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  • Poly vinyl chloride is not a new name in chemicals. It has a huge number of applications; one of its applications is in PVC solvent cement, which is used to fit the joints, basically the lap joints.
  • PVC cements should be used for PVC pipe and fittings .PVC solvent cement is fast drying and must be applied as quickly as possible.PVC solvent cements have a limited shelf life and should be stored at a temperature between 40° and 70° F.Solvent cement is unsuitable for use if it exhibits any sign of gelation.
  • A solvent is any "compound with a strong capability to dissolve a given substance. The most common petroleum solvents are mineral spirits, xylene, toluene, hexane, heptane, and naphthas. Aromatic-type solvents have the highest solvency for organic chemical materials, followed by naphthenes and paraffins. In most applications the solvent disappears, usually by evaporation, after it has served its purpose.
  • Solvent cement refers to any substance inorganic or organic synthetic that is capable of bonding other substances together by surface attachment.
    Craftics Solvent Cement and Thickened Cement are high-quality, low-cost adhesives that are widely used by fabricators all over the US. PVC and ABS pipe are normally used for Drain, Waste and Vent (DWV) systems.
  • The polymer gets attached with the joints & gives good strength. It is used in construction units for joining pipes, pipe fittings which are widely used in agriculture for transporting water and in PVC furniture industry. Production of all sorts of PVC pipes has increased tremendously in the recent years. So in order to see the consumption production of PVC pipes and other items, PVC solvent cement production should be high as it gives the perfect shapes smooth surface, color & size to the PVC joints.
  • PVC Solvent Cements are intended for use on irrigation, natural gas pipe and conduit pipe. All are NSF certified for use in potable water, sewer, and drain, waste and vent systems and should be applied at temperatures 40°F. to 100°F.All of Harvey’s PVC Solvent Cements are intended for use on irrigation, natural gas pipe and conduit pipe.
  • Solvent cements contain chemicals which dissolve the surface of the PVC, softening it. Solvent Cements for Poly(Vinyl Chloride) (PVC) Plastic Piping Systems.” Since they are available in a wide range of viscosities and wet film thicknesses, the nature of the particular project must be considered when trying to decide between a regular, medium, or heavy-bodied cement.
  • Frequently Asked Questions
  • Solvent-Cementing Joints for PVC Rigid Nonmetallic Conduit, Duct, and Fittings


  • IPEX Solvent Cements Catalogue
  • PVC WELD-ON 717 Solvent Cement
  • Multi-Purpose Solvent Cement
  • Heavy Duty PVC Solvent Cement - Gray
  • PVC Solvent Cement - Specifications
  • Craftics Solvent Cement
  • PVC Solvent Cement
  • PVC transparent cement

Material Safety Data Sheet

  • All Temp PVC Cement
  • Solvent Cement for PVC Plastic Pipe
  • Low Vapour PVC Solvent Cement
  • Medium Gray PVC Solvent Cement
  • Clear PVC Solvent Cement
  • Plasti - Weld PVC Medium Gray Cement
  • Regular Clear PVC Solvent Cement


  • Joining Technologies
  • Jointing Technology
  • Technology Report
  • Gluing Acrylic
  • Plastic Systems - Protect the Environment
  • Bonding Alcryn ® to Various Substrates


  • MABS Based PVC Pipe Cement
  • Method for Repairing a Vinyl Window Frame
  • Sealing Ring/ Sealing Unit
  • Solid Alcohol Filled PVC Pipe Cement
  • Solvent Cement

Projects and Plant

  • Long Term Performance of PVC Pressure Pipes
  • PVC Pipe Project
  • Invitation for Tender for supply and installation of PVC pipeline for irrigation water distribution
  • PVC Piping Work
  • PVC Solvent Cement
  • Premium Plant
  • Solvent Based Resin Plants
  • Plant in India
Company Profiles
  • Company in Victoria
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  • Company in Nebraska
  • Company in Mumbai
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  • Company in India
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  • Directory of PVC Solvent Cement Manufacturers
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  • Sell Offer
  • Supplier From Mumbai
  • Manufacturer and Exporter
  • PVC Solvent Cement Suppliers
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  • PVC Solvent Welding
  • Industry  Guidelines
  • Guide to Solvent Cementing PVC and CPVC Plastic Pipe and Fittings
  • Solvent Cement and Priming Fluid Jointing Procedure


  • New Reference Manual for Plastic Piping Systems
  • New Solvent Cement For Durapipe PVC-U Pipework
  • Acceptance Criteria for CPVC Systems of Piping, Fittings and Solvent Cement Used in Chemical Waste Systems
  • Health Effects
  • Solvent Cement Price


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