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  • Calcium hydroxide, also known as slaked lime, is a chemical compound with the chemical formula Ca(OH)2. It is a colourless crystal or white powder, and is obtained when calcium oxide (called lime or quicklime) is slaked with water.
  • Calcium hydroxide occurs as white and odourless crystals or powder. It causes high pH in a water solution (>12 in a saturated solution). The substance is stable under ordinary conditions of use and storage but absorbs readily carbon dioxide from air to form calcium carbonate.
  • Calcium hydroxide is one of the chemical compounds that are not associated in calcium supplement manufacturing because of the presence of acidic properties. It takes the form of either white powder or colorless crystal which is produced when another chemical compound which is the calcium oxide is quenched with water.
  • Calcium hydroxide is refined from limestone. The first step is by heating limestone to form calcium oxide. The second step is by reacting the calcium oxide with water which forms calcium hydroxide and heat. This hydration reaction breaks the calcium oxide down into fine particles of calcium hydroxide, also called “hydrated lime”. The sizing of the calcium hydroxide is further modified by milling the product to ensure consistency.
  • Calcium hydroxide is applied into a wide variety of chemical and food industry applications. The dominating uses are as a pH-regulating agent and raw material for mortar. The substance is also used as an additive in cement.
  • Calcium oxide or calcium hydroxide is used as liming materials for agricultural use, particularly when a rapid change in pH is desired. Calcium hydroxide is the second most effective of commonly used liming materials, with a neutralizing value (calcium carbonate equivalent-CCE) of 136% for the pure material.
  • Hydrated lime is valuable in many industrial applications, including waste and water treatment, the drying and stabilization of soil, Ph and odor control, agricultural applications, asphalt modification and building product components such as plasters and whitewash. It is also frequently used in the scrubbing of sulfur dioxide from stack gases emitted from industrial boilers and power plants.
  • Calcium hydroxide products are used in a variety of water treatment systems. The substance is used for softening, pH control and impurity removal in potable water systems. It is also used as a neutralizing agent and precipitant in industrial and municipal waste water applications.
  • Other industrial uses are as performance additive and functional filler in rubber and plastic applications. In rubber production it acts as an accelerator.
  • Calcium hydroxide is important for the production of sugar from sugar cane or sugar beets. The substance raises the pH of the raw juice and reacts with impurities to form insoluble calcium organic compounds that can be removed.
  • The demand of hydrated lime is estimated at around 9000 tonne per annum. While there are a number of lime kilns in the Assam- Meghalaya belt, most of these units are confining themselves to production of quick lime for supply to paper mills.The installed capacity of hydrated lime plant in this region is about 4500 tonne per annum, considering this 50% shortfall, if a tiny unit produce 800 tonne per annum, there is a scope for 5/6 units in this region.
  • More than 90% of the lime (burned or hydrated) produced in the United States is used for basic or industrial chemistry. The primary use is for steel manufacture (30%), metallurgy, air pollution control and water and sewage wastewater treatment (24%), cement and mortar, chemical manufacture, manufacture of glass and paper, diluents and carriers of pesticides such as lime-sulfur and Bordeaux mixture, bleach production, and other chemical manufacture
General Information
  • Calcium Education Sheets
  • Information on Calcium hydroxide
  • Chemical Profile for Calcium Hydroxide
  • The Truth Behind Calcium Hydroxide Usage
  • Calcium Hydroxide
  • PAN Pesticides Database - Chemicals
  • Hydrated Lime
  • Scientific Principles

Company Profile

  • Company from Surrey
  • Johor Company
  • Company in New Jersey
  • Company from West Yorkshire
  • Canadian Company
  • South African Company
  • China Company
  • Indian Company
  • Company in UK
  • Mexican Company
  • Company from Rajasthan
  • Company in China


  • Consultant from Birmingham
  • Consultant in Fife
  • Australian Consultants
  • Experts in calcium hydroxide
  • Kel-Crete Industries inc.
  • Consultant from Chicago

Material Safety Data Sheet

  • Safety data for calcium hydroxide
  • Calcium DiHydroxide
  • Slaked lime
  • Lime Sludge
  • Calcium Hydroxide Products
  • Calcium Hydroxide, Powder
  • Hydrated Lime
  • Calcium Hydroxide
  • Calcium Hydroxide, Saturated, Test for pH Solution
  • Calcium hydroxide MSDS
  • Calcium Hydroxide Paste

Production & Processing

  • Calcium Hydroxide Reactor
  • Calcium Hydroxide Crops
  • The influence of production process and mortar compositions on the properties of historical mortars
  • A Trend to the Production of Calcium Hydroxide and Precipitated Calcium Carbonate with Defined Properties
  • Quicklime and  Hydrated Lime Production
  • Chemical Process
  • The Calcium Questions
  • Automated Calcium Dosing
  • The production of calcium carbonate
  • Calcium and water: reaction mechanisms, environmental impact and health effects


