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  • Carbon disulphide is a colorless volatile liquid with the formula CS2. The compound is used frequently as a building block in organic chemistry as well as an industrial and chemical non-polar solvent.
  • Carbon disulphide is made for commercial use by combining carbon and sulfur at very high temperatures.
  • Pure carbon disulphide is a colorless liquid with a pleasant odor that is like the smell of chloroform. The impure carbon disulphide that is usually used in most industry processes is a yellowish liquid with an unpleasant odor.
  • Carbon disulfide is a natural product of anaerobic biodegradation.
    It is also synthesized via the catalyzed reaction between sulfur and methane at 600 C.
  • Carbon disulphide used for fumigation in airtight storage warehouses, airtight flat storages, bins, grain elevators, railroad
    box cars, ship holds, barges and cereal mills.
  • Carbon disulphide is a solvent for phosphorus, sulfur, selenium, bromine, iodine, fats, resins, and rubber. It has been used in the purification of single-walled carbon nano tubes.
  • Carbon disulphide is used majorly for the manufacture of viscose rayon. Viscose is manufactured by the action of carbon disulphide and caustic soda on cellulose.
  • Carbon disulphide is also used in the cold vulcanization of rubber and in making rubber accelerators and floatation chemicals.
  • Various mixtures of carbon disulphide have been used fumigation e.g, with
    pyridine and nitrobenzene, with potassium thiocarbonate, with CCl4 and monochlorobenzene emulsions with water etc. Typically, carbon disulphide is employed in fumigants in admixture with chlorinated hydrocarbons.
  • Carbon disulphide evaporates at room temperature, and the gas is more than twice as heavy as air. Carbon disulphide easily  forms explosive mixtures with air and catches fire very easily; it is dangerous when exposed to heat, flame, sparks, or
  • Carbon disulfide has been an important industrial chemical since the late nineteenth century.
  • In 1996, 1473 kg of carbon disulfide were imported into Canada as a specialty chemical.
  • Nearly 1.7 kilo tonnes of carbon disulfide were used in Canada in 1996 as a precursor in the manufacture of xanthates, which are used as flotation agents in mineral refining processes.
  • Asia, including Japan, accounted for about 72% of world production and nearly 75% of world consumption of carbon disulfide. China is the dominant global player in this industry, with some 49 % of global consumption, followed by India (13%).
  • The overall carbon disulfide market will depend on sustainable growth in the fibers application, which on a global scale is expected to be about 4.0% during 20102015. Important areas where carbon disulfide is used are in the production of rubber and agricultural chemicals.


General Information
  • Carbon disulphide Basic Information
  • Carbon disulphide Properties and Uses
  • Carbon disulphide description
  • Chemical Summary Carbon disulphide
  • Carbon disulphide info
Fact Sheet
  • Fact Sheet - Carbon Disulphide
  • Carbon Disulphide Fact sheet
  • Chemical fact sheet


  • Company from India
  • Company from China
  • Company from India
  • Company from China

Data Sheet

  • Carbon Disulfide from Airgas
  • Carbon Disulfide from Phillipsburg
  • Carbon disulphide from Arkema
  • Carbon disulphide from Caledon
  • Carbon disulphide from Mesa
  • Carbon disulphide from Texas
  • Carbon disulphide from UK
  • Carbon disulphide Safety Data


  • Carbon disulphide process
  • Manufacturing process or operation in carbon disulphide plants

Raw Material Supplier

  • Oxygen Suppliers
  • Nitrogen Suppliers
  • Helium Suppliers
  • Hydrogen Suppliers

Equipment Supplier

  • Drying tube Suppliers
  • Sorbent tube Suppliers
  • Sampling pump Suppliers
  • PTFE tubing Suppliers
  • Refrigerant Suppliers
  • Volumetric flasks Suppliers
  • Delivery pipets Suppliers

