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  • Formalin is a saturated solution of formaldehyde, water, and typically another agent, most commonly methanol. In its typical form, formalin is 37% formaldehyde by weight (40% by volume), 6-13% methanol, and the rest water. A quick glance at any commercially available formalin product will confirm these numbers.
  • Formalin is the aqueous form of formaldehyde produced mostly from methanol by an oxidation process.
  • The two processes known to produce formalin from methanol--methanol excess and air excess. The basic difference between them is the
    catalyst applied. The methanol excess process, called the silver process, employs silver as the catalyst while the air excess process uses metallic oxides of iron and molybdenum.
  • Formalin can be produced on a smaller scale using a whole range of other methods including conversion from ethanol instead of the
    normally-fed methanol feedstock. Such methods are of less commercial importance.
  • Formalin is one of the most widely and frequently used chemicals for treating fish with fungal or ectoparasitic infections.
  • Formalin is a generic term contains a solution of 37% formaldehyde gas dissolved in water. Solutions of formalin for use on fish should
    contain 10 to 15% methanol, which inhibits formation of paraformaldehyde, a highly toxic compound.
  • Formalin is used as a bath treatment to control external parasitic infections of fish. It is extremely effective against most protozoans, as well as some of the larger parasites such as monogenetic trematodes.
  • Formalin is approved by FDA for control of fungi in fish hatcheries. Concentrations of 1000 to 2000 mg/l can be applied to fish eggs for 15
    minutes to aid in control of fungus.
  • Formalin is an excellent parasiticide for use in tanks and aquaria, but its use in ponds is discouraged because it chemically removes oxygen
    from the water and can contribute to catastrophic oxygen depletion under pond conditions. This is avoided in tanks and aquaria by always supplying vigorous aeration when formalin is used.
  • The formalin-tween technique was effective for ascertaining helminths, particularly Ascaris lumbricoides, Trichuris trichiura and hookworm
    eggs; however it has less capability for protozoa detection. This method is simple, inexpensive, less time consuming and highly sensitive
    when detecting the parasitic infection, particularly when focusing on helminth eggs.
  • Formalin is used to store biological specimens in laboratories, even preserving human bodies in medical profession known as embalm to prevent the tissues from natural decomposition.
  • The Centre of Indian Consumer Protection and Research (Coinpar), a consumer rights organisation in the city, which tested eight brands of milk available in the market and also milk sold by cycle vendors, has reported the presence of the chemical, formalin, in three samples.
  • The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service has cleared the way for the lawful use of formalin in fish culture after nine years of intensive research that proves the compound can be used without harm to fish, consumers, or the environment.
  • Formalin is a liquid formaldehyde solution which is heavily diluted for fish culture use.
  • Let us look at formalin
  • Nail Hardeners Hardeners: Formaldehyde or Formalin?


  • Production of Formalin from Methanol
  • Production of Formalin
  • Process Description on Formalin Production
  • Production of Formalin- Energy Balances and Numerical Methods
  • The Preparation of Permanently Non-acid Formalin for Preserving Calcareous Specimens
  • Standard Proposal For Formalin Plant


  • Proteomic Analysis of Formalin-fixed Prostate Cancer Tissue
  • Effects of Different Concentrations of Formalin on Paw Edema and Pain Behaviors in Rats
  • Pre-versus post-formalin effects of intrathecal ketamine on spinal Fos-like immunoreactivity in rats
  • Effects of Formalin Feeding or Administering into the Crops of White Leghorn Cockerels on Hematological and Biochemical Parameters
  • Vaccination with Heat-killed and Formalinized Tubercle Bacilli in Experimental Tuberculosis
  • The Analgesic Effect of Xenon on the Formalin Test in Rats

Company Profiles

  • Company in Malaysia
  • Company in India
  • Company in Mansoura
  • Company in China
  • Company in Turkey
  • Production plant in Poland


  • Chemical Engineering Consultants

  • Curriculum Vitae of Frederick L. Baehner
  • Consultant in Calhoun
  • Project Consultants
  • Consultants in California


  • A Technique for Retrieving Antigens in Formalin-fixed, Routinely Acid-decalcified, Celloidin-embedded Human Temporal Bone Sections for Immunohistochemistry
  • Evaluation of the Formalin Tween Concentration Technique for Parasitic Detection
  • Plastination of Old Formalin fixed Specimens
  • Detection of Human Cytomegalovirus Gene in Formalin-Fixed Paraffin-Embedded Fetal Tissues


  • Deodorized Formalin
  • Process and device for counteracting and deodorizing formalin gas
  • Method for Sterilization with Formalin
  • Preparation and use of Formalin-Killed Colonization-factor-antigen
  • Method for recycling formalin
Product and Applications
  • Formalin solution
  • Kordon Formalin•3® Treatment and Dip
  • DNA Extraction from Archival Formalin-fixed, Paraffin- embedded Tissue Sections Based on the Antigen
  • Determination of Antimicrobial Agents in Non-Formalin Adhesives for Wallpaper
  • Evaluation of Alum Precipitated Formalin Killed Fowl Cholera Vaccines with Their Immunologic Responses in Ducks
  • Use of Formalin-Fixed, Propidium Iodide-Stained Human Leukocytes as a Standard for Enumerating CD41 T Lymphocytes in a Single-Platform Assay
  • Formalin and its Multiple Uses
  • Use of Formalin to Control Fish Parasites


  • Fluid Mechanics, Heat Transfer, Thermodynamics Design Project- Production of Formalin
  • Production of formalin from Methanol
  • Efficacy of Formalin as an Egg disinfectant for improving hybrid catfish
  • The Elegance Coral Project
  • Establishment of the plastination technique for the preservation of the anatomical specimens
  • Early Lung Cancer Action Project Pathology Protocol
  • Quality Assurance Project Plan
  • Formalin Recycler at HCMC

Material Safety Data Sheet

  • 10% Neutral buffered formalin
  • Concentrated Buffered Formalin
  • Safety Fact Sheet on Formaldehyde and Formalin
  • Formaldehyde
  • Formalin, 10% Solution
  • Safety data for formaldehyde, 37% solution

Market and Report

  • Formalin found in milk samples
  • Formalin in Nestle Pakistan milk
  • Formalin Scare: Some Perspectives
  • Intravesical Instillation of Dilute Formalin for the Treatment of Severe Hemorrhagic Emphysematous Cystitis in a Diabetic Dog
  • Formaldehyde -Safety Report
  • Report on Production of Formalin
  • Formalin Proved a Safe, Effective cure for Common Fish Disease
  • Formaldehyde Sampling of FEMA Temporary-Housing Trailers


  • Dealers of Formalin
  • Sina Chemical Industries Co
  • Suppliers of Formalin
  • Formalin Suppliers
  • Formalin Worldwide Suppliers
  • Formalin Selling Leads

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