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  • Chromic acid generally refers to a collection of compounds generated by the acidification of solutions containing chromate and dichromate anions or the dissolving of chromium trioxide in sulfuric acid.
  • Chromium trioxide is called chromic acid.
  • Chromic acid ( chromium trioxide, CrO3) is an odorless red deliquescent solid.
  • Chromic acid features chromium in an oxidation state of +6 (or VI), often referred to as hexavalent chromium.
  • Chromium trioxide is produced commercially by the reaction of sodium dichromate with concentrated sulfuric acid or by electrolysis of sodium dichromate.
  • The closed loop is maintained using an Electrodialytic Process for conversion of chromium+3 to chromic acid and the removal of metal cation impurities from the loop.
  • Chromic acid plating solutions has predominantly been accomplished by either electrolytic or ion exchange methods.
  • Most ion exchange systems for chrome purification are based on the Recoflo ion exchange process.
  • Chromic acid is an intermediate in chromium plating, and is also used in ceramic glazes, and colored glass.
  • Because a solution of chromic acid in sulfuric acid is a powerful oxidizing agent, it can be used to clean laboratory glassware.
  • Chromic acid has also been widely used in the band instrument repair industry, due to its ability to "brighten" raw brass.
  • Chromated copper arsenate, the principal wood preservative manufactured from chromic acid, is providing virtually all the driving force for the chromic acid market.
  • Over the next four years, U.S. chromic acid consumption is anticipated to grow modestly, at 2.3 percent annually.
General and Recovery Process
  • Chromic Acid
  • Chromium Trioxide
  • Chromic Trioxide (as chromic acid mist)
  • Closed loop Processing of chromic Acid Solutions
  • Recovery and Purifications of Nickel Salts and Chromic Acid using the Recoflo System
  • Chromic Acid Recovery

Anodizing Process

  • Analysis of the Interphase of a Polyimide bonded to Chromic Acid Anodized
  • Chromic Acid Anodizing
  • Chromic acid oxidation of aromatic alcohols
  • Extending the life of Chromic Acid Process Baths
  • Oxidation of Alcohols
  • The Anodizing Process

Company Profiles and Consultants

  • Company in China
  • Company in India
  • Company in New Delhi
  • Another Company in China
  • Company in Sichuan Province, China
  • Consultants in California
  • Chromic Acid Experts

Patent and Technology

  • Process for the preparation of chromic acid
  • Chromic acid injection for well stimulation
  • Chromic acid production process using a three-compartment cell
  • Electrochemical process for the production of chromic acid
  • Chromic acid-ionic ethylenically unsaturated complexes and polymers containing the same
  • Reducing turbidity in chromic acid solutions
  • Daicel develops chromic acid-free etching technology for metal plating of ABS
  • Chromic Acid Anodize used worldwide to protect Aluminium
  • Plating applications
  • General applications
  • Chromic acid cell

Material Safety Data Sheet
  • Chromic Acid, 10%
  • Chromic Acid
  • Chromium Trioxide

Safety Issues
  • Prevention of Exposure and Control of Chromic Acid Mist
  • Substitutes for Chromic Acid-Based Cleaners
  • Prevention and Control of Exposure to chromic Acid

Market and Report
  • Chromic Acid Outlook
  • Strategies for the replacement of chromic acid anodising for the structural bonding of Aluminium Alloys
  • Regeneration of Chromic acid Electrolytes
  • Chromic Acid Anodizing of Aluminium Foil
  • The Corrosion Protection of Several Aluminum Alloys by Chromic Acid and Sulfuric Acid Anodizing
  • Chromium Electroplating: Ion Age Dawns

  • Chromic Acid Selling Leads
  • Chromic Acid China Suppliers
  • Suppliers of Chromic Acid
  • Chromic Acid India Suppliers
  • Chromic Acid Suppliers
  • Chromic Acid UK Suppliers
  • Wholesalers of Chromic Acid

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