  • Anadenanthera sp
  • Endodontic Calcium Hydroxide Materials
  • Food Grade Calcium Hydroxide
  • Hydrated lime
  • Pulpdent Paste
  • Calcium Hydroxide Powder
  • Proviscell
  • TempCanal
  • Technical Calcium Hydroxide
  • Kalkwasser Products
  • Calcium hydroxide slurry


  • The Role of Calcium Hydroxide in the Production of Iron Oxide Pellets
  • MTA and Calcium Hydroxide for Pulp Capping
  • Hydrated Lime- More than just a filler
  • Calcium Hydroxide Ca(OH)2
  • Defluoridation of Water at High pH with Use of Brushite, Calcium Hydroxide, and Bone Char
  • Effect of Vehicle on Antimicrobial Properties of Calcium Hydroxide Pastes
  • Calcium Hydroxide


  • Beneficial Use of Spent Calcium Hydroxide from Fruit Cold Storage Warehouses
  • Comparison of pulpal inflammatory response using calcium hydroxide versus particulate bioglass in human teeth
  • Production of Inorganic Pellet Binders from Fly-Ash
  • Supercritical Carbonation Project
  • Effect of Calcium Hydroxide, Surround® and Mangocote® on the Incidence and Severity of Sunburn on Mango Fruit (Kensington Pride) in Katherine
  • Reaction Mechanism of acid gases with periodically wetted calcium hydroxide
  • Science Fair Project


  • Hydroxyapatite – Synthesis of Hydroxyapatite Powders
  • Utilization of Biomass for Homeostasis Engineering
  • Technologies for rapid production of mineral-bonded wood composite boards
  • Commercial Use of Coal Utilization By-products and Technology Trends
  • Jost Chemical Develops Technology for High-Purity Calcium Salts
  • Versatile and Simplified Production of High Surface Area-Small Particle Hydrated Limes(T89004)


  • Electrochemical Growth of Calcium Hydroxide Crystals from Electrolyte Solutions
  • Calcium hydroxide, a process for the production thereof and use
  • Calcium hydroxide pretreatment of biomass
  • Calcium hydroxide-based root canal filling material
  • Colloidal calcium hydroxide, its preparation and uses
  • Conversion coatings prepared or treated with calcium hydroxide solutions
  • Calcium hydroxide package and method of forming same
  • Calcium-hydroxide-treated polymeric implant material
  • Process for purifying exhaust gas using modified calcium hydroxide
  • Reactive calcium hydroxides

Properties & Function

  • 4 pH Adjustment with Lime
  • Investigation of Calcium Hydroxide Depletion as a Cause of Concrete Pavement Deterioration
  • The benefits of Hydrated lime in hot mix Asphalt
  • Changing medium pH with hydrated lime
  • Effect of Addition of Hydrated Lime
    to Litter on Recovery of Selected
    Bacteria and Poult Performance
  • Influence of Calcium Hydroxide Dissolution on the Transport Properties of Hydrated Cement Systems
  • Evolution of Porosity and Calcium Hydroxide in laboratory concrete containing silica fume
  • Type S hydrated lime
  • The Effects of Calcium Hydroxide on Dentin Permeability


  • Plant Company from Alabaster
  • Plant Company from WI
  • Precipitated calcium-carbonate-plant

Report & Market

  • Complicated Crown Fracture: A Case Report
  • Potential of pixe for the elemental analysis of calcium hydroxide used in dentistry
  • Healing of external inflammatory root resorption - a case report
  • Apical surgery with calcium hydroxide capping of the exposed dentine: A case report
  • North East India Databank
  • The Kerala Minerals and Metals Limited

Suppliers & Buyers

  • Calcium Hydroxide Suppliers
  • China Suppliers
  • Suppliers Company Directory
  • Calcium Hydroxide Suppliers Directory of India
  • Manufacturers and  Exporters of Calcium Hydroxide
  • Suppliers of Calcium Hydroxide
  • Calcium Hydroxide Buyers

Safety Guides & Toxicity

  • Medical Encyclopedia
  • Guidelines for the Approval of chemical compounds used at establishment registered to prepare goods prescribed for the purpose of the export meat orders
  • Case reports on the clinical use of calcium hydroxide points as an intracanal medicament
  • Occupational safety  and health guideline for calcium hydroxide
  • Formocresol and Calcium Hydroxide Therapy
  • Calcium Hydroxide Root Canal Dressing. Histopathological Evaluation of Periapical Repair at Different Time Periods
  • A comparative tissue toxicity evaluation of four endodontic materials
  • On the Diagnosis and Management of Neurocutaneous Syndrome (NCS) A toxicity disorder from dental sealants
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