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  • Gas stations are among the most common types of commercial real estate and the most difficult to appraise. The valuation of a gas station can be as simple as the gathering of a handful of good comparable sales and valuation analysis of the same kind that is applied to a house. Or it may involve analysis on different levels: of income, of a going concern, of construction cost, and of equipment.
  • A gas station is a facility where gasoline or other fuels are sold and where maintenance and minor automobile repair services may be conducted. A gas station consists of a gas bar with gasoline outlets and typically other associated facilities such as car washes, automotive services, convenience stores and food services.
  • Gas pumps have become information appliances allowing customers to fuel cars, pay for gas at the pump, offer merchandising opportunities to station owners and function as Web-based portals allowing remote monitoring without on-site personnel.
  • A company's six gas-fired power stations in the North and the West are facing fuel supply disruptions following the flooding at ONGC's Hazira gas complex. According to company officials, operations had to be scaled down due to the gas supply disruption. The company is exploring the possibility of using liquid fuel (naphtha) to counter the gas shortage if the situation persisted, they said.
  • Gouging by the gas station industry is rampant in Toronto and is taking place without the significant intervention of any level of government. Gas stations are, in general, obnoxious uses that do not fit well in local neighbourhoods. There is often a substantial cost to the City, in terms of mitigating the negative impacts of these uses on the surrounding communities, and lost tax revenue opportunities because of the low tax rate that this land use enjoys.
  • The total number of gas stations in China has now been overflow, so gas station industry stands in the intersection as domestic refined oil resources get gradually diversified due to the opening-up market. Compared with the Ninth Five-Year Plan period, the retail gross profit margin of gas stations decreased approximately by 45%-60% during the Tenth Five-Year Plan period.
  • A typical BP gas station will have 60 percent of its profits from oil products sale and 40 percent from convenient store operation, said Ho. Ho added that the world oil giant will invest more in convenient store operation in the future. Gas station owners in many parts of the United States are buying fuel at some of the lowest prices they’ve seen in a year, yet many are padding their bottom lines rather than passing along all the savings to motorists.
Gas Station Industry
  • Gas Stations
  • Gas Station Business Plan
  • An Evaluation of Three Types of Gas Station Canopy Lighting
  • China's Oil and Gas Industry
  • Factors supporting and hindering their development
  • Florida’s first hydrogen
    energy station
  • Hybrid Gas Station
  • Recycling America' Gas Station
  • Reuse Of Abandoned Gas Station Sites
  • HP solutions for the oil and gas industry
  • Gas Station Specifications
  • Wärtsilä Oil & Gas Industry
  • Filling station


  • Compressed Gas Dispensing Station with High Pressure Compressor with Internal Cooled Compression
  • Control station for pressurized gases
  • Process Gas Docking Station with Point-of-use Filter for Receiving Removable Purifier Catridges
  • Modular Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) Station and Method for Avoiding Fire in Such Station
  • Method and Apparatus for Disabled Access to Gas Station
  • Combined gas/steam power station plant
  • Combined Liquefied Gas and Compressed Gas Re-Fueling Station and Method of Operating Same
  • Gas Station with Electromagnetic -  Wave Sensor


  • Automated Gas Pumping Station
  • A Different Kind of Gas Station
  • Engineering a Gas Station
  • Implementing New Technology at TransCanada Meter Stations
  • Broadband Satellite Technology


  • China's Gas Station Industry
  • Gas-station owners try oil futures market
  • Thailand Gas Station Industry
  • Convenience Store/Gasoline Station Market Profile
  • Nation to improve gas station service
  • As gas prices fall, station owners' profits rise
  • Actual Development of the Ukrainian Gas Industry in 2004
  • Afton Station Project
  • Construct Natural Gas Fueling Station in City of Banning
  • Development of a Natural Gas to Hydrogen Fuel Station
  • Husky Gas Station Project
  • Chia-Hui Gas-Fired Power Station
  • Auto LPG Dispensing Station
  • The Gas Station Problem
  • Gas Station and Convenience Store Design Guidelines
  • Design Guidelines
  • Model Community Guidelines
  • Security Guidelines Natural  Gas Industry  Transmission and Distribution
  • Urban Design Guidelines for Gas Stations

Equipment and Gas Station Suppliers

  • Fabless manufacturer of equipment for gas stations
  • FID Gas Stations
  • Pump Nozzles
  • Gas Station Directory
  • Gas Station Suppliers
  • Gas Station Sellers

Gas Stations

  • Gas Stations in South
  • Gas Station in California
  • Gas Stations Directory
  • Gas Station
  • The Frank Lloyd Wright Gas Station Page
  • Gas Station in Germany
  • LNG Production Plant
  • Old and Interesting Gas Stations
  • Full-Service Gas Station
  • Gas Station in America
  • Another Gas Station in America


  • BPCL to Open Movie halls at gas stations
  • NTPC's 6 gas stations hit by supply disruption
  • Documentation Solutions for the Oil and Gas Industry
  • Few Gas Stations Offer Ethanol Fuel Mix
  • Hydrogen and Hydrogen/ Natural Gas Station and Vehicle Operations
  • Gas station of the future coming to Grand Blanc Twp.
  • Use of Mobile Phones and Portable Radios in Gasoline Stations
  • New Property Tax Class for Gas Stations
  • Air Pumps at U.S. Gas Stations

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