Report & Project

  • Canadian Environmental
    Protection Act - carbon disulphide
  • Registrations of Products Containing Carbon Disulfide
  • Chemical Assessment Document carbon disulphide
  • Carbon disulphide Summary
  • Grasilene Division Project
  • Cost Estimation Carbon Disulphide
  • Carbon disulphide Market

Safety & Risk

  • Health status of workers exposed to carbon disulphide 
  • Carbon disulphide Safety and health effects
  • Carbon Disulfide: Health Information Summary
  • Carbon Disulphide Incident management
  • Environment Health Criteria carbon disulphide
  • Safety and Health Guideline for Carbon Disulfide
  • Carbon disulphide health effects


  • Toxicological profile for carbon disulphide
  • Carbon Disulfide Neurotoxicity: Taiwan Experience
  • Carbon disulphide poisoning in viscose rayon factories
  • Fire and Explosion hazards of carbon disulphide
  • Carbon disulphide toxicity info
  • Characterization of Carbon Disulfide Neurotoxicity in C57BL6 Mice
  • Ototoxic effects of industrial chemicals - carbon disulphide
  • Carbon disulphide  Toxicity
  • Toxicity - carbon disulphide

Application & Product

  • Carbon disulphide absorption
    during xanthate reagent mixing in a gold mine concentrator
  • Carbon disulphide as a Reagent
  • Carbon disulphide promotes sprouting of potato minitubers
  • Copolymerisation of carbon disulphide with cyclic ethers by using metalxanthate
  • Inhibition of Ammonia Monooxygenase in Nitrosomonas europaea by Carbon Disulfide
  • Stimulated Brillouin scattering in liquid carbon disulfide
  • Treatment of carbon disulfide in alkaline biotrickling filters using an alkaliphilic sulfo-oxidizing bacterial consortium
  • Carbon Disulphide 3/a
  • Carbon disulphide


  • Process for the manufacture of carbon disulphide
  • Halogen glasses modified with carbon disulphide and process of preparation
  • Apparatus and methods for monitoring carbon disulphide
  • Reaction furnace for producing carbon disulphide
  • Process for preparation of carbon disulphide
  • Production of carbon disulphide from Hydrocarbons
  • Process for the manufacture of carbon disulphide and use of  liquid stream comprising carbon disulphide for enhanced oil recovery


  • Carbon disulfide effects on pre-baited vs. non-pre-baited rats
  • Carbon disulphide exposure affects the response of rat
    adrenal medulla to hypothermia
  • Effects of carbon disulphide on the liver of rats
  • Neuropsychiatric effects in workers with occupational exposure to carbon disulphide
  • Carbon Disulfide Effects on the Visual System
  • Carbon disulfide effects


  • Absorption of carbon disulphide in alkaline solution
  • Comparison of the Eluting Efficiency of Carbon Disulfide with Diethyl Ether
  • Cost-benefit analysis of the recovery of carbon disulfide
    in the manufacturing of viscose rayon
  • Interaction between carbon disulfide and oxygen on a
    Ni(1 1 0) surface
  • Iridium initiated C-C-coupling of malonodinitrile with carbon disulfide: synthesis
  • Carbon disulphide from sulfur and charcoal
  • Production, use and disposal carbon disulphide
  • Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) Carbon disulphide
  • Toluene-3,4 dithiol analysis of blood for assessing carbon disulfide exposure


  • Biological Removal of Carbon
    Disulfide from Waste Air Streams
  • Carbon Disulfide Production via Hydrogen Sulfide Methane Reformation
  • Cycloaddition of carbon disulfide with epoxides catalyzed by binary electrophile-nucleophile system
  • Disassociation of Carbon disulfide-Induced Depression of
    Flash-Evoked Potential Peak N166 Amplitude and Norepinephrine Levels
  • Swelling of Clays in N-Methyl-2- pyrrolidinone/Carbon
    Disulfide Mixed Solvents
  • Thermal Desorption Technical Support


  • Carbon disulphide suppliers
  • Suppliers for carbon disulphide
  • Carbon disulphide suppliers
  • Suppliers for carbon disulphide

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