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  • Dishwashing detergent helps clean dishes, cups and utensils. While the dishwasher is locked in place, the churning of water combined with the detergent helps clean the dishes with force, hot water and different cleaning agents in the detergent. Once the door is locked and the hot water is going, the compartment holding the detergent opens and disperses the detergent among the dishes. Detergent ingredients are used to help cut grease off of dishes, remove food that is stuck on dishes.
  • Detergents on the market today include all the ingredients--phosphates, enzymes, bleaches and surfactants. Gelling agents help get rid of stuck-on food particles, and anti-foaming agents assist in washing activity. Cheaper dishwashing detergents may contain sand or starches, which can be corrosive to the dishwasher system.
  • There are also biodegradable and hand-washing detergent.  
  • Detergents for automatic dishwashers generally have a high phosphorus content, as tripolyphosphate is a preferred water-softening agent
  • Phosphates break down grease and remove stains but are difficult to remove in waste water and often end up in rivers and lakes and increase algae growth, choking lakes and streams, suffocating salmon and other aquatic life. Algae in lakes use up oxygen in the water that fish need
  • People are buying dishwasher detergent with phosphate in it where it has been banned, because the eco-friendly, phosphate free detergents do not clean dishes very well.
  • Light - duty detergents find wide application only in dish washing and light household cleaning (janitoring). Light -duty detergents are produced in nozzle towers with either co-current or counter-current flow. Choice depends upon required bulk density. Inlet drying temperatures are also lower, 250 - 275C (480 - 530F).
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