercury has a lower thermal conductivity.
  • Bismuth is rarely found in nature in its elemental form. It is a white, crystalline, brittle metal with a pinkish tinge. It occurs in a native state. Bismuth is the most diamagnetic of all metals, and the thermal conductivity is lower than any metal, except mercury. It has a high electrical resistance, and has the highest Hall effect of any metal.The most important ores are bismuthinite or bismuth glance and bismite. Peru, Japan, Mexico, Bolivia, and Canada are major bismuth producers. Much of the bismuth produced in the U.S. is obtained as a by-product in refining lead, copper, tin, silver, and gold ores.
  • Bismuth is recovered mainly during the smelting of copper and lead ores. Bismuth-containing dust from copper smelting operationss is
    transferred to lead smelting operations for recovery. At lead smelting operations, bismuth is recovered by one of two processes: the Betterton-Kroll Process and the Betts Electrolytic Process. Bismuth can also be re covered from other bismuth -bearing materials.
  • "Bismanol" is a permanent magnet of high coercive force, made of MnBi, by the U.S. Naval Surface Weapons Center. Bismuth expands 3.32% on solidification. This property makes bismuth alloys particularly suited to the making of sharp castings of objects subject to damage by high temperatures. With other metals such as tin, cadmium, etc., bismuth forms low-melting alloys which are extensively used for safety devices in fire detection and extinguishing systems.
  • Bismuth is used in producing malleable irons and is finding use as a catalyst for making acrylic fibers. When bismuth is heated in air it burns with a blue flame, forming yellow fumes of the oxide. The metal is also used as a thermocoupling material, and has found application as a carrier for 235U or 233U fuel in nuclear reactors. Its soluble salts are characterized by forming unsoluble basic salts on the addition of water, a property sometimes used in detection work. Bismuth oxychloride is used extensively in cosmetics. Bismuth subnitrate and subcarbonate are used in medicine.
  • Bismuth is also quite inert and scientifically recognized as one of the safest and most benign metals, making it ideally suited for numerous pharmaceuticals, medicines, and cosmetics.  The annual bismuth market is in excess of 10,000 tonnes and recent growth (approximately 15%) has been constrained almost entirely by a lack of supply resulting in increases in price to more than US$8.00/lb.
  • The price of bismuth remained fairly steady during the first quarter of 2006 finishing the quarter within a range of $4.45 to $4.70 per pound; the price drifted lower during the second quarter, ending the quarter at $4.20 to $4.50 per pound; the price rose somewhat in the third quarter, ending the quarter at $4.60 to $4.80 per pound. The estimated annual average bismuth price rose about 13% above that for 2005.
General Introduction
  • Bismuth
  • The Mineral Bismuth
  • Bismuth - Sources
  • Bismuth - General Information
  • Notable characteristics
  • Bismuth Element
  • Description and Isolation

Material Safety Data Sheet

  • Bismuth Bronze
  • Bismuth Carbonate
  • Bismuth Nitrate
  • Bismuth Oxychloride
  • Bismuth Sulfate
  • Bismuth Telluride

Bismuth Processing

  • Generalized Process Description
  • Bismuth precursors for atomic layer deposition of bismuth containing oxide films
  • Laboratory-Scale Bismuth Phosphate Extraction Process
  • Bismuth Presentation and Packaging
  • Radiochemistry of Bismuth
  • The Bismuth-Phosphate Process


  • Lubricating compositions containing bismuth compounds
  • Bismuth Containing Pharmaceutical Compositions
  • Bismuth compounds
  • Corrosion - Resistant Bismuth Brass
  • Method for Forming Triniobium Tin Superconductor with Bismuth
  • Refining of Bismuth
  • Process for the chemical preparation of bismuth telluride


  • Research and Technology in 2003
  • Research and Technology in 2004
  • Nanophase Technologies Announces Commercial Availability of Nanocrystalline bismuth oxide
  • Nuclear Technology
  • Summary of the Plans for the ISTC Lead/Bismuth Target


  • Bismuth Production in 2003
  • Bismuth Production in 2004
  • Bismuth Production in 2005
  • Bismuth Production and Consumption in 2005
  • Bismuth in the Third Quarter 2006
  • Bismuth in the Four Quarter 2006
  • Bismuth Production in 2006
  • Bismuth Production in 2007
  • Bismuth in the First Quarter 2007
  • Production in Canada
  • Bismuth Statistics


  • Bismuth End - Use Statistics
  • Bismuth Market
  • Bismuth price bounces back to $6-$6.25 per lb
  • US bismuth market quiet, prices ease
  • Metal Markets

Plant Details

  • Mining Technology
  • Hanford Site
  • Mexican Mining Industry
  • Mining Industry
  • Sikkim Mining Corporation
Company Profiles
  • A&M Group
  • Doe Run Peru
  • Fortune Minerals Limited
  • Mining and Chemical Products Limited
  • Peņoles
  • Sidech
  • Teck Cominco Limited

Projects and Cost

  • Auzex Projects
  • NICO project
  • Statements of Income
  • Cost
  • Bismuth project
  • Synthesis of Bismuth Telluride Nanowires


  • Andrew Zelar
  • Experts
  • Independent Mining Consultants, Inc
  • Professor Nalan KABAY
  • Neil Burford


  • ISIS Experimental Report
  • Fortune Minerals Limited - Annual Report 2006
  • Health Effects
  • Bismuth Uptake in Rat Testicular Macrophages
  • Femto second Lattice Dynamics in Photoexcited Bismuth
  • Bismuth Subsalicylate
  • Teck Cominco Limited - Annual Report 2006

Applications and Uses

  • Effect of Bismuth Addition on Sintering Behavior and Microwave Dielectric Properties of Zinc Titanate Ceramics
  • Gastro Bismuth Oral Uses
  • Effect of Bismuth on the Isothermal Fatigue Properties of Sn-3.5mass%Ag solder alloy
  • Bismuth Chemical Applications
  • Determination of Bismuth in Urine and Prescription Medicines
  • Bismuth Uses
  • Nuclear Energy
  • Determination of Bismuth using On-line Preconcentration
  • Applications
  • Effect of Bismuth Subgallate on Wound Healing in Rats

Suppliers and Buyers

  • Bismuth Citrate Manufacturers & Suppliers
  • Bismuth Ingot Suppliers
  • Bismuth Manufacturers
  • Bismuth Oxide Manufacturers
  • Bismuth Suppliers
  • Bismuth Subnitrate Suppliers
  • Suppliers of Bismuth
  • Bismuth Triphenyl
  • Buyers

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